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Can The Insurance Company Cancel My Pennsylvania Car Insurance Policy?

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There are many reasons why your insurance company can cancel your car insurance policy in Pennsylvania.  Moving violations, suspensions, and accidents are just a few.  Late payments and missing a payment is another, and Pennsylvania laws do not require companies to have a grace period for premium payments.  However, by law, you will still need to obtain new insurance or you risk suspended driving privileges completely.

Additionally, some insurance companies add surcharges at renewals if you have moving violations, suspensions, or accidents even if they are not your fault.  Some will even allow your spouse or teens to remain on the policy if you have a cancellation, but you will not be able to drive the vehicle yourself.  Furthermore, once cancelled, no one can drive your vehicle until you purchase replacement insurance through another company, and reinstatement is complete.

If you receive a cancellation and cannot find replacement insurance Pennsylvania has an Assigned Risk Plan that is more expensive, but does keep you on the road.  The insurance could even go through the same insurance company you have now.  This is because the commonwealth requires all companies that sell in Pennsylvania to participate in the Assigned Risk Plan.

Keep in mind that you can also cancel your insurance policy provided you have coverage to replace the plan.  However, there are some risks involved.  The greatest is that the new Insurance Company has up to 60 days to investigate all drivers in the household, if any have suspensions, moving violations or accidents they also can cancel your new policy.  Likewise, each time you receive a cancellation the next insurance company deems you a higher risk.  Eventually you would only be eligible for the Assigned Risk Plan.

Still, you may be asking a question about what you can do when faced with high premiums.  Even so, there are many reasons for your rates to be higher.  If a company has paid a higher volume of claims in some neighborhoods, they can increase rates.  If a driver in your household has moving violations or suspensions, they can increase rates.  If you or any family members have been involved in any accidents, they can increase rates.

Sometimes it is less expensive to purchase a separate policy for the person who is a higher risk.  However, you must prove to the Department of Motor Vehicles that each person has insurance. Although the company cannot cancel you because of age, marital status, occupation, or for any discrimination purposes, every driver who lives in the household must have insurance or you will risk suspension and all driving privileges.

Additionally, you can reduce the amount of insurance coverage you currently have.  Work with your agent to determine, where you could best reduce the expense of your insurance policy without reducing the benefits that you need.

Full Tort and Limited Tort are options that you select, but if you select Limited Tort, you should be aware that you are limiting you rights to full settlements if you are in an accident.  Uninsured and Underinsured coverage are other options that can decrease your premium.  However, again each loses some of the benefits found in most car insurance policies in Pennsylvania.


Can You Insure Someone Else’s Car In Pennsylvania?

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Each state has its own laws and reservations about automobile usage.  Pennsylvania car insurance rates are some of the lowest in the nation due to the strict state requirements for automobile servicing in order to keep a car registration.  As such, it is possible to get affordable insurance, but not if you want to use it to cover someone else’s vehicle.  There are several types of insurance but they are only available for your own car.  You cannot insure another person’s car in Pennsylvania.


Just like any other state, car insurance in PA is mandatory.  There are no situations in which it is legal to operate a motor vehicle if the vehicle is not covered by some sort of insurance.  There are several different types of coverage options for a vehicle, however, and each are acceptable for legal purposes.  Different auto companies or insurance lawyers can suggest which type is best, but as long as you have a single type you are fit to drive anywhere in the state.  Liability coverage will protect your property in the event that you are in an auto accident and have any type of claim brought against you.  PA car insurance laws dictate that you must have a minimum of $15,000 of coverage.  This will not cover much in the case of a serious accident (such as the cost of a vehicle and medical bills) but is more than enough for a fender-bender or broken windshield.  This must be purchased for your auto.  It cannot be purchased by someone else to cover your car.


Full tort coverage is automatically included in Pennsylvania car insurance rates unless the individual declares they want to waive it.  This coverage allows any resident to put in a claim against a responsible party if they have been injured in an accident.  If they do not have this coverage, they cannot make any type of legal claim without serious medical injuries.  Limited tort insurance is available and will cost less, but is not recommended due to the lack of ability to protect a person after an accident.  This cannot be provided by a third party; the policy must be in your own name.


Uninsured motorist coverage is another type of insurance that can be waived if a person wants minimal coverage, but if it is waived it is not possible for a party to make a claim when they have been hit or injured by an uninsured party.  The severity of the injuries will not matter; you have to have this coverage if you want to bring a claim against an uninsured motorist.  It is not possible for someone else to insure an auto that they do not own for uninsured motorist coverage.


A final insurance policy is wage loss coverage, the damages from not being able to work as a result of an automobile accident.  This, like all other types of PA insurance, that cannot be covered by a third party.  A person must have individual coverage for their own wages and must put in their own claim for work-related losses

Will A Speeding Ticket From Another State Affect Your Car Insurance?

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Many motorists wonder about how out of state driving infractions will affect their automobile insurance rates back home. Most Pennsylvania motorists are quite concerned about keeping their Pennsylvania car insurance rates down. Therefore, they take great care to drive safely. However, interstate car travel has become so easy today that it is not unusual for drivers to receive speeding citations while travelling through another state. Some drivers have even received more serious driving infractions such as DUI while out of their home state.


How Out of State Infractions Affect Your Car Insurance Rates


When it comes to driving infractions, most states have agreements between them to inform each other of violations that occur within their state. These agreements require that out of state driving violations be made known to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in a driver’s home state. Depending on the state where you live, these infractions may become a part of your permanent driving record.


The policy for recording out of state traffic violations on a person’s permanent driving record varies from state to state. Some states require that all infractions be recorded on a driver’s record while other states only record serious infractions. Drivers with multiple traffic violations will eventually be considered high risk by both the DMV of their state and insurance companies alike. High risk drivers always pay higher insurance rates than those with good driving records.


In Pennsylvania, out of state speeding violations are not considered serious traffic infractions. Therefore, it is not mandatory that these violations be recorded on a driver’s record. In fact, your insurance company may not even be informed that these violations exist. As a result, your Pennsylvania car insurance rates would not be adversely affected by them. If your speeding infraction caused an accident, however, that would be noted on your driving record, which could affect the cost of your insurance.


Serious infractions that occur out of state such as reckless driving or DUI are recorded on your driving record and these could have an impact on your insurance rates. Whether you are buying car insurance in PA for the first time or are renewing a policy, your insurance company can review your driving record to get an idea of what kind of driver you are. A poor driving record will reflect negatively upon you when it comes to getting car insurance in PA and will undoubtedly result in higher Pennsylvania car insurance rates.

PA Car Insurance Laws


In accordance with PA car insurance laws, vehicle insurance is obligatory in Pennsylvania, as it is for all U.S. States. Different states may vary, however, in the type of insurance coverage they require. In Pennsylvania, mandatory auto insurance for a private vehicle includes Bodily Injury Liability, Medical Benefits, Property Damage and Limited/Full Tort coverage. Pennsylvania drivers can also choose extra coverage such as collision, uninsured motorist, accidental death, comprehensive, etc.


Pennsylvania car insurance rates run on the high side, depending on the insurance company you use and the coverage you choose. Your personal driving record will also affect your insurance costs. For this reason, it is important to maintain a safe driving history. Cultivating bad driving habits such as speeding, regardless of where you travel, poses great risk to you and others. It is much better to drive safely and securely everywhere you go and avoid any risk of traffic violations or possible accidents.