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Special Considerations for Farmers and Pennsylvania Farm Insurance

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Pennsylvania is a very rural state, with many of our residents living on and working family farms. There is a great deal of diversity among Pennsylvania farmers – some own their property and others rent, some raise crops and others raise livestock. While farmers share a lot of the same insurance needs as homeowners, there are other factors that should be considered when looking for farm insurance. Like homeowners and renters policies, coverage is usually either replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost coverage will pay the full amount to repair or replace covered property or structures without regard to depreciation. The premiums for this coverage are usually higher, and replacement cost should be indicated in the policy. Actual cash value coverage, while less expensive, will reimburse you for your losses after accounting for the age, condition, and value of the property or structure.

Pennsylvania Farm Property Insurance can generally be separated into 4 different categories that you should discuss with your insurance agent:

Home and Contents

Insurance for Personal Farm Property

Insurance for Farm Structures

Liability Protection


Home and Contents:

This portion of your farm policy is very similar to a regular homeowner’s insurance policy. It covers your home, your personal household property, and other buildings or outdoor equipment such as garages, storage sheds, satellite dishes, and landscaping. If you rent your farm, then this portion of your farm insurance policy would be similar to renter’s insurance, providing coverage for your personal property.


Personal Farm Property:

Personal farm property coverage would include farm equipment and machinery, supplies, livestock, farm tools, and farm products such as grain, animal feed, seed, and fertilizer.


Farm Structures:

Your farm structures insurance covers you in case of loss or damage to the many different types of structures that you may have on your farm. This would include barns and outbuildings, confinement facilities, dairy parlors, silos, portable buildings, pens, chutes and corral fencing, building materials for farm buildings, and fixed irrigation equipment.


Liability Protection:

This is the most important part of your pennsylvania farm insurance policy. Farming is a very hazardous occupation; accidents can and do happen. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen to visitors, workers, or others who may be on your farm property. Personal and farm liability insurance is essential to protect your farm and your business. It provides payments for your legal liability up to the limits of your policy, in the event that someone is injured or someone’s property is damaged, while on your farm. Liability insurance will also pay the medical bills for people that have been accidentally injured while on your farm, up to the limits of your policy.


Additional liability coverage can be obtained by purchasing umbrella coverage. Like an umbrella, this coverage arches over your existing pennsylvania auto, homeowner, and farm policies, providing an additional layer of liability protection.

Is There Cheap Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Available?

September 1, 2010 in Cheap pennsylvania homeowners insurance, homeowners insurance companies, Pa homeowners insurance, pennsylvania homeowners insurance rates

The answer is yes there is affordable Pennsylvania homeowners insurance available. Everyone living in Pennsylvania wants to protect their homes as well as their belongings from damage such as fire, lightening, theft, smoke and other disasters. There is an easy way for you to find cheap insurance quotes by visiting one of the many insurance comparison websites. These websites offer many advantages to those looking for homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania. 

Go online and search for insurance comparison websites, once you have located one of these websites you will only need to fill out your insurance information one time, once you have submitted your information you will receive Pennsylvania homeowners insurance rates almost immediately. This method is reliable as the quotes you receive are from A-rated insurance companies. These websites will send you at least five quotes from different insurance companies allowing you to make comparisons. 

The questions and information required from Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance companies is as follows: 

  • The year your home was built as well as the square footage
  • Construction materials used for your home as well as the type of roof and foundation
  • They want to know how far the nearest fire hydrant is as well as the nearest fire station is from your home
  • The amount of deductibles as well as the amount of coverage required
  • Safety features you already have in your home such as smoke alarms, security systems, deadbolts and fire extinguishers
  • Your credit history, billing details, and other assets if any
  • An inventory of your belongings, appliances, and valuables that will be inside the house
  • Crime, calamity, and burglary rates in your area


You need to keep your pa homeowners insurance as low as possible and a way to do this is by setting your deductibles as high as you can possible afford. The higher your deductibles are the lower your premiums will be. Ask the pa home insurance company if you qualify for any discounts as many of the homeowner’s insurance companies offer discounts for senior citizens, non smokers, security and safety features as well as having multiple insurance policies with the same insurance company.  

Your home is one of the biggest investments so you most definitely need to carry out protective measure protecting your home from fires, storms as well as robbery’s and other incidences. There is a fortune of information available on pa homeowners insurance at the local offices as well as online, and these cater for individual customers types of dwelling places and needs.  

The average homeowners premiums are around $550 per month, you need to make sure what type of conditions will be covered by the policy. These Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance rates will differ all depending on your dwelling history. When you apply for an insurance quote you need to have all the above information on hand, as the agents will not be able to forward quote to you without the relevant information they require. Insurance coverage is also available to people who rent homes or other dwellings.