MIchelle Zimmerman

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Michelle Zimmerman  our Feb 2015 $50 Gift Card winner

Michelle Zimmerman 

“Kristen was very efficient with supplying me with a quote and fantastic coverage. I was in a predicament with my previous insurer, and was more than satisfied the service and policy I received in a very timely manner. I will highly recommend Kristen (Williams Agency) to all of my real estate contacts as well as friends and family. Excellent service and kindness was provided. I would encourage everyone to at least contact Williams Agency to give them the opportunity to not only save you money,I believe they really do have your best insurable interest at heart. Protecting and providing- well done Kristen! Thanks again for all of your help”  M. Zimmerman

T Hallock

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“With my daughter being a new driver, finding the affordable insurance was stressful and expensive, but with Williams Agency they saved me so much money. They are first class all the way.”

T. Hallock  Kane, Pa

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PALICA can help excavating contractors earn dividends on insurance premiums

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With the state of Pennsylvania now allowing excavating contractors to earn dividends on insurance premiums, some of the more expensive insurance options are more attainable. Business owners with large equipment can experience large headaches when machinery breaks down or some other disaster happens that has a negative effect on completing a contract on time. Standard general liability insurance does not cover the extenuating circumstances; however, this new program can have Contractor Error s and Omissions included in your policy.


Shortened to “E&O,” this specific coverage will protect the business owner against claims of faulty workmanship and materials, and against any resulting loss that can occur. These events would take place after the job was completed. Standard general liability excludes damage to your final product after the customer has signed off on the work.


Another area that is very important is that an excavating contractor can dig a ditch, grade a road or level a site for construction. The job is completed perfectly and without error. The next contractor in line may damage the original work through an error on his part. E&O will protect the excavator against damage to him after his portion of the job or project has been completed.


Then there is the issue of Professional Liability. Yes, your general liability will cover you when you are legally liable for injury or property damage to a third party. However, E&O will protect an excavating contractor when he is legally responsible to pay compensatory damages as the result of error, omission or negligent act while acting in the capacity of a contractor.


Members of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America (PALICA) can have E&O insurance written through this brand new program. This protection does qualify for the new insurance dividends incentive. Some states that have had this incentive in place for some time are seeing payments as high as 16% of the original insurance premium.

There are many other advantages of being a member of PALICA. One benefit is that LICA/PA LICA has a comprehensive safety program and works to provide members with updated information on complying with OSHA regulations. In addition, the organization works to keep members abreast of the latest laws and regulations affecting their businesses, and works to influence legislation for the benefit of business. LICA/PA LICA members gain useful advice from fellow contractors, establish new business relationships, and meet industry experts, equipment and material suppliers, as well as make new friendships.

While the insurance dividends help save members money, LICA also has a national “Petrocon” Program. The Petrocon program is designed to reduce operating costs and expenses for LICA members by reducing prices from 10-40% for commodities such as: lubricants and greases, antifreeze, tires, electric expense (in deregulated states only), and even wireless cellular expense. The program is designed for all sized companies; from the one-man operation to the very large company. This program is available to both the contractor and associate member providing they are a member in good


Excavating Contractors can protect their companies and earn insurance dividends

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Without an Excavating Contractor no residential or commercial site could ever be developed. These companies use very large and very expensive machinery to level and grade lots, haul dirt, site preparation, trenching and many other jobs that require working in the ground. Along with big jobs and big equipment comes the risk of big injuries. Every Excavating Contractor knows that his general liability insurance is his lifeline.


If the contractor owns or leases certain types of heavy machinery it may qualify him to do more specialized work like grade roads, dig sewers, excavate ditches for power or sewer lines, and many other hard jobs. When the excavating contractor has won a bid for a particular job, the land owner or general contractor will usually require proof of general liability insurance with certain minimums before the business owner can move his machinery onto the property.


Every business owner wants to hire the most skilled workers that he can afford. But no matter how skilled, how educated or how experienced a worker can be, there will always be accidents. An accident is ‘an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.’ When a dump truck backs into an automobile and loses several tons of dirt on the vehicle and owner, the words “I’m Sorry” do not carry much weight.


Sometimes there is real damage and injury; other times it is either not as great as stated or non-existent. The excavating contractor does not have time to complete his contract and attend to small or large legal matters. This is where the general liability insurance comes into play. The insurance company will handle all legal matters, hire any investigators necessary and provide legal assistance if the case goes to court. If the contractor is found not to be negligent or at fault, legal fees will still be paid.


Residents everywhere in Pennsylvania are aware when an excavating contractor hits a water line, gas line or electrical line when digging on a new project. There is nowhere to hide. The event is covered by every television station and newspaper. Traffic is jammed for hours. Residents are without water, gas or electricity for hours at a time. Businesses have to close.

Sometimes it is not the contractor’s fault. Calls were made to the appropriate utility and someone dropped the ball. However, all eyes will be on the contractor and someone will have to pay.


General liability insurance for excavating contractors can be very expensive. What many of these business owners do not know – who are not members of LICA – is the State of Pennsylvania has approved an incentive where contractors can earn dividends on their general liability insurance. In some states the insured are already receiving as much as 16% of the insurance premium. This is one of the many benefits of being a member of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America. For members of LICA, the dividend-earning insurance is written through a brand new program exclusive to LICA members.