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What does Personal Insurance Cover?

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If you are responsible for personal injury or property damage, Insurance Bradford pa can help you cover all costs associated with the accident (legal fees, medical expenses, repair bills, etc.). Insurance covers incidents that occur both inside and outside your property. To take advantage of your liability insurance, you must first apply to your insurance company. For your claim to be accepted, it must be proven that your negligence has resulted in personal injury or property damage. If failure cannot be proven, your insurance company will reject the claim. For example, if your dog attacks and bites someone walking by your property, it’s your fault that you didn’t leash the dog safely, and your insurance will likely cover the damage. If, on the other hand, a grocery supplier stumbles on his own two feet while walking to your front door and injures himself in the process, this is not a case of apparent negligence on your part, and the liability claim will likely be denied.

What does Personal Liability Insurance Cover?

Personal liability insurance covers costs if you or a family member is responsible for personal injury or property damage. If you’ve ever been held liable for an accident, your policy can help you pay medical bills, legal fees, court costs, and any asset settlement.

Bodily injury 

Here are some examples of damage claims that your liability insurance may cover:

  • Your dog bites a passerby or guest.
  • A visitor injures himself while using your pool or trampoline
  • Your firearm will fire when you clean it, injuring neighbours or guests
  • A food vendor slipped and fell on your icy path

Property damage

Personal liability insurance can cover you even if you are responsible for damage to other people’s property. For example, suppose a seemingly dead tree in your yard crashes into your neighbour’s house. In that case, you may be personally liable for uprooting the tree and causing any damage to their home if your neighbour (or you) can demonstrate your negligence – whether, through evidence of prior knowledge or the clear and tangible condition of the tree, your insurance company may agree to compensate your neighbour.

What does personal liability insurance not cover?

Your Insurance Bradford pa also includes a list of incidents not covered by personal liability insurance, including:

  • Injured you or someone in your house
  • When your carelessness can’t be proven
  • Damage to property or personal injury resulting from your business activities
  • Damage car
  • Intentional acts 
  • Injuries From Certain Breeds Of Dogs That Are Considered High Risk

How much does personal liability insurance cost? 

The average cost of an insurance policy for a homeowner in the United States is $1,312 per year for a $250,000 home contents policy. How much and at what percentage you pay for your personal liability coverage depends on how much coverage you have and where you live. For example, you will typically pay more for a $500,000 policy than a $100,000 policy. 

Who needs personal liability coverage?

If you pay to live or own assets such as a home, savings, or investments, you should consider taking out personal Insurance Bradford pa to protect yourself financially. To find the amount covered, add up your net worth and the value of your assets. Homeowners’ liability insurance limits are usually between $100,000 and $500,000, and if you have a high net worth and more assets, consider upgrading your liability insurance or getting a general policy.

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