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“With my daughter being a new driver, finding the affordable insurance was stressful and expensive, but with Williams Agency they saved me so much money. They are first class all the way.”

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A little inside info. on one of our team members

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PALICA can help excavating contractors earn dividends on insurance premiums

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With the state of Pennsylvania now allowing excavating contractors to earn dividends on insurance premiums, some of the more expensive insurance options are more attainable. Business owners with large equipment can experience large headaches when machinery breaks down or some other disaster happens that has a negative effect on completing a contract on time. Standard general liability insurance does not cover the extenuating circumstances; however, this new program can have Contractor Error s and Omissions included in your policy.


Shortened to “E&O,” this specific coverage will protect the business owner against claims of faulty workmanship and materials, and against any resulting loss that can occur. These events would take place after the job was completed. Standard general liability excludes damage to your final product after the customer has signed off on the work.


Another area that is very important is that an excavating contractor can dig a ditch, grade a road or level a site for construction. The job is completed perfectly and without error. The next contractor in line may damage the original work through an error on his part. E&O will protect the excavator against damage to him after his portion of the job or project has been completed.


Then there is the issue of Professional Liability. Yes, your general liability will cover you when you are legally liable for injury or property damage to a third party. However, E&O will protect an excavating contractor when he is legally responsible to pay compensatory damages as the result of error, omission or negligent act while acting in the capacity of a contractor.


Members of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America (PALICA) can have E&O insurance written through this brand new program. This protection does qualify for the new insurance dividends incentive. Some states that have had this incentive in place for some time are seeing payments as high as 16% of the original insurance premium.

There are many other advantages of being a member of PALICA. One benefit is that LICA/PA LICA has a comprehensive safety program and works to provide members with updated information on complying with OSHA regulations. In addition, the organization works to keep members abreast of the latest laws and regulations affecting their businesses, and works to influence legislation for the benefit of business. LICA/PA LICA members gain useful advice from fellow contractors, establish new business relationships, and meet industry experts, equipment and material suppliers, as well as make new friendships.

While the insurance dividends help save members money, LICA also has a national “Petrocon” Program. The Petrocon program is designed to reduce operating costs and expenses for LICA members by reducing prices from 10-40% for commodities such as: lubricants and greases, antifreeze, tires, electric expense (in deregulated states only), and even wireless cellular expense. The program is designed for all sized companies; from the one-man operation to the very large company. This program is available to both the contractor and associate member providing they are a member in good


Getting PA Flood Insurance without an Elevation Certificate

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With the passing of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, many Pennsylvanians have seen their rates increase. There have been reports of countless citizens experiencing their rates doubling and tripling. Some have even seen their insurance rates go up tenfold. While many won’t know what their insurance rates will be until September, everyone is bracing for bad news. One of the reasons for these increased costs is elevation certificates. Keep reading to learn more.


What is an Elevation Certificate?


An elevation certificate is an administrative tool used by the National Flood Insurance Program. Its purpose is to help the NFIP decide what the right insurance premium is for a given property. It’s also used to ensure that communities are complying with regulations on floodplain management. Elevation certificates are used for requesting Letters of Map Amendment or revision, as well.


For the most part, elevation certificates are only mandatory for buildings that were finished after the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 or those that were renovated after that time. However, because of the aforementioned reasons, it’s always a good idea to check with your local insurance agency to make sure none of your local businesses need them.


Where Can I Get an Elevation Certificate?


Only licensed professionals, like engineers and architects, can provide you with an elevation certificate. There is information online that can help you with preparing one on your own, but you will need signatures by authorized individuals before it will be approved.


If you need an elevation certificate in order to get flood insurance so that you can close on a loan, but you don’t have the time, you may have options. In many cases, flood insurance agencies can give you a policy based on an elevation certificate you can submit after the loan is closed on. You just have to make sure that, after you close, you move immediately to getting an elevation certificate prepared and submitted.


You’ll have to contact the insurance agency first, however, to see if you qualify for this option.


Getting Insurance without an Elevation Certificate


If all you want the certificate for is to get Pennsylvania flood insurance, though, you have another option. There are a select few agencies that don’t need certificates in order to obtain insurance on your behalf. Williams Agency is one of them. You can get the insurance you need, while saving as much as $1,000 in the process.





Can I Get Flood Insurance without an Elevation Certificate?

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While it certainly came with good intentions, the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 has had a number of negative consequences that Pennsylvanians are not so fond of. One of its implications is that many Pennsylvanians who need flood insurance first need to have an elevation certificate created and submitted. Keep reading to find out more about these certificates, when they’re needed, and how you can get the insurance you need while bypassing the whole process.


The Elevation Certificate


Elevation certificates attest to the elevation of a structure based on the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) as decided on by FEMA. This information is used for a number of reasons. Any Pennsylvanian who wants to get flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program will need to submit an elevation certificate first. It will be mandatory for any structures built after the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 or any that were seriously renovated after that time. Buildings that were built prior to the act passing can still be submitted if their owners wish to get better rates. In all of these cases, elevation certificates will be necessary.


Obtaining Your Elevation Certificate


As I said, if you are hoping to secure insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, you will need to submit an Elevation Certificate. Before paying to have one done, check to make sure that one hasn’t already been created for your property. You can do this by checking with your property developer or officials in the community. They may have prepared their own for regulatory reasons related to floodplains.


Only those with proper certification can prepare an elevation certificate on your behalf. These people are generally engineers, architects, or surveyors who are authorized by state or local officials.


Fortunately, you can bypass a lot of red tape and save between $500 and $1,000 by getting your flood insurance through select agencies. Williams Agency is one such example. They have a special arrangement where they can secure flood insurance for their clients without having to obtain an elevation certificate first.


If you’re looking to secure a loan that requires you to receive flood insurance first, or you’re simply looking to comply with the new regulations of BW-12, you may have heard that you need an elevation certificate to continue. Fortunately, that’s one cost you can leave by the wayside. So long as you pick Williams Agency, you can get the insurance you need with one less cost involved.