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Getting All of Your Bradford Pennsylvania Senior Auto Insurance Discounts- An Overview

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Auto insurance is something you can’t do without, and thankfully there are Pennsylvania senior auto insurance discounts available to make it more affordable for those over age 55. The trick is in getting all the discounts that are available to you. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as jumping online and getting low rates simply because of your age. Many times you’ll find that a knowledgable agent can find discounts that are overlooked by internet search engines.


The first step to getting senior auto insurance discounts is to get an online quote or a quote by phone. Do not take this quoted figure as the absolute amount you will have to pay for your insurance. This is only a starting point in your search for the most discounts available. You should get quotes from more than one company or broker. Preferably an agent who represents many different insurance companies who can do this work for you. Here at Williams Agency we represent many different companies and can tell you firsthand that the rates for car insurance in pennsylvania can vary by hundreds of dollars on the same customer. Many times we’ll ask questions that the “online” systems don’t ask…why?…because we know how to qualify you for extra discounts.  Typical online car insurance quotes in Pa will not give you all the discounts that may be available. Instead, you will have to contact the broker or agent directly to talk to them about possible discounts.


There are many types of discounts available. Most companies offer a discount just for being over the age of fifty five or sixty five. This discount will likely be provided to you when you get your Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes. However, many more discounts may also be available. Some companies offer a discount if you are over fifty five and attend a refresher driving course. Some companies will offer a combination discount for age, credit history, driving history, length of time at the same residence and a variety of other factors. Trusting a reputable agent to make these inquiries will save you a great deal of time and energy. Statistics show that even though many people shop for rates online, the majority still choose to do business with a local agent they know and trust. It pays to do some research and ask around about the agent who’s providing your information.


Most companies also offer discounts for multiple drivers or multiple vehicles. You can also get discounts for the type of car you drive, if it has an air bag, if it has recent safety features like anti-lock brakes, and if it has an anti-theft system. You can also get discounts for having a clean driving record for a number of years, usually at least three to five.


Finally, you can get discounts for having multiple policies. These discounts are available from companies that offer more than one type of insurance. You can get quotes for home owners insurance, renters insurance, or even boat insurance when you get your Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes. This allows you to take advantage of discounts for having more than one policy in your name with one company.


You can consolidate all of your policies with one company, get a discount, and have only one bill. If you ask about these pennsylvania senior car insurance discounts when you call brokers and agents, many will give you all the discounts they offer to earn your business.

Senior Auto Insurance Discounts

February 16, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Senior auto insurance discounts

If you’ve recently started getting the mailers from AARP and others touting all their car insurance benefits for seniors, it might be time to do a little digging to sort out what’s true and what’s hype.


Many auto insurance companies that claim to have senior discounts probably don’t want it to be known that they also have a unique system for penalizing senior drivers. Many companies have internal systems for rating drivers based on age, credit rating, homeownership, length of time at your residence and other factors and lifestyle habits. Statistically, seniors(as a group) have a higher claim frequency. This is probably due to a slight decline in reflexes and other factors that might be attributed to age. In either case…insurance companies love statistics…they live by statistics and charge more money based on statistics.  So…moral of the story…if you’ve been seeing your auto insurance rates slowly climbing and you’ve had no claim activity… no violations…you’re now a victim of “the matrix”  A series of statistics that says…technically…you’re more likely to have a claim now.  I say …”it’s time to shop around” 


As an Erie insurance agent, I have access to several discounts from Erie Insurance that are taylored to over 55 drivers and especially the safe, accident free drivers. If Erie isn’t a fit for you we’ve got plenty of others that have great programs and discounts that will save you hundreds. One thing’s for sure, we appreciate your business, keep in touch and notify you any time we find additional discounts or coverage that we think you may benefit from.

This Service “Takes the Cake”

February 4, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Senior auto insurance discounts

I’ve been an Erie Insurance Agent for 26 years now and every one of those years has had me providing some type of customer service. Do I always do the absolute best job? I know I always try my best and have a wonderful staff of women that do the same. Making sure that a customer has his/her concerns “listened to” is my highest priority..even if we aren’t able to give them exactly what they hoped for in a claim. 


When I sat down to prepare my next newsletter I though of a very recent experience related to crappy service and I just had to sahre it with my friends and clients. So here goes…  

When I called my satellite tv company to cancel my service recently I was informed by the pleasant woman on the line that I was a “preferred” customer and they really didn’t want to lose my business. Hmmm…so…she went on…I was actually entitled to receive my TV service at a greatly reduced rate and even get more channels.  OK, I ‘m all for getting more of anything for less money…but…why didn’t someone tell me before now?  After she explained all the new, improved benefits, I asked if she knew when I had become eligible for this premium package? Now I’m thinking that I must have a refund coming for all those months you’ve been overcharging me? Apparently not…according to my new friend, she was authorized to offer this as an inducement to get me to stay or to new customers who wanted to switch. Mmmmm…imagine that nobody planned on telling me about this great new deal until I called!


When we tell you that we have senior auto insurance discounts in pennsylvania we mean that we’ve already checked and gotten you the discount if you were eligible. When we explain the teenage driver discounts in pennsylvania we’ve either already added them to your policy or we’re planning on telling you how to qualify for them. The discount programs that are offered “after” youve decided to leave are just bad business in my opinion. Just wanted to say that you’ll get none of that here at my agency and we’re pretty proud of that fact.

Erie Insurance Agents…Do They Give Better Insurance for Less Money?

January 31, 2011 in Erie Insurance agents, Senior auto insurance discounts

As Erie Insurance agents for the past 26 years we’re treated to head to head competition every day. Many times we hear competitors claiming to be “as good as Erie Insurance” and we take that as a direct compliment. Being in the trenches every day gives us the experience to see who is truly competitive and who’s a “flash in the pan” as far as competition goes.


This incredibly fast paced insurance industry has gone from zero to 100 in the past few years. Who would have ever thought your credit score would determine your auto insurance rate? Programs giving huge senior auto insurance discounts are now the norm. Other programs for teenage drivers in pennsylvania have cut young driver rates dramatically.  Just a few years ago these were two classes of business that were traditionally susceptible to higher claims activity than other driver classes. What is this saying?… I think it’s saying that the insurance companies have determined a rate for almost every category of driver and they’ve figured out how much to charge and still come away with a profit. Will this mean that some will feel cheated, left out ?…sure it will. There are so many factors that are taken into account when calculating a rate it will never be the same again. 


What’s Erie Insurance doing to help make insurance more affordable? They’ve got several programs that provide deep discounts to seniors and teenage drivers who have completed proper training and educational courses. Erie has extra coverages that makes them the envy of the competition and rates that are much lower in most cases.  In some states Erie has introduced a new coverage option deemed Rate Protection. This new endorsement will allow clients to lock in their auto insurance rates forever if they choose to accept the option.  First thing I though was…”sure , how much extra will that cost?” Turns out, many times the cost to add the rate protection ends up being less overall than the initial premium that was quoted. Go figure!!