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What are the different types of home insurance policies?

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Your home is a sacred place. It is your comfort zone and so you would like it to be there forever. However, there are some things that might damage your home. Things like floods, fire and even burglary have destroyed so many homes already. This is why it is important that you get insurance for your home in PA. This will ensure that no matter what happens to your house, you can always have it back. There are very many different types of home insurance policy covers in the state of PA. The different types of pennsylvania homeowners insurance range from HO1 to HO8 but there is no HO7.

HO1 is a cover that only covers house hold items. It is therefore mainly concerned with burglary since the thieves are more likely to steal these kinds of items. It can also cover the home from explosions and animals. This is the most basic kind of insurance and is also very affordable.

HO2 on the other hand is for particular parts of the house. This means that you can insure your living room, or your bedroom or any other part of the house. It will also insure you against ice slides and landslides. It is therefore very useful for people who live in areas that are prone to such disasters.

HO3 is the policy that will cover the whole house. It will cover the contents of the house and the structure of the house itself. It will also take care of all the expenses if any outsider is injured in the premises. It also covers against things like war and earthquakes.

If you live in a rented apartment, it will suit you to get the HO4 cover. It is important due to the fact that it covers the house from everything. It not only covers the house but also the items you have in the house. You will therefore save more if you get it as a tenant. HO5 is typically the same as HO3.

HO6 is the cover designed for condo owners. It will insure the condo and its premises. The last cover is HO8 which is the cover for old homes.

As you can see, there are very many different types of home insurance covers. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to lack a homeowner’s insurance. Even if you do not own the home, there is the cover that caters for tenants. These covers will not only keep you and your home safe but also your visitors.


Do Some Simple Research To Discover Cheap Bradford Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Policies

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Our home is our haven at the end of the work day. Here we keep all our valuables and look forward to relaxation and privacy. Our home shelters me and my family, keeping us safe and protected. Our home is our most expensive and valuable investment. Cheap Pennsylvania homeowners insurance provides affordable protection for the home we love.


When we bought our home, our mortgage company required us to carry homeowner insurance so they are protected from loss if something happens to the house before we finish paying for it. We also wanted insurance coverage to protect ourselves so we can rebuild or repair it if something happens. We wanted as much coverage as we could afford, but we sure did not want to pay any more than we had to for good coverage. We also wanted to find a reputable insurance company with good customer service when claims have to be filed.


First, we got recommendations on different insurance companies from friends and family members who use them. We also checked online for names of the leading companies selling insurance in our state. Next, we decided what types of coverage we wanted to request and gathered the information we needed to provide the companies in order to receive a realistic policy cost quote. We gave the agents the value, age, and square footage of the house. We told them about our safety devices of an alarm system and smoke detectors. We also figured up what our furniture and other home contents were worth. Then we gathered a dozen Pennsylvania home insurance quotes and studied them. We compared the quality of the different coverage policies and the company’s reliability as well as the total cost.


We discovered that if we bundled our homeowners insurance with our auto insurance, we received a bigger discount. Our family is very safety conscious but we learned that by doing a few things more, like adding carbon monoxide detectors upstairs and downstairs and putting a fire extinguisher on each level, we also got a break on our rates. We learned about liability concerns about our family’s trampoline and added a safety net so we could insure it. We bought a fire and waterproof safe to keep jewelry, guns,  and important papers inside. One agent suggested we develop a family emergency escape plan and practice it and we did. We accepted the highest deductible we could afford to help keep our overall rates down. Our house is now covered for fire, smoke, tornados, fallen trees, wind damage, broken windows, burglary, vandalism, hail and other weather related-damages, and water damage from plumbing leaks. We covered the contents of our house for their replacement value, not their actual value. This way we can get the latest electronics to replace ours if they are stolen or destroyed and we can replace all our furniture and clothes if we ever have the need.


In the next few years, we want to install an in-ground swimming pool. Thanks to our insurance company, we already know what we have to do to make it safe and affordable to insure when the time comes. We will also review our house and contents coverage annually now to make sure we keep enough insurance coverage for all our needs. We found the Williams Agency had detailed information, which helped us a lot. Check them out online at if you need rate quotes and help to find the right insurance for your home.


Providing Safety To Secure Cheap Bradford Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

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If you’re a homeowner, living in Pennsylvania, searching for cheap insurance, you might be tempted to accept a dangerously risky policy to cut the monthly cost of your premiums. I know I was. I sat thinking, “I don’t have to worry about flooding, or for that matter, really any natural disaster.” With the Midwest river flooding, I considered having flood insurance, but even that didn’t seem important, since none of the major bodies of water are really big enough to pose a risk. I almost made the decision to lighten the burden on my wallet and get trim, cheap Pennsylvania homeowners insurance. I’m glad, in the end, that I decided not to.


I mean, I can hardly take the full credit for not going cheap. A good friend warned me about some of the unforeseen risks, and she let me in on a little trade secret. If you safe-proof your home, insurance companies will lower your premiums. There are plenty of things you can do to make your home safer and lower your insurance rates because of it—a benefit on so many levels.


I have two kids, a four year old and a two year old. The four year old is curious as a cat, and he’s always reaching for things on the counters that he can’t see because he’s too short. My two year old puts anything she can get her hands on, in her mouth. So, on top of being vigilant, I made a few small improvements to my home. The first change we made at my house was to install breaker outlets, the ones with a button that can switch off the power to the outlet. That keeps both my children from accidental shock. You’d be surprised how those kinds of efforts can help when you’re searching for Pennsylvania home insurance.


Probably though, if you don’t want to be nitpicky, simply installing a security system is a cost effective way to protect your family and reduce your insurance premiums. Most security companies install systems that sound an alert if your house is being broken into or if smoke is sensed. And having the extra moment to get the family out of the house if it catches fire, might make all the difference. It did for my wise friend. Not only did the alarm alert her and help her to evacuate her home, but also it sent the fire department and ultimately saved her house from total destruction.


Along the same lines, it’s imperative that you check and recheck your fire exits. A lot of people don’t think about fire escapes in residential areas, but especially with so many people building “finished basements” you have to be careful. If your windows are not easy to open and large enough to escape through, you have to fix it right away. It’s not only a code violation, but insurance companies will charge you for it.


You’ll be surprised how cheaply you can be insured with a reliable company if you do the work to make a safe home. If you do not make the home safe, something as unexpected and minor as a trampoline incident, in the backyard, with one of the kids, can lead to a battle with stingy insurers ultimately leaving you uncovered and paying steep prices for medical care. Make sure you don’t neglect the small details. When you’re looking for Pennsylvania home insurance quotes check with Williams Agency for more information, and keep your family safe and covered for the unexpected situations in life. Natural disasters are not the only way to lose what’s dear to you.

Coverage Your Bradford Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Should Include

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When you are shopping for Bradford Pennsylvania homeowners insurance there are several types of coverage that should be included. These are the typical types of insurance that you need to have for your home. They are required by most lenders, and you should have them in case you need protection for your property. There are additional types of cheap Pennsylvania home insurance available, but you pay for the additional coverage and they are not typically necessary. In all there are four types of coverage you should have.

Structures on the Property


This type of coverage pays to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged by fire, wind, hail, or other disasters natural and otherwise listed on the policy. This varies by policy and company, and you can choose in some cases what you want your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover. Flood and earthquake insurance must be purchased separately. When you choose the limits for this type of insurance, it is important that you choose an amount that will be enough to rebuild your home if necessary.


Most Pennsylvania home insurance policies cover structures that are completely detached from the home, example a shed or garage. These structures are typically covered at ten percent of the value of your home policy. So if your home is insured for $100k, your garage will be insured for $10k. You can get more coverage if you find it necessary for an additional cost. The cost to increase this coverage averages $2 for every $1,000 in coverage so it’s well worth your while to insure that nice garage properly.

Personal Belongings


Your personal belongings should be covered in case of theft or damage. This includes your clothing, furniture, electronics, and sporting equipment. You can usually get coverage for up to fifty percent of the coverage on your home. However, certain items such as jewelry may not be insured for their full value unless you purchase a floater or personal property endorsement to add to your policy. Landscaping items such as trees, plants or shrubs are also generally covered for up to five percent of the value of your home coverage.  The most valuable extra you can purchase on personal property coverage is the guaranteed replacement cost endorsement. This coverage allows you to avoid having all your posessions depreciated based on age and condition if you have a claim.  It allows you to go out and purchase all new items exactly like what you had previously.  Many collectibles, jewelry, guns, fine art, money and others get limited coverage under the standard homeowners policy so you’ll need to consult with an agent if you have such items. Many times the extra premium to cover your jewelry, guns, etc. properly is well under $100 a year. The peace of mind you have knowing these items are properly covered is worth the few dollars spent.  Be sure to use an agent with a reputation for honest, ethic business practices.

Liability Coverage


This type of coverage protects you no matter where you are in the world, not just in your home. It covers expenses related to property damage or injury that you or your family causes, including your pets. This type of coverage is usually included in a Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance policy, even though it does not really apply to your home. The limits usually start at around $100k per occurrence.


This section of your Pennsylvania home insurance policy should also cover any injuries that occur on your property. This is called no fault medical coverage. It usually covers one to five thousand dollars per person for medical expenses related to injuries on your property. However, you cannot use this for your family members or your pets.

Living Expenses


This type of coverage is there in case your home needs to be repaired or rebuilt, and cannot be lived in during that time. The amounts of coverage vary by policy and company, and you can generally choose the limits of this type of coverage. It is important that your Pennsylvania homeowners insurance policy include this coverage, however, as you do not want to be left in the cold with your family if something does happen to your house. Normal policies include this limit based on 20% on the dwelling value. If you had 100K on the home then normally you would have an extra 20K in additional living expenses. Many companies are now upgrading their policies to include this with an unlimited dollar amount.

The Importance Of Cheap Pennsylvania Home Insurance

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Being able to buy cheap Pennsylvania home insurance seemed to be impossible in the past.  If you look closer, you will notice that one of the biggest expenses a homeowner makes is for home insurance premium payments. Well, not anymore. Given the state of the economy after the recent subprime mortgage crisis, people have been incentivized to buy real property in order to liquidate the assets of different financial institutions. Because of this, different industries that are peripheral to the buying of homes such as insurance companies are tendering competitive and affordable packages in order for homeowners to buy insurance from them. Yes, this is the best time for you to buy an insurance policy for your home.


Alternatively, it is also realistic to assume that because of the slowdown of the economy, you have probably been wondering whether purchasing home insurance is a necessity. You probably thought about if it would be strategic to spend the insurance money on other things, as there is always a chance that your house would not be affected by anything anyway. Frankly speaking, that is a very dangerous way to think about things. In taking care of properties, it is better to assume the worst and be ready for the worse, than hope that the best will never end.


Further, insurance policies are not just to protect your properties, but to absolve you of liabilities just in case someone has an accident and gets hurts in your house. It is also important to avail of a policy, especially if you want to have your property appraised, or if you want to use it as a collateral or mortgage for future financial decisions. Having an insurance policy not just protects the structure, but all the movable assets inside it. This is especially true if you want to protect your furniture against natural and artificial reasons of destruction. For example, if after a vacation you find yourself having a house fully robbed of your furniture, there are provisions that will require insurance companies to pay you for the value of the items lost.


Therefore, if you are planning to get an insurance policy now, the basic step that you should do is to look for insurance policy quotes, which are essential if you want to know the usual rate of policies within the state, the common exclusions, and conditions, which can lead to a smooth transactions. Getting insurance quotes will most likely lead to free and full professional consultation regarding your situation, as well as the most strategic financial decision, which you can take. Meeting with professionals will make you more acquainted with different state regulatory measures and perhaps the repercussions of any decision that you will make. If you are new to this, the best place for you to get information is to use the internet, as most insurance companies already advertise online. You can also use this medium to assess the practices and delivery of promises of companies if you decide to purchase cheap Pennsylvania home insurance finally.