Can You Get Car Insurance With Just A Learners Permit?

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According to many checklists, young drivers need to complete five different steps before they can legally drive in Pennsylvania. If a driver is under eighteen years old in Pennsylvania, they need to get a learner’s permit, take a drivers education course, get car insurance in PA, practice driving, and finally, they can get a drivers license. Although a driver cannot drive without insurance coverage, teen drivers may find it difficult to get car insurance in PA on their own.


According to the PA car insurance laws, all drivers must carry insurance on their vehicles in order to drive them. However, an individual with a learner’s permit is slightly exempted from that rule. Someone with a learners permit will probably spend most of their time driving with their parents, and they will be automatically covered on their parent’s insurance policy. Getting insurance on their own can be incredibly expensive and difficult.


After a teen driver has completed 65 hours of driving with another driver and the right education requirements, they are eligible to get a junior license. With the junior license, they cannot drive alone between the hours of 11pm and 5am. During these hours, they must be with a licensed adult who is their spouse, parent, or legal guardian. However, the state makes certain exemptions for teens who are driving to work or to a volunteer job during those hours. In order to be eligible for this exemption, the teen driver must carry certification with them.


If this individual wants to get their own vehicle, they will need to insure it. However, they will discover that Pennsylvania car insurance rates are more expensive for new young drivers than they are for older more experienced drivers. Thus, these drivers may want to insure their vehicle under their parent’s name. If the teen driver is listed as a secondary rather than the primary driver their monthly premiums will be considerably lower.


A junior license will turn into a regular license automatically when the driver turns eighteen. However, some drivers can get their regular license earlier than their eighteenth birthday. In order to get a regular license, the teen driver should have had their junior license for at least a year. They should have a clean driving record. Any accidents on their record will prevent them from getting a regular license, and accidents will also increase the amount that they have to pay for car insurance in PA. They also need the written consent of their parents. However, teen drivers will discover that the PA car insurance laws allow them to get cheaper insurance once they have switched from a junior license to a regular license.


It is possible to get car insurance in Pennsylvania if you only have a learner’s permit. However, it can be very expensive to do so. To save money on their Pennsylvania car insurance rates, teen drivers or new adult drivers should try to spend some time as a secondary on their parent’s or spouse’s car insurance policy