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What You Need To Know Before Obtaining A Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quote

August 30, 2011 in Pennsylvania car insurance quote

Pennsylvania is one of the many states that require insurance to operate a vehicle, which makes it important to get a Pennsylvania car insurance quote before moving to the state. The following information outlines the required coverage in Pennsylvania, defines the difference between limited and full tort coverage, and offers suggestions for keeping the cost of the premiums low. It also details the consequences of driving without insurance and explains a way for uninsurable drivers to obtain a policy.


Required Coverage

Pennsylvania requires drivers to maintain bodily injury liability in the amount of $15,000/$30,000. This means that it will pay out up to $15,000 to one person for injuries or $30,000 for one accident, no matter how many people are involved. The state requires $5,000 coverage for property damage liability and another $5,000 for medical benefits. Property damage kicks in when the insured driver is at fault and covers damage to another person’s possessions. Medical benefits cover medical bills for the insured driver and anyone else covered on the policy, regardless of who causes the accident.


Limited versus Full Tort

Limited tort is a cheaper option for Pennsylvania drivers, but it limits the types of damages the insurance will cover. The driver waives his or her rights to place claims for certain things like pain and suffering unless the injuries meet specific criteria set forth by law. The third party at fault for the accident might get off the hook if the insured driver has limited tort coverage because the innocent person’s insurance carrier will not use its resources to pursue the person responsible.


Keeping Premiums Low

Purchasing limited tort coverage keeps premiums low, as does removing optional types of coverage such as uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and income loss or funeral benefits. Once the car has been paid off, collision and comprehensive coverage can be reduced or eliminated. Cars with safety features like airbags or security features such as a car alarm also have lower premiums. Many companies offer discounts for multiple vehicles or multiple policies, and good drivers and good students often qualify for discounts as well. Mature drivers can lower premiums by taking a refresher-driving course every three years. Finally, compare prices and coverage at no less than three insurance companies to find the best possible value.


Consequences of Driving without Insurance

Driving without insurance in the state of Pennsylvania is against the law, and the consequences can be severe. If caught, a driver can have his or her license and the vehicle registration suspended for three months. There is a fine of $300 for driving without insurance and substantial fees associated with reinstating both the license and the registration. The auto may be impounded and the driver will have to pay to get it out of the impound yard.


Insurance for the Uninsurable

A driver might be found uninsurable because of a poor driving record or more than one accident in a year. These drivers can participate in Pennsylvania’s Assigned Risk Plan, which every insurance company in the state is required to take part in. The Assigned Risk Plan forces companies to cover otherwise uninsurable drivers so they can legally operate a vehicle.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state to move to, but driving without an automobile policy can be risky. Taking advantage of discounts, choosing the right features and comparing policies can keep premiums to a minimum while preventing a driver from having to experience the consequences of being caught on the road without insurance. So before moving to the state, make sure to get a Pennsylvania car insurance quote and secure the proper coverage to drive safely and legally.

4 Ways To Find Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance

August 27, 2011 in Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Paying for automobile insurance is a necessity, but there are several ways to get cheap Pennsylvania car insurance. Choosing the right coverage, taking advantage of discounts and buying the safest vehicle are all ways to reduce the premium. Performing a policy comparison can also ensure the lowest prices are being paid for the greatest amount of coverage.


Choosing the Right Coverage


Pennsylvania requires drivers to maintain specific amounts of liability insurance. Bodily injury coverage must be in effect in the amount of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per incident, regardless of how many people are involved. Medical benefits cover the driver and others covered by the policy and should be secured in the amount of $5,000. Property damage liability protects damage the driver does to another person’s property and it should also be in effect in the amount of $5,000.


Vehicles with loans need to keep collision and comprehensive coverage, but once the loan is paid off this coverage can be lowered or dropped to reduce premiums. Other optional coverage such as uninsured or underinsured motorist, rental reimbursement or towing coverage can be eliminated to lower the price of the policy further. Higher deductibles also result in a cheaper annual cost.


Finding Discounts


There are many discounts available for Pennsylvania residents, depending on the individual company. People with good driving records or students with good grades can get discounted premiums. Families with more than one vehicle on the same policy or those with their homeowners and auto insurance through the same company generally qualify for a reduced rate. Young drivers can get a break with a completed drivers education course while mature drivers can take a refresher course every three years to get a price cut.


Buying a Safe Vehicle


The type of vehicle being insured has a significant effect on the annual premium. As a rule of thumb, vehicles that are more expensive result in insurance that is more expensive. Safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags can lower the cost of insurance. Prices can also be reduced with the addition of security features like car alarms or location devices. Sporty cars are pricier to insure than station wagons, and off-road vehicles can carry some of the highest premiums of all.


Performing a Cost Comparison


Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to find the cheapest policy is to perform a cost comparison. It is advisable to start by understanding the driver’s needs before beginning to compare policies. Decide whether the minimum required coverage is enough or if the amounts should be higher to protect the driver’s assets fully. Review the benefits of add-ons such as towing and rental reimbursement and determine if any of these extras would be helpful. Once the drivers needs have been established, gather information from no less than three companies. Do not forget to look to the Internet as some online companies offer great savings to Pennsylvania drivers.


Paying for automobile insurance is not fun, but being caught without it is worse. Pennsylvania residents can suffer loss of registration, loss of license, fines and fees if the appropriate coverage is not in effect. To keep insurance affordable, drivers should be aware of legal coverage requirements, take advantage of discounts and buy the safest vehicle possible. To find cheap Pennsylvania car insurance, a driver should perform a cost comparison to find the best value at the most reasonable price.

Tips On Getting Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance

August 23, 2011 in Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Cheap Pennsylvania car insurance is not hard to obtain. There are several ways to go about getting a cheap insurance quote. Following are some simple things that you can do to bring down car insurance costs.


If you have multiple forms of insurance (i.e. house insurance, business insurance, health insurance) then look into consolidating your insurance policies. Most insurance companies give a good discount to a person who takes out multiple policies with them. This will lower the cost of not only the car insurance policy but the other policies as well.


Getting cheap car insurance starts with buying the right car. Forget driving the latest model if you want cheap car insurance; insurance costs are high for brand new cars because they are targets for thieves. Cars that are several years old yet still in good condition are often the best buy. It is also important to put in safety features and a security system. Doing so is sure to bring down the cost of car insurance, as these features make a car safe to drive and protect it from robbers.


Do a bit of shopping around when taking out a car insurance policy. If you do not have other forms of insurance, it is a good idea to call a number of pennsylvania insurance agencies and compare prices, terms and conditions. Not all insurance agencies charge the same price for car insurance; some have higher premiums than others do. Comparing prices is a good way to save a lot of money.


If you are a female with no male drivers on your policy, you should look into getting women’s auto insurance. Despite the overabundance of jokes about women drivers, insurance agencies have discovered that women are actually better drivers than men are. Women are less prone to road rage and are not as likely to cause an accident as male drivers are. Women’s car insurance is cheaper than regular insurance.


A student who gets good grades can often get a discount on car insurance. While good grades and car insurance do not seem to be interrelated, there is a link between the two. Insurance agencies have studied drivers and their habits at length. They have found that young drivers who are good students are generally cautious on the road, will not drive under the influence and will usually not cause accidents.


A Seior or over age 55 can often get discounted car insurance by taking a driving course. Pennsylvania, along with many other states, offers courses for elderly drivers from time to time. Many insurance agencies will lower insurance costs for a senior citizen driver who takes such a course.


Cheap car insurance is obtainable, no matter how old or young you are. If you want to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then consider the tips mentioned above and see which ones apply to you. It may take a bit of time and an initial investment of money to get cheap car insurance, but it is well worth the effort. Anyone who wants to enjoy cheap Pennsylvania car insurance can do so.

Why Two Friends Can Have Different Pennsylvania Car Insurance Premiums

August 20, 2011 in Pennsylvania Car Insurance

When two best friends compare Pennsylvania car insurance rates and discover one is paying $50, $100 or $200 more than the other is, the friends are confused. Six different reasons can account for this discrepancy in insurance costs. Insurance premiums are based on age, gender, location, automobile, driving record and parking facilities. Only by comparing these closely can the friends decide why one is paying more than the other is.


Of all the age groups, young inexperienced drivers and senior citizens have the most accidents per mile driven and the most serious accidents. One way to reduce insurance costs is to take special driving courses designed to supplement the lack of knowledge of new drivers or re-fresh the driving skills of mature drivers. An insurance agent can advise clients on the different classes and cost benefits. Insurance statistics discovered good students in high school and college have fewer accidents; therefore, drivers with a B or higher average get discounts.


Gender matters at times. Many male drivers in their teens and 20s are more aggressive, drive faster, tailgate and overestimate their ability to handle the speeding vessels they are driving. Later in life, the accident level balances itself. Although men still have more traffic accidents and accidents that are more serious, probably because they drive more, women have more fender benders in parking lots and garages.


The address of the driver determines insurance cost. Even in cities, one area may a higher ratio of accidents, vandalism or burglaries than another does. Insurance companies keep detailed records of everything including accident locations, types of accidents and costs. Because of the distance driven, people living in rural areas usually pay more for insurance than those living in suburbs.


When both people drive the same type of vehicle, it is hard to understand differences in insurance premiums. However, when one person has an economy two door and the other a sports car, this discrepancy is understandable as horsepower makes a difference. Vehicles that protect the driver and passenger with extra air bags, seat belts and antilock brakes are preferred by insurance companies as injuries are reduced.


People who avoid accidents and obey traffic laws are rewarded with good driver discounts. Although the average traffic ticket in the United States only costs $150, insurance companies raise the premium $300 a year for three years. This traffic ticket costs the speeder $1050.


Parking matters. Pennsylvania cars secured in a garage or behind a locked gate are safer from damage and qualify for discounts. It is harder for a car thief to steal these vehicles or a burglar to remove expensive sound systems.


Understanding why two people pay different amounts for automobile insurance can be confusing. Insurance companies use complicated formulas. These insurance providers rate age, gender, address, vehicle, the way people drive and where the car is parked to calculate his or her risk and determine a premium for each driver. Only by comparing these six items can a person decide if the Pennsylvania car insurance premium he or she is paying is reasonable.

Seven Ways To Get Cheap Pennsylvania Home Insurance

August 17, 2011 in Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance

Anyone can get cheap Pennsylvania home insurance by investing a little time. Shopping different insurance companies is a fast and easy way to find lower premiums. By eliminating unneeded insurance coverage and raising deductibles, homeowners save money. Combining policies and adding a security system result in cheaper premiums. Finally creative policyholders interview insurance agents for a list of discounts and raise credit scores to get the best possible rates.


Everyone shops. Some people shop continuously for clothing, shoes or makeup while other individuals shop only for specially needed items like automobiles, furniture and electronics. Both groups save money by researching prices. The same is true with Pennsylvania home insurance. It only takes a few minutes to make an application and receive an insurance quote by telephone, in person at an insurance office or online. There are over 200 companies licensed to sell home insurance in Pennsylvania with some offering cheaper premiums than others do. These companies compete for customers.


By checking the protection offered and increasing deductibles, homeowners buy only the insurance they need. Policies cover the house, contents, liability of the homeowner, medical payments and living expenses for people in the home temporarily displaced. For a family of four with a decor of early Salvation Army, content coverage of $100,000 may be excessive while $50,000 is more realistic. The insurance company will only replace the value of items lost or damaged. Likewise, a young, single person with minimum-wage job and inexpensive home may only need liability limits of $100,000 or $300,000 while a 50-year-old professional with a mini mansion, swimming pool, Jaguar and vacation home in the Alps may need $1 million, $3 million or $5 million in liability coverage. Increasing the amount of money policyholders are willing to pay when a claim is filed reduces this cost.


Combining policies and adding a security system saves money. As insurance companies offer discounts on each policy, policyholders reduce the cost to insure homes, automobiles, boats and RVs. Installing a security system protects people and property; these systems can be self-contained or monitor and quickly pay for themselves with insurance savings.

Finally, smart homeowners interview insurance agents and raise their credit scores. Insurance agents from different companies offer advice on what improvements can reduce this cost. Many times homeowners get credit for new plumbing, wiring and roofs as well as installing dead bolt locks on exterior doors and motion detection outside lighting. By considering the impact of insurance on long-term improvements, property owners make smarter decisions. Insurance providers discovered people with high credit scores have fewer claims and offer these people better rates. It is easy to improve credit scores by paying all bills on time and keeping credit card use to 35% of the credit card limit.

Saving money on home insurance is smart. It can be done by shopping, analyzing coverage, raising deductibles, combining policies, adding security systems, interrogating insurance agents and raising credit scores. Finding cheap Pennsylvania home insurance is as easy as asking questions and listening to the answers.