You Must Carry Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Minimums

February 10, 2011 in erie insurance agent, liability coverage, pennsylvania auto insurance minimums, pennsylvania car insurance minimums, property damage

The law in Pennsylvania requires motorists to have car insurance if they are going to drive on the streets and highways across the Commonwealth. The rules are very specific on Pennsylvania car insurance minimums which everyone must meet however drivers are free to enhance their coverage as desired. Many progressive agent in Pennsylvania will write minimum limits of insurance for drivers who are higher risk or have no assets to protect in the event of a catastrophic loss. As an Erie Insurance agent, most of my clients are not willing to jeopardize their personal assets by reducing their coverage to these minimums. Companies like Mercury, Progressive, Grange all have special programs that cater to the minimum limit drivers and we are set up to offer these as well.


The Pennsylvania car insurance minimums set the amount of liability protection drivers must carry in the event of an accident. For bodily harm, the minimum is $15,000 for an individual and up to $30,000 total to pay the medical expenses of the victims of an at fault accident. For property damage, the minimum for liability coverage is $5,000 per accident. Pennsylvania also requires drivers to have coverage for medical costs to treat the policy holder for injuries from an accident; the minimum amount for this type of coverage is $5,000. As an Erie Insurance agent and an agent with regards for the financial well being of my clients I will recommend for almost every driver to carry much higher limits than what is required by the state of Pa.


Pennsylvania car insurance minimums do not require the driver to carry any coverage to pay for damage to their own car. Liability and Comprehensive Coverage for a personal vehicle is the choice of the driver, however most banks and leasing companies will require that type of coverage if they hold the loan on the vehicle. If the car is paid for and is an older model, most people will not carry collision protection since the vehicle is not worth that much to begin with.


There are serious consequences if you do not carry auto insurance in Pennsylvania. If you are caught driving without at least a minimum amount of coverage, you could be subject to a fine of $300 or more and lose your drivers license and vehicle registration for at least three months. There are additional fees that you will have to pay as well to have your driver’s license reinstated and your vehicle registration restored.


The cost of insuring your vehicle in Pennsylvania will depend on the type of coverage that you choose, your age and driving record. It is more expensive for teens to be insured than adults because statistically they pose a higher risk for being involved in a crash. If you forget to renew your policy, the Commonwealth allows a thirty one day period for the policy to lapse before any penalties kick in.