Progressive’s Snapshot Program And Williams Agency Saves Customers Money

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Williams Agency offers the money saving progressive  snapshot program in both Pa and NY State. For over 25 years, this insurance agency has helped people get the protection they need at affordable premiums. Some people save up to 30% more on their automobile insurance with the Progressive snapshot program. Seeing if this insurance provider can reduce your insurance cost is easy.  They have a quick, online quote. In just six minutes, you may save $411 like their average customer.


Williams Agency


As an insurance broker, this business represents 10 top-of-the-line Pennsylvania car insurance companies including Progressive. This is good news to people looking for automobile insurance. Because they represent so many  insurance companies, they can get insurance for almost anyone from teenagers to seniors.

Many drivers qualify for one or more discounts. These include drivers over 55, people with 20 or 30 years of driving experience, seniors who take special refresher courses and people who do not smoke. Individuals with multiple cars or policies are rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Automobiles with special safety features like airbags or antilock brakes and antitheft devices qualify for better rates.


The Snapshot Advantage


This special program records and transmits data to the insurance company. The device is easy to install and just plugs in to a diagnostic point. Vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later have this part.

This transmitter records speeds and activity. The program keeps track of the time of day a vehicle is on the road and how many miles it drives. It also records braking action. Vehicle operators earn up to a 30% reduction of their Pa car insurance rates by driving fewer miles, not driving during rush hour traffic and between midnight and 4 AM and stopping fast.

This program lasts 6 months. Drivers can review their stats daily through the Internet. If the driver is eligible for a discount, discounts are issued 31 days after the program starts. Although insurance rates may decrease, insurance rates cannot be increased by information collected. Consumers’ privacy is protected as these units do not contain GPS or tracking information.


Saving Money


The easiest way to get Pennsylvania car insurance quotes is on Williams Agency’s website. It only takes six minutes to fill out the request; two out of three customers save money with this process. To find the lowest premiums for each potential customer, 10 different insurance companies compete for the new business. Williams Agency provides same-day callbacks or e-mails on every contact whether it is insurance quotes, changes in policy, claims or questions. Customer service does not stop there; they offer a money back written guarantee if customers are not satisfied for any reason. In addition, they never charge a cancellation fee when policies are canceled; consumers get the full amount of the unused premium returned to them.

To reduce automobile insurance costs, smart people contact Williams Agency and request progressive’s snapshot program. This company provides service with a smile and searches to find their customers the lowest premiums. They even offer a satisfaction guarantee.