Janet Carr

October 30, 2012 in auto insurance bradford, auto insurance bradford pa, bradford, Bradford Car Insurance, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, Testimonials

(copy of a letter received from client)

Dear Fellow Seniors,

I wanted to write a letter about Jessica Durphy. My hopes are that you would see the value in her, as I did. One day I was reading the Bradford Era, and I noticed Jessica’s ad for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. I had a Supplemental plan already, but I received a letter telling me that I had a few months to find something new, or I was going to lose my Supplemental insurance. So, after doing much research myself, and finding that I was more confused and baffled than when I started the whole Medicare journey, I decided to give Jessica a call, and I have to say now, that I’m glad I did.

The morning I called Jessica, I was obviously upset, I had been on the phone with my third or fourth customer representative, who told me something different than the one before! I asked if she had time to talk to me about a supplement to my medicare. She took the time right away to meet with me, and instantly, I felt a bit of relief! She’s local and she’s taking time for ME! When I got to the office, I laid it out, how I felt and how concerned I was, Jessica LISTENED! She waited until I was done and then she showed me several different options that I could go with. Jessica gave me sound advice, and openly admitted to me that if she didn’t know the answer, she’d Get IT!! After comparing different options and plans that would fit my budget and needs Jessica gave me time to think it over!

After going home that day, I felt so much better, I felt like she knew what she was doing, and she was there to take care of me and make sure I would have the best insurance for my needs. I must admit, I felt very prepared and cared for when I made my decision to use Jessica as my agent.


Janet Carr