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How To Find Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance Without Lowering Liability

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Cheap Pennsylvania car insurance is far different from affordable car insurance.  If you are in the process of pricing car insurance it is important to find a comprehensive policy you can afford.  If you opt for a cheap car insurance plan, you may compromise your protection by binding low, inadequate limits.  If you have received your policy renewal and you are tired of the price hikes, it is time to actively search for more affordable premiums.  Follow the tips below and learn how you can save money without simply selecting the minimum state requirements in coverage.


Tip #1:  Take Advantage of Low Mileage Discounts If You Qualify


Many individuals estimate their annual mileage without really calculating how much they drive on an annual basis.  If you tell your insurance agent you drive 15,000 miles per year when you actually drive around 7,000, you could be paying more than you should be.  Insurance companies rate drivers based on how much they drive per year.  The more you are on the road, the higher the risk.  Take time to calculate your commute and calculate how much you drive for pleasure and see if you may qualify for a low mileage discount.


Tip #2:  Vehicle Classifications


Insurance companies offer one of three driving classifications: pleasure, commute, and business.  When you own more than one vehicle, it is important to make sure the right classification is associated to each vehicle.  Pleasure carries the lowest premiums.  If you have a luxury vehicle, consider commuting to work in your lower rated vehicle.  This will save you money without lowering your limits.


Tip #3:  Multi-Car Discount


If you own more than one vehicle, carry your insurance on each vehicle with the same insurance carrier.  When you have more than one vehicle with the same insurer you will receive a multiple vehicle discount on each vehicle.  The total savings can add up to as much as 30 percent.


Tip #4:  Multi-Policy Discount


If the insurer you are requesting a quote from offers different types of insurance, consider the benefits of carrying your auto and property insurance with the same insurer.  You will receive a discount off of both your auto insurance and property policy.  Not only is combining insurance more convenient, it is an easy way to save money.  These discounts are not limited to only property insurance.  You may qualify for the discount if you have life, disability, or health insurance as well.


Tip #5:  Check The Value of Your Older Vehicles


If you own an older vehicle and you are still carrying full coverage on the vehicle, check the value of the vehicle to see if it is worth keeping full coverage.  If the value of the vehicle is less than $1000, you may be able to pay for vehicle replacement out-of-pocket with the money you save on your insurance.


Liability insurance protects your financial assets and your wages.  If you are involved in an accident and you reduce your limits you could face judgments and wage garnishments.  When you are shopping for cheap Pennsylvania car insurance, follow the tips above and keep your liability limits high.

Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance


Travel insurance – do we buy it? Do we need it? What exactly does it cover, and does it cover what we think it’s going to cover? With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us will be making plans to travel. The travel may be a special tour, cruise, or family vacation. This is also a time to be visiting friends and family members that we may not see very often, and frequently those trips are by air. When purchasing airline, tour, or cruise tickets, especially when you purchase them online, you are always offered the option of purchasing travel insurance. So, now is the time to find out more about travel insurance, the coverage options, exceptions, limitations, and special circumstances.


Most of us already have some type of travel insurance that we may not even aware of – through our auto insurance, medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and even our credit card companies. However, specific travel insurance offers additional features that may bear further investigation.

Those features include:

  • Trip cancellation or interruption        insurance
  • Temporary health policies
  • Baggage insurance
    • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance


Trip cancellation or interruption  insurance

This coverage provides reimbursement for non-refundable trip payments and out of pocket expenses if you must cancel your trip before you get started, or interrupt it after it has begun. Accepted unforeseen events include inclement weather, jury duty, illness or injury, death, foreign or domestic terrorism, quarantine, or bankruptcy of a cruise or tour line.


Temporary health policies

Short-term supplemental health policies can include emergency medical or dental care, as well as emergency medical transportation. The transportation coverage will arrange and pay for the cost to medically transport you to an appropriate medical facility and back home after you have received care. When traveling out of the country, this coverage is especially important to ensure health coverage when your personal health insurance may not include overseas travel.

Baggage insurance

This coverage will provide reimbursement if your luggage is lost, damaged, or stolen while you are traveling. Some carriers also offer delayed baggage coverage that will reimburse you the cost of essentials, if your baggage is delayed and does not arrive for 24 hours or more.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

As it says, this insurance provides compensation if you lose a limb or an eye. It also compensates your beneficiary if you die in an accident.

When you purchase travel insurance, the cost of the policy is determined by the coverage amounts that you purchase for each named feature. Reimbursement or benefit payment is limited to the coverage amount you purchased. Travel insurance has very specific circumstances that must be fulfilled in order for benefits to paid, as well as many named exclusions. It is recommended that you read the policy very carefully in order to be aware of all the specific stipulations.

Information To Have Handy When Requesting Pennsylvania Free Auto Insurance Quotes

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If you are in the process of requesting Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes, it is important to prepare and gather the information you need to ensure the quotes you receive are accurate.  If you do not have the right information handy, you could request a quote and purchase coverage just to experience a rate increase right after your first payment.  Before you turn to the world wide web or schedule appointments with an experienced insurance agent, make sure you have everything you need to answer all of the questions accurately.


Policy Declarations Page


Your current insurance declarations page will give you a majority of the information you need to request free auto insurance quotes.  The declarations page will include your vehicle ID number, your current coverage limits and deductibles, which drivers are rated on which vehicle, and whether or not you are being surcharged for tickets and accidents.  It is important to understand that some rating factors may not be updated.  When you are requesting quotes, you will need to update this information if it is outdated.


Driver License Numbers and Experience


You will need to tell your agent who lives in your household and whether or not they have access to your vehicle.  You will need the driver license number and date of birth of all of the residents in your household regardless of if they have access to your cars.  If you are new to Pennsylvania or you have been licensed in a previous state, it is helpful to provide your agent with your previous license number.  This will give you experience credit that could possibly lower your premiums.


Claims Letter of Experience and Driving History


One area many drivers overlook is their driving experience.  Policy holders assume that insurance companies run your motor vehicle report at the time of the quote.  The truth of the matter is that underwriting departments run this report much later after you have already purchased your policy.  If you want an accurate rate up front, ask your current insurer for a claims letter of experience.  This letter will show if you have filed claims and if these claims can be surcharged.  The letter will also list the date of the claim and how much was paid by the insurance company.


Personal Data


Many insurance companies will want to research your previous claim history, driving history and credit history. Among other things, the sophistication of auto insurance pricing has gone beyond imagination. Be prepared to provide your social security number, drivers license number and possibly other personal data when requesting a quote. For you own safety, be sure you are dealing with a reputable agent when disclosing this type of information.


Vehicle Odometer Readings and Annual Mileage


Before you request a quote, jot down your current odometer readings.  You will also need to average out your annual mileage based on your commute.  Insurance companies rate a driver based on how often they drive.  It is important to report accurate mileage and odometer readings to ensure your mileage ratings do not increase after your first renewal.

One of the worst things you can do is switch your insurance company just to receive a letter explaining your rates have been increased a month later.  If you are tired of paying too much for your insurance, it is important to search for lower premiums.  Gather the documentation you need for your Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes and save money today.

Pennsylvania Term Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance


Thinking about life insurance is usually difficult, because we don’t want to focus on our death. We don’t like to think about the frailty of life, and the difficulties that our loved ones will face when we die. But because we have loved ones, we are obligated to provide for them in the event of our death. This is why it’s so very important to learn about the different types of life insurance. Life insurance will give your dependents the financial resources they need to carry on without you. Life insurance benefits can help pay child-rearing expenses, pay off your home mortgage, and cover the cost of college expenses. One of the most common types of life insurance policies is term life insurance.


Term life insurance does just what it says – it provides coverage for a set period of time. If you die during that time, your designated beneficiaries will receive a set benefit amount. It is the most straight-forward type of life insurance and also the least expensive. It is a temporary life insurance policy, providing coverage for only a certain span of time. You pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis, for a set period of time, called a “term.” The size of the premium is fixed and does not increase over time. Your family is protected during that term with a fixed death benefit. That death benefit remains the same amount from the first day of the policy to the last day of the policy.

You can usually select 10, 20, or 30 year terms with a guaranteed benefit. Most death benefits begin at $100,000 and go up from there. The higher the benefit and the longer the term, the more expensive the policy will be.


Factors that affect the cost

Most insurers require a medical screening, and the insured’s health, weight, family history, and age all factor into the cost of the policy. Whether or not you smoke or drink alcohol is also a factor in determining the cost of your term life insurance policy.


What happens at the end of the term?

You have several different options to consider at the end of the term of your policy:



Most policies don’t automatically expire at the end of the specified term. Usually you can continue to pay premiums to maintain the coverage, although the premiums are no longer fixed at the original rate. The rate will be readjusted and the premiums will be much higher, continuing to rise as time goes on.



Conversion may be another option available to you at the end of the term policy. This means that the insurance company will replace an existing term policy with a permanent policy with the same death benefit. However, the price of the permanent policy may be considerably higher than the term policy, and the rate may not be guaranteed for the same number of years. Sometimes the offer of conversion is only available early in the term policy, for instance in the first five years, rather than toward the end of the term.



Most insurers will give you the option of renewing your term policy at the end of a set term. You have to realize, however, that the premiums will be considerably higher with the new term policy. This is inevitable because your insurance company is taking more of a risk this time around. You are older now and more likely to die in the course of the new term than you were during the previous term. There may be changes in your circumstances, however, that will offset a major premium increase, such as quitting smoking or a substantial weight loss.


Who Should You Ask About Pennsylvania Car Insurance?

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My husband, (without forewarning) was offered a promotion that required us to relocate to Erie, Pennsylvania. Due to the impending birth of our first child, I was overwhelmed with organizing the move. Therefore, I put certain issues on hold (like finding Pennsylvania car insurance) for both of our cars. I thought this could wait until we were settled. Afterwards, (I reasoned) I would have time to call a few Erie insurance agents.


Unfortunately, my old car barely made it into town. With a final huff and groan, it died in the driveway of our new apartment. Now, not only would I need cheap Pennsylvania car insurance, but another vehicle as well. The next couple of days were spent dividing time between unpacking and browsing the internet for a new car. With safety being a top priority for us, we shopped only vehicles that had proven safety standards. We wanted a midsize SUV, so we soon discovered that the top three safest 2011 vehicles in that category were # 1) the Chevrolet Equinox, #2) the Dodge Journey, and #3) the Ford Edge.


The following Saturday, we went out to take each of these vehicles for a test drive. We checked out all of the safety features of each, including whether or not they came with travel safety kits. Not wanting to be hasty, we decided to get Pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes on each of the vehicles before choosing. Expenses were adding up (on an already strict budget) so it was necessary to get the best available insurance at the least amount of cost.


With the insurance issues addressed, we decided to shop for a safe car infant seat while we waited for the quotes. (This was another necessity that I had placed on hold!) It was fun shopping the baby stores in an effort to find just the right carrier. We wanted a carrier that would double as a car seat while meeting (or exceeding) all safety requirements. We found exactly what we were looking for in a Graco SnugRide seat. It was a seat that fit our budget and met appropriate safety standards. It weighed only 7.5 lbs, and it had added EPS foam for extra support. It also had comfortable handles and a washable seat cover. In essence, it provided most everything that the more expensive seats had to offer.


When the salesperson realized that we were new to Erie, she gave us a valuable tip on insurance. She suggested that we call the Williams Agency. We were told that they could provide the most detailed information about State law regarding automobile safety when traveling with children; as well as offering the best in Pennsylvania car insurance.  Upon arriving home, we called our sales agent about the vehicle we had chosen.  We then called the Williams Agency for a Pennsylvania car insurance quote. Afterwards, we kicked off our shoes, opened a bottle of wine and sat in the middle of our new (freshly painted) nursery, staring at our beautiful new infant carrier!