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Progressive’s Snapshot Program And Williams Agency Saves Customers Money

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Williams Agency offers the money saving progressive  snapshot program in both Pa and NY State. For over 25 years, this insurance agency has helped people get the protection they need at affordable premiums. Some people save up to 30% more on their automobile insurance with the Progressive snapshot program. Seeing if this insurance provider can reduce your insurance cost is easy.  They have a quick, online quote. In just six minutes, you may save $411 like their average customer.


Williams Agency


As an insurance broker, this business represents 10 top-of-the-line Pennsylvania car insurance companies including Progressive. This is good news to people looking for automobile insurance. Because they represent so many  insurance companies, they can get insurance for almost anyone from teenagers to seniors.

Many drivers qualify for one or more discounts. These include drivers over 55, people with 20 or 30 years of driving experience, seniors who take special refresher courses and people who do not smoke. Individuals with multiple cars or policies are rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Automobiles with special safety features like airbags or antilock brakes and antitheft devices qualify for better rates.


The Snapshot Advantage


This special program records and transmits data to the insurance company. The device is easy to install and just plugs in to a diagnostic point. Vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later have this part.

This transmitter records speeds and activity. The program keeps track of the time of day a vehicle is on the road and how many miles it drives. It also records braking action. Vehicle operators earn up to a 30% reduction of their Pa car insurance rates by driving fewer miles, not driving during rush hour traffic and between midnight and 4 AM and stopping fast.

This program lasts 6 months. Drivers can review their stats daily through the Internet. If the driver is eligible for a discount, discounts are issued 31 days after the program starts. Although insurance rates may decrease, insurance rates cannot be increased by information collected. Consumers’ privacy is protected as these units do not contain GPS or tracking information.


Saving Money


The easiest way to get Pennsylvania car insurance quotes is on Williams Agency’s website. It only takes six minutes to fill out the request; two out of three customers save money with this process. To find the lowest premiums for each potential customer, 10 different insurance companies compete for the new business. Williams Agency provides same-day callbacks or e-mails on every contact whether it is insurance quotes, changes in policy, claims or questions. Customer service does not stop there; they offer a money back written guarantee if customers are not satisfied for any reason. In addition, they never charge a cancellation fee when policies are canceled; consumers get the full amount of the unused premium returned to them.

To reduce automobile insurance costs, smart people contact Williams Agency and request progressive’s snapshot program. This company provides service with a smile and searches to find their customers the lowest premiums. They even offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Pennsylvania Teen Driver Tips and Concerns

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Pennsylvania Teenage Driver Tips and Concerns


Most parents look, with trepidation, toward the day their teen gets a driver’s license. This event can be fraught with peril, or it can be a time of pride and enjoyment. The key is in knowing what to expect and being prepared.


Understanding the teen brain

Because teenagers are still growing and developing, studies show that the parts of their brain that deal with decision-making and risk won’t be completely matured for several more years. At that point neural connections are refined, resulting in a “smarter” individual. Experience and environment are actually incorporated into the physical development of the brain. Regions of the brain that assess risk are still developing, which is why teens are often risk-takers and make impulsive decisions when driving. This behavior can include texting while driving or speeding to beat a red light. The brain develops from back to front. The last area of the brain to fully develop is the frontal lobe, which controls reasoning, planning, and judgment.


Education and training

In Pennsylvania, there are three steps that student drivers pass through in order to become licensed drivers. At sixteen, students may apply for and receive a learner’s permit. With the permit, they are allowed to drive only when accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years of age or older. They must practice driving for 50 hours, with at least 10 of those being at night. After 6 months with the learner’s permit, teens may then apply for a junior license. With a junior license, they are allowed to drive unsupervised between the hours of 5am and 10pm. They must be supervised if they do any driving outside of these hours. At age 17 ½, after having a junior license for 12 months, they may then be elegible for an unrestricted driver’s license. This is only if the teens have taken a driver’s education course, are accident-free, and have not received any traffic citations. Without driver’s education classes, they must wait until they are 18 years old to get an unrestricted license.




Leading by example

You, the adult, are the single most important factor influencing your teen’s attitude toward driving. The best way to help your teen become a safe, responsible drivers is to set a good example. Do you buckle your seatbelt each and every time you are in a vehicle? Do you ever talk on a cell phone or text while driving? Do you always drive the speed limit and never speed through an intersection in order to ‘beat the light’? Consistently setting a good example of safe driving, and gradually guiding your teen through various weather and traffic conditions, will help him or her to develop a safe, responsible driving attitude.


The most dangerous time for new drivers is in their first year of driving. Studies show that new drivers are often over-confident and easily distracted. Their inexperience can lead to poor decision-making in dangerous situations. The most common distractions include driving with their peers and siblings, adjusting the radio, talking or texting on their cell phones, and intense mood swings. It is important that parents set specific rules for their teen drivers. These rules can include no radio or cellphone use while driving, limiting the number of passengers in the car, no food or drinks while driving, no smoking and especially no drinking alcoholic beverages. Many families draw up driving agreements with their teens that specifically state the responsibilities of the new driver. These agreements include the rules and consequences, further emphasizing the need for the teen to demonstrate safe, responsible driving. Getting a low rate on pennsylvania car insurance could be as simple as making sure your young driver has proper instruction before hitting the road.








Get 10 Quotes In 6 Minutes By Requesting An Instant Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quote

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Every year that you open your auto insurance renewal you hope that the rates are lower than the year before.  While you are hopeful you have learned how to prepare for rising rates.  If your Pennsylvania car insurance rates have increased each and every year you have been with your insurer, it is time to reconsider your loyalty to the company.  Learn how you can get an instant Pennsylvania car insurance quote online and choose an agency dedicated to making the switch easier for you.


Provide All of the Information the Agent Needs Just Once


If you have requested a quote through all of the most popular insurers in Pennsylvania, you know how time-consuming it can be.  Not only do you have to give the same information over and over again, you have to take time off of work to sit face-to-face with an agent when you need to be at work making money.  If you request instant car insurance quotes through a trusted agency, you never have to leave your home or the office to get answers to your questions.  You can simply fill out the online quote form and submit this form to the agency so you can save time. Let the agency do all the work of getting rates from 10 top companies for you.


Research Only One Insurer


Many people fail to overlook of researching the financial standing of an insurer before they do business with them.  If you are trusting an insurer to pay for claims when you are involved in an accident, you should check public records to see that the company has enough money in reserves to cover claims.  When you request instant quotes with one insurer, you only have to investigate a single insurer to verify that the company is in good standing.  Insurers must charge adequate premiums to ensure their reserves are sufficient.  When you request instant quotes, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the insurer will always be there to cover your claims.


Get Quotes With Several Different Coverage Limits


You are not an expert in insurance.  When an agent asks you how much liability coverage you want or what deductible you would like, you may not know how to answer the question.  You do not have to come with limits right off the top of your head or settle with state minimums because you do not know how to answer the agent’s question.  You will receive 10 completely different quotes so you can decide which coverage limits fit into your budget while you review them on paper.


There is no denying the fact that people love to use the Internet.  If you are on the Internet looking at funny videos or checking your social media profile, it won’t take any longer than six minutes to request auto insurance quotes too.  Blend technology and personal service together and request online quotes while you are sitting at home.  The sophisticated web quoting systems are easy to navigate through and take just minutes to complete.  Gather all of the documents you need and request 10 quotes at once so you can save money without compromising protection.

What You Need to Get a Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quote

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When you go to get a Pennsylvania home insurance quote you need to have several pieces of information handy. If you are not prepared for the barage of questions that will come from the online quote form or the customer service representative you speak with, you will likely have trouble getting an accurate quote. All of this information may be necessary depending on the company you are getting a quote from. It is better to be prepared and have too much information than to be caught without the answers and no quote to show for it. This is the most efficient way to go about getting homeowners quotes in Pennsylvania and to ensure that you get the most accurate, most competitive price available.


Basic Information


There is some basic information about the home that is going to be required for any Pa. home insurance quote. This information will include, of course, the address and county of the home. You will also need to know the year and type of construction of the home, as well as the total square footage.The agent will also need to know if the home has a circuit breaker or fuse box. You will also need to know what type of heat the home has, and the age of the system. The age of the roof, heat, electrical system updates is a critical piece of underwriting information so be sure to research this before you make your call.


You will need to tell the agent whether or not the home has a garage, whether this is attached or detached, and the dimensions of any porch, deck or breezeway. You will also need to inform them of whether the home has deadbolts, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and an alarm system.  Many carriers in Pa will offer substantial discounts for safety devices that reduce the risk of fire or increase the odds of prevention. Be sure to ask the agent what the discount might be if you were to install extra safety features…sometimes the cost invested can be offset by teh savings fairly quickly.


Finally, you will need the purchase price or current coverage amount on the home. If you supply a purchase price you must also provide the name and phone number of the lender. Most of this information is readily available, and you should have gotten this information when you purchased your home. Many companies will allow you to choose a full replacement policy or an actual cash value policy(based on purchase price) Look to a reputable agent to explain the important differences between these policies and what may be best for your family.


Other Information You Need to Gather


Some of the information you need for homeowners quotes in Pennsylvania is not the type of information you will have on hand. You may not even know the answers to these questions, and have to check with your realtor to get the answers. If you don’t have the answer to something and you can’t get it from somewhere else, your quote may be higher and inaccurate.


For example, you will need to know the type of roof material and the age of the roof, as well as its condition. You will also need to know how many feet it is to the nearest fire hydrant, and how many miles it is to the nearest fire department. Other information may also be needed for a specialized quote. If you are unsure what you need for a quote you should contact the agent in question and ask for a list of information that will be requested of you. Often they will email you the list or send you a list or questionnaire in the mail. Once you are armed with this information, getting a Pennsylvania home insurance quote is easy.

Quote Premiums For Your Newly Licensed Driver With Instant Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quotes

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If your teenager is about to get their license, it is time to start requesting quotes for auto insurance.  As you may expect, newly licensed Pennsylvanian drivers will pay higher premiums than drivers in the state with experience.  If your current insurer does not specialize in offering affordable insurance premiums to youthful operators, it is time to research your options so you can find an insurance premium you can afford.  One of the last things you want to do is take the time to meet with several different insurance agents to price the cost of insurance in Pennsylvania.  If you want to make the search for cheap insurance easier, consider the benefits of requesting instant Pennsylvania car insurance quotes online.


Avoid a Visit to the Office and a Phone Call


One of the primary benefits of requesting instant quotes is that you do not have to set an appointment or pick up the phone to talk to an agent in a call center.  When you request instant quotes online, there is no waiting on hold and no commute.  You can request your quotes at any time of the day so you do not have to rearrange your schedule just to price insurance.  If you are looking for convenience, you cannot find a more convenient way to price shop for insurance through a trusted agency.


Compare the Cost of Coverage Without Having to Request a New Quote


If you are a parent, chances are you have your own auto insurance.  The first time you requested an auto insurance quote you may have been confused by all of the numbers and abbreviations you found on the page.  Now that you have experience with insurance, you know that you must carry liability insurance in the state of Pennsylvania.  Opting for the state minimums of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident is not practical when you are protecting a new driver.  Now, with the help of online quoting systems, you can request 10 different quotes in an instant.  This means you have the opportunity to price shop insurance so you can make the best choice.  You can review each of the quotes with different coverage limits so you can see exactly how much more higher limits will cost you.


Bind Your Insurance Online or on the Phone


After you have a chance to review all of the quotes you are provided, you can select the option that suits you best and bind your policy.  Simply select a policy effective date and pay your down payment and you will have coverage for your new driver as soon as they pass their driving test in Bradford.


Before the days of the Internet, requesting an insurance quote for your teenager was far from easy.  With advanced online quoting systems, you can insure your young adult without ever leaving your home.  Review each of the 10 quotes you receive and choose the policy that will provide you with the protection you need to have peace of mind while your teenager is on the road.