Crystal Salada

November 1, 2012 in auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, bradford, Bradford Car Insurance, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, Testimonials

Mr. Williams,
I just had to tell you about my experience at your agency this week. I am so happy with your agency and especially with the service from your agent: Jacqueline Verbocy.
From the minute I put a quote request in the system to the second I signed the papers… and even after, she was nothing but professional, fast, and so friendly. I couldn’t believe how quick she was with the turn around, and her knowledge is just unbelievable! You really have a keeper!
She not only saved us tons of money, but got us better coverage did all the paperwork, called the bank about our escrow…basically she did all the hard stuff and all I had to do was happy with the outcome! Honestly, I am highly impressed.
I was so dedicated to my other insurance agent and I still can’t say enough about them because they’re good people. But I can say this…. I am grateful to Jacqueline and to you for saving me so much and very happy to be associated with another great agency in Bradford, PA.
Mr. Williams you should be so proud of the agency you have built! And the associates you have working for you! I will continue to spread the word about my wonderful experience. And hope others catch on too!
Thanks! Have a great day!!!