MIchelle Zimmerman

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Michelle Zimmerman  our Feb 2015 $50 Gift Card winner

Michelle Zimmerman 

“Kristen was very efficient with supplying me with a quote and fantastic coverage. I was in a predicament with my previous insurer, and was more than satisfied the service and policy I received in a very timely manner. I will highly recommend Kristen (Williams Agency) to all of my real estate contacts as well as friends and family. Excellent service and kindness was provided. I would encourage everyone to at least contact Williams Agency to give them the opportunity to not only save you money,I believe they really do have your best insurable interest at heart. Protecting and providing- well done Kristen! Thanks again for all of your help”  M. Zimmerman

T Hallock

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“With my daughter being a new driver, finding the affordable insurance was stressful and expensive, but with Williams Agency they saved me so much money. They are first class all the way.”

T. Hallock  Kane, Pa

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Pennsylvania Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

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Pennsylvania requires car insurance for all vehicles on the road.  Insuring a teen driver for the first time is an additional cost for many parents.  For drivers between the ages of 16-18 years, there are new laws that pertain to skill building to help them be responsible drivers.  They also include the number of passengers that can be in the automobile.  Number of passengers cannot exceed number of seatbelts in the car.

There is a requirement for at least 65 hours of behind the wheel skill building, 10 hours for nighttime driving and 5 hours bad weather driving.  Before a teen receives a learners permit the insurance company may want he or she to be included on the parent’s policy.  It is a good idea to talk to your agent, about what would be the requirements.  Because they are not mature adults, insurance companies consider this a higher risk, which leads to higher premiums.

Your teenager might be eligible for some discounts.  Ask your insurance agent if it is possible to get a discount for good grades or completed drivers education courses.  The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles needs to know if new teen drivers will be able to take care of the responsibilities financially, if they have an accident.  Whether through a parent’s policy, that covers insurance for them, or a policy of their own.

Insurance premium costs can be a huge issue for younger drivers.  Saving money or not getting enough coverage can be a big mistake.  There are now ways of establishing financial responsibility.  One would be to have a car insurance policy that meets Pennsylvania minimum standards.  Another option is to be self-insured, which requires a minimum of $50,000 cash bond.

To drive legally, a registered automobile must have liability insurance protection as follows.

  • $15,000 of coverage for an injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $30,000 of coverage for injuries or death of more than one person in an accident
  • $5,000 of property damage

For young drivers there are other options for more coverage,which offer better protection for them and their family.  You will want to discuss other options with an insurance agent.  The agent has the knowledge you will need for all the laws pertaining to car insurance for driving in Pennsylvania for teens.

Take some time to investigate rates and coverage at different insurance companies.  You will find no two companies are alike.  You can make online searches or use toll-free numbers provided by insurance companies.  Research is your best way of finding the car insurance in Pennsylvania that gives you the coverage as well as the options you need and can afford

Pennsylvania Car Insurance – Rights Of Drivers

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In Pennsylvania, drivers have to meet financial liability responsibility requirements.  You must have liability insurance or self-insurance to drive a vehicle.  We all know accidents are costly.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to know its drivers will have the means of payments for expenses that occur.  Covering the costs of both vehicles and injuries that occur in most accidents with insurance coverage in the policy they chose.  There are many things to think about when it comes to car insurance.  Some insurance companies offer a single limit of $35,000, which meets the liability for bodily injury and property damage minimum requirements.

“Tort” a legal term meaning a private or civil wrong or injury which the law provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages.  You have choices of full tort or limited tort coverage for your car insurance policy.  The recommendation by most insurance companies is to choose the Full Tort coverage.  If an accident happens, you can bring a claim or ultimately file a lawsuit for injuries you have suffered.  Full Tort lets you collect fully, including for pain and suffering and other non-monetary damages.

Limited Tort policyholders involved in an accident can only recover very limited sums for injuries, but cannot collect anything at all unless doctors consider the injuries areserious.  It is not very clear by law what a serious injury means.  The Limited Tort choice will save you money on your monthly premiums.  However, this is the only good thing about it, so you should think about which choice is right for you.

You take a risk of an officer stopping you for any traffic violations and finding you are driving without insurance.  You receive a fine of at least $300.00 plus suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of three months, from the time you purchase new insurance.

Additionally, there is athree-month suspension on your vehicle registration and your vehicle impounded.  While the vehicle registration is suspended, no one can drive your vehicle.  Then, restoration fees and proof of insurance must be sent before having either registration or driving privileges returned.

Making sure you have car insurance coverage from financial loss is important for you and your family.  Therefore, when you are checking the options you can choose from, you need to consider all of the protection and medical issues that could result from an accident.

Pennsylvania hasminimum required coverage that is liability coverage.  There are medical benefits for you and others that cover a minimum of $5,000.Bodily injury liability for medical and rehabilitation if someone is hurt in an accident that is your fault is also required.  This is to cover any damages if you are the cause of the accident.  The minimum is $15,000\30,000.  This means one person would be covered for up to $15,000 in medical expenses, but the maximum for an accident is $30,000 regardless of how many are injured.

Additionally, there is required property damage liability for the minimum of $5,000.  Ask your insurance agent for any further options he or she thinks you might need.  Make sure, when you are ready to sign your policy that you have read and understand everything.