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November 1, 2012 in auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, bradford, Bradford Car Insurance, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, Testimonials

Bradford Car Dealer Reveals True Story About “Aggressive” Insurance Agent, Dan Williams

By Mr X
Owner, Mr X’s car lot

BRADFORD – Pissed off and aggravated. That’s the best way to describe how local insurance agents felt after Dan Williams (of The Williams Agency) published a series of controversial ads in the Bradford Era. I’m writing this column to reveal the truth about Dan Williams, once and for all.
It all started back in November when Dan put out a short 1-page ad titled “Local Bradford Man Uncovers $158,720 McKean County Auto Insurance Opportunity”. In this ad Dan explained how The Williams Agency (located on 509 E Main St.) managed to save 496 McKean County drivers an average of $320 each on their car insurance in 2009.

Outrage Ensued…

Naturally, such claims infuriated local agents. “You make it look like we’re ripping people off!,” one agent cried. But Dan persisted with his “take-no prisoners” style ads, and it paid off… Within the last 90 days alone, 204 new clients discovered there was some truth behind Dan’s ads, and switched to The Williams Agency.
That’s all great but… what do I know about Dan Williams anyway?

The Man Who
Bailed Me Out

In 1992 I moved to Bradford and found myself in quite a pickle… I was out of insurance! And let me tell you, as a business owner, that’s a bad thing!
You see, what happened was my former broker couldn’t offer me the same insurance product I needed after I moved here. And the other local agents I called couldn’t offer me that product either. It finally took Dan to step up to the plate and help continue my coverage. Little did I know, this wouldn’t be the last time Dan bailed me out…

A Devastating Flood

In early 2000 I started operating XXX XXX XXX, my used car business, full time. It was an exciting time in my life, but sadly this joy was short-lived… A few months later, a devastating flood caused major havoc to my business and we had over $250,000 in damages.

Paid To The Max

Luckily, Dan was able to help us out big time.
Normally, in such cases it’s hard to get any money at all. But Dan was able to help us get a sizeable chunk of change and our claim was paid to the max.
Since that time, I’ve always known I could count on Dan and his team whenever I needed them

Not Just About
The Money

Here’s the brutal truth… since Dan’s been my broker, I’ve NEVER shopped around for insurance. Why not?
Well, here’s the way I see it. Dan not only offers me a great rate, he also offers me so much value that it’s just not worth my time to make a change.
Whenever I call his office, I know that Debbie, Jessica or Jacqueline will pick up the phone and I’ll get to talk to a real person (not an automated “phone menu” that never ends!)
I also know that when I hang up the phone, I can forget about the call because Dan’s team has my issue totally covered.
And of course I know I’m getting the best rates too. You see, unlike dealing with a single insurance company, Dan shops around 10 companies to get the best coverage and lowest rates possible. I guess that’s why 91% of the clients Dan had in 1999 are still with him today, 11 years later.

Smart, Aggressive & Hard-Working

Look, here’s the thing. I know Dan has rattled a few feathers lately with his provocative ads, but remember this… Dan WILL work this aggressively for you too (and that’s a good thing, especially in this tough economy where every dollar counts.)
Listen… it’s a hard go to make money in the used car business… but Dan’s been my go-to guy since 1992. In my line of business, oftentimes a car sale hinges on being able to get insurance quick. Not only does Dan get the deal done, he also helps my clients save money.

Savings For You?

If you’re looking for an honest, hard-working agent who will look out for you – and save you money – then you can’t go wrong with Dan Williams.
I’ve trusted Dan with my business for the past 18 years without regret, and I also know that he’s earned the trust of 3,459 other McKean County residents too.
Last I heard, Dan’s special promotion that caused all the “ruckus” was still going on for a little while longer (the one that saved people an average of $320 a year on car insurance.)
Why not give Dan a call at 368-6980 and see how much money he can save you? Also, feel free to tell him I said hi.