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Things That Lower Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance Premiums

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There are many different factors that can affect the cost of your pennsylvania automobile insurance. Whether you are buying automobile insurance for the first time, or looking for ways to lower your auto insurance premiums, some items to consider are listed below:


Your driving record

One of the best things you can do to keep your insurance premiums low is to have a good driving record. If you drive safely and don’t have accidents or traffic violations, you will qualify for a good driver discount with most insurance carriers. This discount can be a substantial savings.


Good credit rating

While most people think of credit ratings in relation to obtaining a credit card or borrowing money for a car or house, a good credit rating can also help you with your car insurance. Insurance companies are finding that people who take care to maintain a good credit rating are also more responsible drivers. Make sure that you pay your bills on time and check your credit rating often to fix any errors that you may find. It will pay off by saving you on your premiums.


Education and training

Accident rates are higher for drivers under 25, especially young males and single males. Because of this, insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania are usually more expensive. There are still ways to save, however. Good student discounts are available to high school and college students who maintain a “B” average or better. Most carriers also discount premiums if new drivers take (and pass) a driver’s education course. Education discounts are also available for older drivers. Accident prevention courses often earn discounts for drivers that are over 60. And you may qualify for a lower premium if you take a defensive driving course.


Combined and multi-car Coverage

Most insurance carriers will give a discount on premiums if you purchase two or more different types of coverage, for instance auto and homeowner’s insurance. If you insure more than one vehicle, you will usually qualify for a multi-car discount. Having your boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile insured with the same company can also earn you lower premiums.


Low mileage

How many miles you annually put on your car can have a bearing on your insurance premiums. Many companies offer low-mileage discounts if you drive below a certain number of miles per year, or if you are a driver that carpools to work.



In the event of an accident, your deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before you insurance coverage kicks in. Choosing a higher deductible is a way to decrease the cost of your premiums, but this can be a risky choice. If you are involved in an accident, you would have a much higher out-of-pocket expense. If you choose to increase your deductible, make sure that you have enough money set aside to cover the cost of the deductible in case of an accident.


Calling My Office

Almost 7 out of 10 drivers who call my office are able to save a substantial amount of money on their car insurance. Sometimes we’re actually able to save them money with the exact same company they currently insure with…we simply find discounts that their old agent wasn’t looking for..or didn’t look for.  A 6 minute call to get a rate comparison on pennsylvania car insurance is likely to save you some serious $$




Factors In Determining The Insurance Rates For Teenage Drivers In Pennsylvania

May 4, 2011 in Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

No matter where you live or how old you are, it is very important to have car insurance. Driving is a major responsibility; you are not only responsible for yourself and your property, but you must also pay attention to everything else that is going on around you. Unfortunately not everyone on the road is responsible and you cannot always account for everything that could possibly happen while you are driving. This can be extremely difficult for some teenagers because they are new to driving, hence the need for competitive insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania.


In general, most parents know that insurance rates for teenagers in Pennsylvania can be quite high, which is common to most states. Teenagers have little to no experience multi-tasking on the road. Some teenagers truly have a difficult time remembering that driving is more than simply getting from point A to point B. Some teenagers are reckless; and all of these things contribute to a reputation of irresponsibility which often results in higher basic insurance rates. There are ways, though, of lowering the premiums of the new drivers in your household.


First of all, if you want to get the lowest insurance rates for teenagers in Pennsylvania, you should have your young driver take and pass a safe driver’s course. This might be done through a state or city agency and it could be a full driver’s education class or simply a few sessions, depending on the program. The general understanding is that people who have more knowledge regarding the rules of the road and their responsibility to uphold them will usually be more apt to obey them. Sometimes it really is a matter of education and just a little extra knowledge can sometimes make a big difference.


Secondly, many insurance companies offer discounted rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania who have good grades. Just as there is a bit of a stereotype regarding teenage drivers and irresponsibility, there is also a common understanding that teenagers who do well in school are more likely to be responsible in other areas of their lives. This is the same mentality that goes along with school transcripts and resumes that colleges and employers use to determine the eligibility of a candidate so it seems only natural that it would make sense for insurance companies to do the same.


Finally, many insurance companies will give discounts because they want to continue to earn your business. There are two ways that they do this:

  • Longevity discounts
  • Bundling discounts

If you have been with a particular insurance company for a while, you might want to think about getting a discount for yourself instead of trying to negotiate their insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania. You might find it is easier to get a discount based on your clean driving record. Alternately, if you have home insurance and you insure multiple vehicles as well as drivers, you might also be able to get a discount too.

How to Get the Best Insurance Rates for Teenage Drivers in Pennsylvania

April 27, 2011 in Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania can cost the parents quite a bit of money. Since companies are concerned about the safety of teens driving they tend to charge higher rates for them. Yet it is a necessity that must be paid for and generally parents take on the responsibility. There are a few ways that the teen can help to reduce their rates somewhat and ease the burden of their car insurance on their parents. If a teenager tries any of these tips they should contact their agent to see if it will discount their policy.


One way to help lower insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania is for the teenager to maintain an immaculate driving record. A clean driving record will go a long way in helping the teen qualify for discounts on their policy. This means obeying any traffic laws and refraining from getting any tickets. Many teens get tickets simply for careless behavior. If a teen truly puts the effort into maintaining their driving record they will be able to do so and can soon have some concrete proof that they deserve those lower rates. An agent will have a hard time arguing with them once they see the driving record.


Another thing that will help drop the cost of insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania is for the teen or parent to purchase a car that has extensive safety features. Many insurance carriers offer discounts for various safety features included in the car, such as airbags. This means if the car the teen is driving has these features then their rates are likely to be lower than they would if the car did not have any of these features. So opting for a safer car can save the family money.


Some ways that lower insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are the same that adults use. One of these is to increase the deductible on the policy. This is a common way that people are able to lower their monthly payment for insurance. It means that the amount out of pocket during an accident will be higher, but the amount out of pocket each month is substantially lower. Parents who choose to do this should do so with caution. They should know that they will be able to cover the deductible should the unthinkable happen.


Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania can be high. However that does not mean that there are not ways to lower those costs for the parents. By looking into their driving record teens are potentially able to lower their costs. They can also drive a car with safety features that help reduce the premiums they will pay. Finally increasing the deductible will lower the monthly costs for the parents as well. Whether parents pay for the premiums or make their teens pay for all or a portion, there are ways to help lower the out of pocket expense. This can help relieve parents of a financial burden and make them happier with the policy they have chosen.

Insurance Rates For Teenage Drivers In Pennsylvania: A Blessing Or A Problem?

April 14, 2011 in Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

Children have always been the most important assets for every parent all over the world. Therefore, as soon as they enter their teenage years and start driving, the first and foremost task of every parent is to ensure that they get insurance coverage along with a car. In this way, they provide their children with some sort of security while they are travelling on the roads. However, the insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania vary from company to company. Every Pennsylvania auto insurance company has its own policy towards teenage drivers, thus, they charge the clients in accordance with their policy.


Various Pennsylvania auto insurance companies consider teens as highly risky. The reason for this is that teens are newly given the freedom to drive and as a result, they tend to drive unsafely. This is why some companies charge an excessive amount of premium in the form of high insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania. Therefore, various individuals are in search of companies that provide lower rates for insurance coverage for teenagers.


There are various ways to get low insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania. The first and foremost way of getting low rates is to ensure that the teenager drives the car safely. In this way, the driver will be able to maintain a clean driving record which will prove to the Pennsylvania auto insurance company that the teenage driver drives safely. Apart from this, the insurance premiums will also depend upon the car that is being insured. As the cost of the car and the insurance premiums are positively correlated, the more expensive the car, the higher the insurance premiums will be that you will have to bear. So, in order to lower the insurance cost, it’s better to get the teenager a less expensive, less flashy, and safer car.    


Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania can be costly but can be reduced. In order to achieve this, one needs to do a good deal of research to find a company offering some sort of concessionary packages or lower rates. Some Pennsylvania auto insurance companies tend to provide teenagers with discounted rates if they get great grades in school. In order to choose these various such packages, one needs to get all the information from the insurance agent before the insurance policy has been bought.  


Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania can also be reduced if one learns to drive from the institution that the insurance company recommends. In some cases, the Pennsylvania auto insurance companies provide the clients with the option of taking driving courses from them. In order to encourage the clients to choose this option, the clients are provided with a percentage of discount on their insurance policy. Furthermore, they are also given the service of driving lessons in a shorter period of time as compared to any other institution and that also at a low cost.

Getting Good Insurance Rates for Teenage Drivers in Pennsylvania

April 1, 2011 in graduated driver license program, Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

It’s time to get car insurance for your teenager. The insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are going to be higher than what you’re used to paying for adult rates, however, they are very reasonable. Your policy can increase as much as $5,000 a year, so it’s important to follow all the different guidelines that the state puts in place for teenage drivers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a great program that is not offered in every state.


Regardless of whether the policy is for an adult or teenager, Pennsylvania requires that your coverage meets minimum requirements. This involves bodily injury liability per person and per accident, as well as damage liability and personal injury protection. Proof of insurance is required as long as you’re driving on the roads of Pennsylvania, so it’s important to have the right coverage. The insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania will meet the state requirements, but it is suggested that the liability coverage is for more than the minimum. This is because the first year that a teenage is on the road is the most likely time that they will be involved in an accident.


The state of Pennsylvania has a Graduated Driver License Program (GDL) that ensures that teenage drivers are only going on the road if they are prepared. Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are dramatically reduced compared to other states because of this program. The program, which started in 1999, has dramatically reduced the number of teenage drivers on the road because of their stringent requirements. They require teenagers who want to drive to get a junior learner’s permit first. Upon having the learner’s permit for at least 6 months, they then qualify for a junior driver’s license, and ultimately, a standard driver’s license.


As a teenage driver goes through the GDL program, they are tested through tests of laws of the road as well as a driving test where abilities are tested. Once a teenager has proven proficiency in state laws, as well as driving a vehicle safely, then an insurance company will insure the teenager without worrying as much that they will be involved in an accident, unlike other states without this program in place. Insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are then better than other states because of their GDL program.


Insuring teenagers can be a complicated situation. However, insurance rates for teenage drivers in Pennsylvania are fair. Shopping for the best rate is the best way to ensure that you get a low rate with all of the benefits that you want out of an insurance company. Simply adding your teenager to your current policy may not be the best solution. Other companies may be better prepared for dealing with teenage drivers. Researching several companies and getting quotes will ensure that you have the best rate without overpaying for your teenage driver. After all, you have much more to worry about with a teenager on the road (like shopping for a car) than worrying about car insurance policies.