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What do auto insurance companies use to determine premium rates?

March 30, 2013 in auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, auto insurance companies, auto insurance in PA, bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered how the auto insurance companies determine the rate of your premiums? It is common to find that different cars have different premium rates. It is also common to find that similar cars can have different premiums. So what makes this possible? There are a few things that the auto insurance companies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania look out for.

When you want to get insurance, you will be required to take some legal documents and your car to the auto insurance company. From there, your car will be put in a group according to its characteristics. It is these groups that determine your premiums. The car model is one of the factors that will be considered in the grouping of your car. Expensive car models will get higher premiums than the less expensive car models. This is because if they were to be involved in an accident, it would take much money to repair the expensive model than the other model.

The speed per hour of the car is also considered. Cars that have a higher speed limit will be more expensive than the cars that have a lower limit. This is obviously due to the fact that more speed is equated to a higher risk of causing an accident and therefore more money will be used.

Age of the driver is also considered. Younger drivers will get a higher rate than older drivers. This is attributed to the fact that young drivers are not experienced on the roads. They also like speed. Too old drivers will also get high premiums. This is because they tend to be too slow to respond quickly to danger and they also tend to be forgetful. They forget road safety rules and are therefore are more prone to accidents.

These are just some of the common things that auto insurance in PA use to determine premiums. However, there are very many other things that they look at. You should also know that they will continue keeping an eye on their clients even after they have given a rate. If the client, for example, gets into too many accidents, they will increase the premium rates.

There are several ways of reducing your premium rates after you are given a quote. For example, young drivers with good safety options in the car will get discounts. Also ensure that you have good road manners in order to avoid increase in premiums and even cancellation of the contract.

Disclaimer: I outsourced this article to a freelancer…I had to laugh when I actually read it.

What are the benefits of using one insurer for my Pennsylvania auto and home insurance?

March 1, 2013 in auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, homeowner's insurance bradford, homeowner's insurance bradford pa, pennsylvania auto and home insurance

Many people are used to the habit of hiring different insurance companies to insure different things around them. You get one family has a different company insuring their cars, another insuring their home and yet another company insuring their health. People believe that they should get these different insurance providers since they specialize in different areas. However, this is just a waste of money as you will soon realize. There are so many advantages of using one insurance company to insure your car and home.

One of the benefits of getting your Pennsylvania auto and home insurance from one company is that you will get discounts. Loyalty is important in business. Therefore, if you were to choose one company as your auto and home insurance provider you will get discounts for being a loyal client. You will find that having different insurance companies is very expensive as they look at you as any other client. However, using the same insurance will show that you trust them completely.

Another reason, as to why using the same company is best, is that, it will be easier to check on your policies. You will not have to go to two different offices and make two different queues when you want to check on how our policy is doing. If you have several houses or cars, you can also insure them using the same company.

You will not only enjoy the cheap rates but you will also enjoy a good relationship with your insurance provider. There is no better thing than this. You will trust the company with your life, your house and your car and so being friends with them will not hurt you.

As you can see, the weight of the benefits that you get when insuring your auto and homeowners insurance overweigh the disadvantages. It is true that you might be confused in picking the right insurance provider since most of them have specific names. Like for example, they will either be home insurance, auto insurance and even health insurance companies.

However, there are companies that will cater for all these types of insurances. Ensure that you pick a good company that you can trust. One of the things you should look out for when picking the best insurance company is its customer service. Customer service is important in insurance since they are the people you will be dealing with most of the time. It is only unless you have a very big issue that you will see the officials so ensure that the customer service is good.


What are some of the factors that can cause my pa auto insurance premiums to increase?

February 15, 2013 in auto insurance, auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania

Auto insurance is very important to any driver. This is because, you might be a careful driver but other people might not. Insurance can protect you from such people. There are also people who are not insured but drive recklessly. They can cause accidents that are very expensive. Considering the medical bills and the money you will need to fix the car if damaged, insurance is a God send. This can amount to a lot of money that you might not have at the moment. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to drive any car that is not insured and it might even land you in jail. Most people have however complained that their premiums keep increasing every year and they do not know why this is so. Here are some of the things that can cause your premiums to rise.

Poor driving record

If you keep driving badly, you will see to it that your premiums rates increase. This is because you will continue to be a risk to the company and so they will need to get more money in case you get involved in a series of accidents. Accidents are expensive. This is especially so if you are the one causing them all the time. The insurance company will have to pay the injured parties as well.

Adding someone in your insurance cover

There are people who add their children in the auto insurance. Teens that do not have their own cars can be included in their parents auto insurance covers if they plan to drive their parents’ cars. This in turn will make the insurance company increase your premiums. Teens and any young driver are also considered a risk in insurance. This is because they do not have experience on the roads. The can forget the rules and even cause accidents. This will then be charged on your insurance company.

Adding more covers in your policy

Since there are many covers, you might initially acquire just the important or mandatory ones. With time, you might feel comfortable enough to add more covers to your policy. When you do this the premiums will also definitely increase.

These are three reasons that may make your premiums to increase. However there are very many other reasons including some that you can’t control, for example, the economy. If the economy is tight, the premiums will go up to ensure that the company gets profits.

What are the types of insurance covers offered in Pa Auto insurance?

February 7, 2013 in auto insurance, auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, auto insurance companies, auto insurance coverage, bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania

The issue of pa auto insurance is very important to the residents of the state of Pennsylvania. Not only is this so because it is required by law and the repercussions of disobeying are extensive, but also because it keeps people safe. Due to the hefty fines that one can get due to poor driving, most people have opted to be better drivers and thus ensuring their own, and the safety of others while on the road. There are different types of auto insurance policies offered in the state of Pennsylvania. Many people know of only four. They are all discussed below.

The first and mandatory car insurance cover in PA is the auto liability cover. This cover states that you are legally bound to pay for the damage to any vehicle that is involved in an accident that you caused. This does not only include the vehicle but also injured individuals and even property. It will also pay for the legal fees of courts and such like fees.

The second insurance cover that you can purchase is the first party insurance cover. This insurance cover says that the second party, which is the insurance company, will pay you some money if you have been involved in an accident or injury. You might also get the third party insurance cover which will protect you from law suits that might be aimed towards the second party by a third party.

You might also need to get the Personal injury coverage. This cover will take care of your medical bills if you are hurt during an accident. The contents of this cover might vary from one company to another. They generally involve paying the medical bills, replacing lost earnings and even funeral expenses. The price of the premiums might also vary depend on what is entailed in the cover.

Most people also have the comprehensive insurance cover added to their policies. This is the cover that will help you when other things apart from car collision accidents destroy your car. It covers things like burglary, fire and even floods.

Other people get more insurance covers like the uninsured motorist cover in order to further protect themselves. This is the insurance cover that will help you if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist.

There are pennsylvania auto insurance companies that have more insurance covers that you can choose from. Whatever the case is, ensure that you pick a cover that suits you best at that time.

Reasons why your Pennsylvania auto insurance can be cancelled

January 31, 2013 in auto insurance, auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, auto insurance policy, bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania

There are very many people who have had their Pa auto insurance policies cancelled and do not know the reason as to why this is so. However, in the state of Pennsylvania, the auto insurance company is required by law to notify you when they are cancelling your insurance policy. Most of the time, they will send you a letter to inform you of the reason as to why this is happening. There are then steps you can take to try and convince them not to terminate your policy. There are very many reasons as to why the insurance company might deem it fit to terminate your policy. In fact, the state of the Pennsylvania allows the auto insurance company to terminate any policy if they deem fit.

One of the reasons why your policy is cancelled can be due to making so many claims. Claims are contacts that you make after an accident so that the insurance policy will give you the money to fix the car. You have to realize that insurance is a business, so if you get into too many accidents, you will give them losses. They will therefore deem it fit, according to their business nature to terminate your policy.

Another reason as to why your policy might be cancelled in the state of Pennsylvania is if you provided wrong information when getting the policy. When you enter an auto insurance company, there are some documents that you will need to present before they tell you the insurance cover that they can provide. If you take a faked document and it is later noticed, your policy will be cancelled. This is such a big deal that you might even go to jail for presenting forged documents.

The third reason as to why your policy might be cancelled is that you are not paying premiums. This is the money you pay to the auto insurance company every month. If you are going to be late in paying them, you should inform them. Also ensure that you are not behind so much that catching up is impossible. If this happens, the auto insurance company will definitely cancel your auto insurance policy.

Having your Pa auto insurance policy cancelled is very expensive. You will not be able to drive your vehicle since you will not have auto insurance and getting a new one will be difficult. This is so because the reasons as to why your initial contract was cancelled will be provided to PENNDOT and therefore all other auto insurance companies can access it.