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Putting Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance “On Hold”

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Liability insurance coverage is mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania as well as in almost every other state in the country. When looking for Pennsylvania car insurance coverage for your vehicle, you should be aware that you can obtain a Pennsylvania car insurance quote online and comparison shop for the best deals. Drivers looking for cheap Pennsylvania car insurance should check the Internet for companies offering competitive prices. Purchasing your insurance online can often save you time, money and frustration in finding just the Pennsylvania car insurance coverage you need.


Car Insurance Requirements for Pennsylvania

It is unlawful to drive in Pennsylvania without vehicle liability insurance. Liability insurance covers the expenses of injury, death and property damage of others in an accident you cause. The minimum amount of liability insurance you are allowed to obtain in Pennsylvania amounts to $15,000 per individual for injury or death, $30,000 for each accident in which injury or death resulted and $5,000 property damage per accident in which you are at fault.

Every registered vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania must have this minimum liability coverage. This includes motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, buses, etc. Failure to have Pennsylvania car insurance coverage can result in having your registration suspended for up to 3 months. PA car insurance rates for a liability insurance policy may vary from company to company. But when selling their insurance policies, all companies must insure their customers comply with this minimum coverage.


Temporary Suspension of Car Insurance

Most drivers pay for their insurance coverage on a monthly basis as this makes it easier for them to manage car insurance rates. PA car insurance rates depend on what kind of insurance policy you obtain. The more coverage you obtain, the higher your insurance premiums. By obtaining your Pennsylvania car insurance quote from different companies online, you may be able to obtain cheap Pennsylvania car insurance to keep costs down. Another way of lowering insurance costs is to temporarily suspend your insurance when your vehicle is not in use for extended periods of time.

There may be times when you do not need to use your vehicle for a month or several months at a time due to traveling abroad, making extensive vehicle repairs or temporarily using other forms of transportation. Temporarily suspending your insurance coverage during these times can save you money on insurance costs. Some insurance companies make allowance for this temporary suspension, enabling you to restart coverage afterwards without complications or penalties. When you obtain your Pennsylvania car insurance quote, you can inquire whether your prospective company offers this option.

Individuals who choose to temporarily suspend their vehicle insurance coverage in Pennsylvania must inform the Department of Transportation and surrender their registration plate to the same department for whatever length of time they will be without insurance coverage. By law, no registered vehicle in Pennsylvania can be without mandatory Pennsylvania car insurance coverage, even if it is not going to be on the road. Failure to turn in your registration plate can result in your registration and/or license being suspended.

Pennsylvania has very strict rules when it comes to vehicle insurance. Drivers should learn as much about these rules as possible before they obtain their Pennsylvania car insurance coverage. This way they will get the appropriate coverage they need and fulfill their legal responsibilities as well.

Are There Advantages To Insuring A Hybrid Car?

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A Pennsylvania car insurance quote may be less that expected if the vehicle to be insured happens to be a Hybrid, even if the vehicle is leased instead of purchased. On top of this, the discount granted with a Hybrid can be in conjunction with other discounts that may apply, which can amount to a significant savings on the required premium. Not all drivers qualify for a lower rate even if a Hybrid car is driven, however, so shopping around is recommended to determine the best terms at the lowest cost.


Hybrid cars are still a relatively new innovation, which makes them only a small portion of the vehicles found on the road today. Fuel efficiency is making them more popular, however, and with the ability to gain nearly double the gas mileage of standard vehicles, both truck and SUV models are being added to the line. Because of this growing popularity, it is no surprise that drivers have begun to ask if the advantage of these vehicles extends to insurance. The answer to that question is yes, and for more reasons than many would initially think.


In addition to fuel efficiency, Hybrid vehicles are also environmentally friendly, and Pennsylvania is just one of the states that rewards this consciousness towards the environment by offering Hybrid vehicle discounts. This is because many providers view a concern for the safety of the environment as a sign that drivers will have that same concern for safety on the road, and safe driving is critical for cheap Pennsylvania car insurance. The fact that research shows that typical Hybrid drivers also have a solid credit rating and good driving record helps support this concept, which is also reflected in lower PA car insurance rates. It is important to remember that discounts apply to the driver as well as the car, however, which means that poor driving record may make drivers ineligible for the discount even if their car is a Hybrid.


While the amount of this discount can vary from provider to provider, drivers may be happy to note that a discount of up to 10% is not uncommon. However, this discount is generally not offered across the board, which means it may not apply to every provision of Pennsylvania car insurance coverage. In fact, Pennsylvania specifically does not allow this discount to be applied to Uninsured Motorist Protection or Personal Injury Protection coverage, meaning that the cost for these coverages are required to be paid in full.


On the plus side, the discount that is allowed for Hybrid vehicles are usually in addition to any other discounts for which the driver qualifies, which can include multi-car policies, Preferred Driver discounts, and the discounts granted for anti-theft devices and passive-restraint systems. Shopping around can be the best way to get the most out of an insurance policy, as it enables comparisons to be made of the policies in terms of coverages and costs. Online research may be the easiest way to do this, and a no-obligation Pennsylvania car insurance quote can often be obtained with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Fuel efficiency and lower emissions are making Hybrid cars a more popular choice when it comes to a new car purchase, and the benefits in terms car insurance can often offset the typically higher price tag. Discounts of up to 10% are not uncommon on policies offered for Hybrid vehicles, and this is often offered in conjunction with any other discounts that apply. The discount may not apply to all provisions on a policy, however, and a good driving record is still necessary for cheap auto insurance. Obtaining a Pennsylvania car insurance quote from a number of providers is recommended to enable the comparison of both terms and coverages, and help ensure that Hybrid drivers find the best policy for their needs at the lowest cost possible.

Can I Temporarily Suspend My Car Insurance?

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When you have a vehicle that is registered in Pennsylvania you are legally required to carry Pennsylvania car insurance.  When you do not have insurance in the state, you can face having your license or your registration suspended.  To reinstate your license or your registration, you may have to pay high fees in additional to paying higher PA car insurance rates.  There will be situations when you do not need insurance but these situations are few and far between.  If you want to cancel your insurance just to save money, think again.  Make sure you understand when you can suspend your Pennsylvania car insurance coverage so you can avoid having troubles with the authorities and with the DMV.


What Situations Warrant Car Insurance Suspension?

Now that you know that you cannot just suspend your car insurance so you can pay cheap Pennsylvania car insurance rates, you need to find out when is the right time to consider suspension.  If you are planning a short week’s vacation, it may be too long of a process to request your insurance to be put on hold.  On the other hand, if you plan on being away from your car for a month or more and no one is going to be driving the vehicle, there are coverages in the policy that you can ask your insurance company to suspend.  If you are going to be working on assignment out of the country for an extended period of time, this might also be a good scenario.  As long as you are not going to be driving and your vehicle is going to be stored, you might qualify for suspension.


What Do You Have to Do to Suspend Your Car Insurance?

You cannot just call the insurance company and ask them to suspend your coverage effective the date of the call.  Before you call for a coverage suspension, you need to call the DMV or visit the DMV and turn in your plates.  If you do not turn in your plates and the DMV finds out that you do not have auto insurance coverage on the car, you will be fined because you do not have valid liability insurance.  You will request a non-op plate from the DMV and then you are not required to have liability insurance.  Make sure you do not drive the vehicle at all when it has a non-op registration or you might face very steep fines.


What Coverage to Keep

You do not have to suspend your entire policy when you leave.  After all, your vehicle can be burglarized, vandalized, or damaged by hail and wind while you are away.  Make sure you suspend everything but comprehensive so damaged to the car is covered when it is parked.

When you suspend your insurance, you eliminate the need to request a new Pennsylvania car insurance quote when you return.  You simply call the agency and ask them to reinstate the coverage before you drive the car so you can keep your rates and all of your discounts.

Do I Have To Make The Repairs After I’m Paid By The Insurance Company?

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Just because you are required to have Pennsylvania car insurance coverage when you own a car in PA does not mean you ever want to have to file a claim.  The state of Pennsylvania requires all drivers to carry third party liability insurance so all drivers are protected on the roadways.  You can also elect to carry other cover on your policy including cover to repair your vehicle, cover for medical payments, and coverage against uninsured drivers.  Just because you reviewed the limits on your policy does not mean that you fully understand how your policy works.  In fact, most people do not review their insurance until they are ready to file a claim or ready to request a Pennsylvania car insurance quote.  If you already have cover and your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, you may be wondering what your responsibilities are after you receive payment.  Find out everything you need to know in straightforward terms by reading on.


When to File Your Claim

When you are involved in an accident and your vehicle is damaged, you must file a claim immediately.  Give the insurance company all of the information you have on the other driver and describe all of the details of the accident thoroughly.  Make sure you are ready to make your statement when you call.  The details you tell the insurer will be compared to the details found in the police report.  The insurance claim adjuster will work with the other party’s insurance to determine who is at-fault.  If you do not have full coverage on your vehicle, fault is very important.  If you have full coverage, fault does not become an important factor until you have to pay your deductible for repairs.


Once the Claim is Settled and the Check is Mailed

After the investigation, the insurers will come to an agreement on fault.  You will be asked to take your vehicle to a repair shop affiliated with the insurance company so the total damage can be assessed.  The insurer will review the value of your vehicle and if the repairs are less than the value, you will receive a payment for the cost of the estimated repairs.  When you have cheap Pennsylvania car insurance, the insurer may require you to have the repairs done at their shop so they can pay the repair company direct.  Most of the most reputable insurers will allow you to repair your vehicle anywhere.  When this is an option, they will mail you a claims check minus the collision deductible if you were deemed at-fault.  When you receive the claims check, you have the right to cash the check and keep the money or to use the money for the repairs.  The exception to this is when you have a loan or leinholder on the damaged vehicle. In those cases, the leinholder has a right to proof of repairs and will likely require that the check be made payable to both you and them or you and the repair facility.

When you do not repair your vehicle the value of the vehicle goes down.  Your claim will only affect your PA car insurance rates if you are deemed at-fault.  So if you have to file a claim and you have the option to have the check mailed to you, you are not legally required to repair the vehicle but the insurance company will not cover the same damage twice if you are involved in an accident and the repairs were never done.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance: Is Anyone Who Drives My Car Covered?

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Just because you pay for your Pennsylvania car insurance every month does not mean you have taken the time to sit down and read your policy word for word.  If you have gotten a chance to sit down and read through some of your policy booklet, chances are you only go through the first page of the booklet and gave up quickly.  It might seem like insurers are purposely trying to confuse you with all of the awkward phrasing and the technical terms used.  If you are wondering if your vehicle is covered when anyone drives it, paging through your policy booklet may not give you a direct answer.  If you are ready to find the answer read on and get a straightforward explanation to who is and is not covered when driving your insured vehicle.


Listed Drivers

PA auto insurance laws require all drivers with a vehicle registered in Pennsylvania to carry auto insurance to drive on public roadways.  When you are reviewing your auto insurance policy, you will find a section entitled “Listed Drivers”.  Under the listed drivers category you will find all of the drivers who are rated on your policy.  “Rated” means that these are the drivers the insurance company considers when calculating your Pennsylvania car insurance rates each term.  If the driver has an accident, the rates on the policy will go up.  Each of the drivers under the listed drivers section of your policy are covered without question.


Permissive Users and What That Means

Now that you understand how listed drivers can affect your rates you need to move on to understanding what exactly permissive user means.  If you open up your policy, it will explain that permissive users who are not listed as drivers are covered up to specific liability limits.  In most cases, this means that you give a friend or distant relative permission to drive your vehicle on a rare basis.  These are not individuals who live in your home and if the person lives in your home they should be listed to prevent any complications if you ever have to file a claim.  You should ask your agent if the company reduces liability limits when a permissive user has an accident.  If this is the case, the driver is only covered for the state minimums in liability if they cause injuries or damage.


Restricted Drivers or Excluded Drivers

The only time when a driver is not covered is when you restrict the driver on the policy.  In most cases, you restrict a driver when they do not drive your vehicles and the insurer wants to rate them as a listed driver.  If you sign a restriction, the driver will not be covered until you specifically have them listed.

You should now understand the basics of who is covered when you allow people to drive your vehicle.  If you have a policy that offers drop down liability coverage for unlisted drivers, it might be time to start requesting Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes from those who do not drop down the cover.