MIchelle Zimmerman

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Michelle Zimmerman  our Feb 2015 $50 Gift Card winner

Michelle Zimmerman 

“Kristen was very efficient with supplying me with a quote and fantastic coverage. I was in a predicament with my previous insurer, and was more than satisfied the service and policy I received in a very timely manner. I will highly recommend Kristen (Williams Agency) to all of my real estate contacts as well as friends and family. Excellent service and kindness was provided. I would encourage everyone to at least contact Williams Agency to give them the opportunity to not only save you money,I believe they really do have your best insurable interest at heart. Protecting and providing- well done Kristen! Thanks again for all of your help”  M. Zimmerman

T Hallock

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“With my daughter being a new driver, finding the affordable insurance was stressful and expensive, but with Williams Agency they saved me so much money. They are first class all the way.”

T. Hallock  Kane, Pa

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New Laws Affect Car Insurance For Teen Drivers In Pennsylvania

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There is now a mandatory requirement for teens to have Pa car insurance.  They also must take a minimum of six-months to build up skills before taking the road test.  This includes a minimum of 65-hours of certified behind-the-wheel skill building.  In addition, there are 10-hours certified nighttime behind-the-wheel driving hours; and 5-hours of certified bad weather driving.  These laws are because Pennsylvania wants teen drivers to be safe drivers.

Additionally, an adult must be 21 or older to teach a teen to drive.  The students permit will be valid for one year.  After that period, a new permit is required.  When a student is behind the wheel, the number of passengers cannot go over the number of seat belts in the car.

All learner’s permit holders are under the same laws as licensed drivers.  Additionally, they must have completed all required skill training, from an instructor, before they can receive their junior license.  Pennsylvania laws now require all drivers and passengers to have and wear a seatbelt.  The seatbelt must have the correct adjustment and fastening.  Failure to obey the seat belt law is a major offense and any driver stopped will receive a ticket.

There is a mandatory 90-day suspension for traffic speed convictions exceeding 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit.  There is a suspension for six-points or more that are accumulative.  For example, two tickets of 3-points each would mean a suspension.  This is very important to note because a suspension means it will be difficult to get or keep car insurance.

Pennsylvania laws are important and should have a discussion between parents, teens, and an insurance agent prior to beginning the driving experience.  This would be Pennsylvania laws about car insurance that is a requirement.

If the family member is 16-18 and has a junior license, they need car insurance for a new or used vehicle in Pennsylvania.  At the time of the purchase, you register with the state, and proof of insurance is required before driving anywhere.  If the car will have a registration separately in the teen’s name, the car insurance could then be a separatepolicyholder coverage only if deemed appropriate by the parent.

Find an insurance agent that can give you some ideas about Pennsylvania laws on car insurance for younger drivers.  Being financially responsible is a primaryissue that needs additional discussionwith parents, the teen driver, and the insurance agent.  Teens need to know they are going to be responsible for gas, car payments, car insurance, and maintenance.  They also must follow Pennsylvania laws for driving.  The Department of Motor Vehicles guide can help all drivers gain the knowledge of the laws pertaining to car insurance in Pennsylvania.

Common Questions About Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

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Often there are questions people have about what is required for their car insurance in Pennsylvania.  These can even include how to have the most protection for the least amount of money.  Additionally, it is difficult to understand the differences between Full Tort and Limited Tort options.  The following will attempt to answer the five most common questions about car insurance in Pennsylvania.

  1. I just purchased a new car, can I drive until I find car insurance.

The answer is a definite NO.  Car insurance is mandatory in Pennsylvania.  All drivers in the household must have coverage, even if they have their own vehicles.  It is the law.  You risk losing your driving privileges and a mandatory 3-month suspension once insurance is in place.

  1. What is the difference between Full Tort and Limited Tort options?

Just as it sounds, the greatest difference between the two is full coverage means you can receive the full amounts from an accident, including pain and suffering, but limited coverage places limits on what you will receive.  Therefore, Full Tort has a higher premium and Limited Tort has a lower premium.  Talk with your insurance agent to determine what best meets your needs because once selected it cannot change even when renewed.

  1. Why are my premiums so much higher since I moved?

Pennsylvania allows car insurance companies to charge more in areas where they have paid out more claims.  This does not mean you moved to a bad neighborhood, in fact it can sometimes be the opposite.  Vehicles that are more expensive receive damage or theft in neighborhoods where homes are cost more because people can afford the expense.

  1. I do not understand all the terms in my policy, what can I do.

The first call should be to your insurance agent.  They work with insurance policies all the time and can usually answer your questions.  If you still have questions then calling or writing the Pennsylvania Insurance Department Bureau of Consumers Services can answer questions.

  1. Can my car insurance company cancel or refuse to renew my policy?

The answer is a definite YES!  While no company can discriminate for any reason due to age, marital status, occupation, or gender they can cancel or refuse renewal for late or missed payments, suspensions, moving violations, or accidents.


Late or missed payments are one of the biggest reasons for cancellations or non-renewals.  Pennsylvania does not require car insurance companies to give a grace period.  Moreover, since most missed payments lead to suspensions it makes it quite easy for them to cancel the policy.


The best way to assure they always receive your payments on time is through automatic deductions.  Then just make sure you are never overdrawn.  This also saves you the expense of $300.00 for reinstatement of driving privileges.  Pennsylvania wants all drivers to be financially responsible.


Some moving violations, such as driving under the influence, can have an automatic suspension when you receive a guilty verdict.  As stated above a suspension is a valid reason for cancellation or non-renewal of your Pa car insurance.  Being a responsible driver means obeying all Pennsylvania laws.