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Choosing Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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There are many car insurance companies in Pennsylvania that can be of help to you.  Choosing the best car insurance company in Pennsylvania can be as simple as asking your friends or family who they would recommend and why.  Although there are many online agencies, it can be nice to have an agent and company that are local to make it easier to call for questions.

If no one you know has a certain insurance company they can recommend, you can check the local newspaper or telephone book.  When you call to schedule an appointment, you can ask the agent what the best choices are for choosing the maximum coverage for the least amount of money.  Some agents represent more than one insurance company, and they will give you their recommendations based on your needs.  Pennsylvania car insurance is like many other decisions, it is easy to select the coverage for what you need and what you can afford.

In Pennsylvania, to drive legally you have to buy insurance on all vehicles you are responsible for and keep up all payments monthly to keep your policy up-to-date.  Under Pennsylvania law, this is to keep your financial responsibility for driving an automobile registered in the state.

When being stopped for a traffic violation and they discover you have no car insurance, you can face fines and expenses as follows:

×          A $300.00 fine

×          Impoundment of your vehicle

×          Suspension of your registration and your license for three months

×          Fees for restoration of license and registration

During suspension of your license, the Department of Motor vehicles does not permit you to drive another vehicle.  Moreover, during the suspension of the registration on your vehicle, no one can drive it even with a license.  The Department of Motor Vehicles does not allow it on the street until restoration of registration.  Therefore, you can clearly see that driving without car insurance in Pennsylvania has severe penalties.

Drivers must accept the financial responsibility of all vehicles they own.  This keeps everyone safer and reduces the personal expenses for everyone involved in an accident.  That said, what happens when someone local or from another state has an accident without car insurance?  Most people do not feel it is fair, because if the other driver is at fault and they have no insurance, it forces your car insurance to cover the damages.  That coverage is the basis for the options you choose when buying.  Moreover, make sure to discuss Limited tort and Full Tort options when buying car insurance in Pennsylvania.


Pedestrian Hit By A Car In Pennsylvania, What Are Their Rights?

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If a car in Pennsylvania has hit you, the first two questions you should ask are what are my rights?  Does their Pa car insurance pay my medical expenses?  While a lawyer will give you advice and even assistance to find the right medical treatment, knowing your rights can also help. First call 911, report the accident, and file a police report.  Whether injuries were slight or major, most insurance companies will not make any payment without a full incident report.

If you were a pedestrian, your injuries can be quite serious, including fractures, neck, head, and spinal cord injuries.  Significant injuries can result in lost wages.  Two important things you need to know to protect your rights are to obtain a complete medical evaluation and call an attorney.

Medical Evaluation

After any accident, you may not realize how serious your injuries are.  The first step is to receive an evaluation from a doctor. On-scene emergency care is essential, but equally critical is a full evaluation by a medical professional.  Sometimes your injuries are unclear until x-rays can reveal the extent of the injury.

You are highly urged not to settle with a Pennsylvania car insurance company after an accident, without an attorneys help. At the hospital, do not sign anything given to you by their agent.  Do not even make comments or allow a recording of interviews, without your own attorney present.


In the best of times, it is difficult to understand Pennsylvania car insurance laws, especially “full tort” and “partial tort.”  When you have injuries, it is even more difficult. There are many highly expert personal injury lawyers.  They will even come to the hospital if you are unable to go to them.  Most do not charge a fee unless they win your case.

Let your attorney act to get the maximum in settlements, especially if you should need long-term care.  Whether assisting you in obtaining the additional medical treatment you need, dealing with complex insurance issues, or detailing your losses, they can control all facets of the personal injury process.

Life-changing injury can result from an auto or truck, which strikes a pedestrian.  Sometimes the person is unable to ever work or care for himself or herself. Chronic pain from nerve damage can make it difficult to sit or stand.  Working with someone who understands the complexity of car insurance in Pennsylvania and these medical issues is the best way to protect your rights.


Can You Insure Someone Else’s Car In Pennsylvania?

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Each state has its own laws and reservations about automobile usage.  Pennsylvania car insurance rates are some of the lowest in the nation due to the strict state requirements for automobile servicing in order to keep a car registration.  As such, it is possible to get affordable insurance, but not if you want to use it to cover someone else’s vehicle.  There are several types of insurance but they are only available for your own car.  You cannot insure another person’s car in Pennsylvania.


Just like any other state, car insurance in PA is mandatory.  There are no situations in which it is legal to operate a motor vehicle if the vehicle is not covered by some sort of insurance.  There are several different types of coverage options for a vehicle, however, and each are acceptable for legal purposes.  Different auto companies or insurance lawyers can suggest which type is best, but as long as you have a single type you are fit to drive anywhere in the state.  Liability coverage will protect your property in the event that you are in an auto accident and have any type of claim brought against you.  PA car insurance laws dictate that you must have a minimum of $15,000 of coverage.  This will not cover much in the case of a serious accident (such as the cost of a vehicle and medical bills) but is more than enough for a fender-bender or broken windshield.  This must be purchased for your auto.  It cannot be purchased by someone else to cover your car.


Full tort coverage is automatically included in Pennsylvania car insurance rates unless the individual declares they want to waive it.  This coverage allows any resident to put in a claim against a responsible party if they have been injured in an accident.  If they do not have this coverage, they cannot make any type of legal claim without serious medical injuries.  Limited tort insurance is available and will cost less, but is not recommended due to the lack of ability to protect a person after an accident.  This cannot be provided by a third party; the policy must be in your own name.


Uninsured motorist coverage is another type of insurance that can be waived if a person wants minimal coverage, but if it is waived it is not possible for a party to make a claim when they have been hit or injured by an uninsured party.  The severity of the injuries will not matter; you have to have this coverage if you want to bring a claim against an uninsured motorist.  It is not possible for someone else to insure an auto that they do not own for uninsured motorist coverage.


A final insurance policy is wage loss coverage, the damages from not being able to work as a result of an automobile accident.  This, like all other types of PA insurance, that cannot be covered by a third party.  A person must have individual coverage for their own wages and must put in their own claim for work-related losses

Staying Safe With Bradford Pennsylvania Car Insurance

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So many of us are hurried in our lives today and when we think of car safety, we really have not considered it much, especially in the summer months. Summer means easy driving and the time we start thinking about our Pennsylvania car insurance policy, it is only happening because winter is on its way and we know the roads will not be safe to drive on. Automobile safety needs to be a consideration no matter what season we are driving in and there are so many things we can do with our own cars and in our own driving habits to make the roads safer for everyone involved.


Erie insurance agents can help make sure cars are safely covered as far as the paperwork and the laws are concerned. It is the law to have insurance on vehicles and cheap Pennsylvania car insurance, that has good quality coverage, is not always easy to find. At the Williams Agency, they go beyond just giving us Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes; they also give us great tips about how to pack a travel safety kit, about child car seat safety and more.


One great tip for traveling safely is to keep your car owner’s manual handy in case of emergencies. If sensor lights come on your dashboard and you are not sure what they mean, you can find a safe place to pull off the road and look in the manual for the recommendations for the situation. Travel safety kits should be packed with those types of emergencies in mind. In the summer months, a car overheating is not uncommon. When we have small children or pets on board, not only do we need to consider their safety, we need to remember that they depend on us to stay safe as well.


Take that car overheating for example. If we pull off the road we may find something in our manual that describes first letting the engine cool down and then how to check our coolant levels. Letting the engine cool could take some time on a hot day, so we must be sure we have parked in the safest and most out-of-the-way place that we can find. Keeping everyone inside the car cool will mean keeping windows open to let in fresh air and making sure everyone has something to drink. (Water in a travel kit is a great idea.) Then you would want to make sure that you are seen whenever you go out to check on your coolant levels. A brightly colored vest or even reflective tape that can be stuck on your shirt would help you be seen by other drivers.


Driving can be an expensive adventure these days and sometimes safety concerns take the back seat. We always need to have insurance coverage, though, and remember that driving safely keeps the on the road costs down. We can look to our trusted agents for a Pennsylvania car insurance quote and ask them for more great tips on how to drive safely.

Additional Bradford Pennsylvania Automobile Coverage

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We have discussed mandatory vehicle liability coverage, collision and comprehensive insurance, as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist policies. There are other Pennsylvania car insurance policy options that we should cover as well. One of these is Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as PIP.


Personal Injury Protection and No-Fault Insurance


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is mandatory in Pennsylvania. States, like PA, that require PIP insurance coverage, are called “no-fault” states. Also known as “First Party” coverage, PIP is a basic type of “no-fault” medical coverage. It pays your medical bills and those of your passengers, due to an accident. Personal Injury Protection can include:


  • Treatment from hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost earnings
  • Funeral expenses
  • Child care if parent is disabled due to an accident


Who is covered?

You (the policyholder)

Other authorized drivers in the household


Pedestrians injured in accident


Regardless of who caused the accident, this insurance will cover the costs of injuries due to a collision. The minimum coverage required by state law is $5,000. Since coverage is mandatory, using PIP will not increase your insurance premiums. This coverage is important for people who do not have adequate health care coverage to cover medical conditions that can result from a serious automobile accident. If you use your limit of PIP insurance, then your personal medical insurance will be responsible for the remaining medical bills. This insurance is especially important for drivers that often carry other passengers, or who carpool.


No-fault insurance was created in an attempt to decrease the number of lawsuits filed in order to prove who is “at fault” in an accident. Studies have determined that auto insurance is approximately $300 more per year because of this litigation. The belief is that litigation costs will decrease since no-fault insurance will cover medical bills regardless of who is at fault. In exchange for this coverage, you give up some of your options to sue the other driver in an accident. There are also limits for ‘pain and suffering’ and ‘loss.’


Under a ‘pure’ no-fault system, your insurance company would pay for all economic damages such as medical bills, loss of wages, rehabilitation, physical therapy, etc. You would be unable to sue for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, etc., in the event that you did not cause the accident. There are no states with a pure no-fault system. Instead, all 13 no-fault states have a modified no-fault system.


Pennsylvania car insurance is unique in the fact that it is a “choice no-fault” state. Policy holders can opt for pure no-fault coverage, or what is called a “tort” option. We will discuss the details of tort options in our next article.