Ways That You Can Get Cheap Pennsylvania Home Insurance?

July 19, 2011 in Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance

Cheap Pennsylvania home insurance is available all across the state!


More than 200 insurers are licensed to sell homeowners policies in Pennsylvania. They have each met the financial requirements, established by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, to fully meet obligations to policyholders now and in the future.


Furthermore, all Pennsylvania residents are guaranteed, through the Pennsylvania “FAIR Plan,” to have available basic fire and crime insurance at comparable rates. Call the FAIR Plan toll-free at 1-800-462-4972 for information.


If you begin to contact any of these insurers, there are a few things you should realize about how they market their products. Most insurance companies and agents advertise, so check the newspaper, yellow pages, or Internet for availabilities.


Word of mouth is crucial, so feel free to ask your neighbors, relatives, or friends for recommendations on insurance companies and agents. They’ll have valuable experience and perspective when it comes to price and service. Specifically, ask them about claim service they’ve received.


When asking the insurers for price quotations, it is critical that you provide each of them the same information. They will usually request the following:

  • description (and a photo) of your house
  • its distance from the nearest fire department and fire hydrant
  • its square footage
  • any security devices
  • the coverages and limits you want


If you decide to go ahead and purchase an insurance policy, you will first receive a policy statement. This statement is an important legal contract, so make sure you understand it completely. Your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the insurance company covering you, should always be clearly stated. 


Your policy will contain a deductible, such as $250, which means you must pay the first $250 of each loss (except for the personal liability coverage of your policy for which there is no deductible). You may want to consider increasing this deductible, if you can afford the loss at the time, as this selection can save you money on your homeowners insurance premium. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.


Keep this policy in a safe place — and, most importantly, know the name of your insurer! If you ever have any questions about the policy, feel free to contact your insurance agent or company for clarification.


Insurance companies will use one of these three methods to interface with you: direct marketing, independent agents, exclusive agents.


Direct marketers sell insurance directly to you through mail or telephone, usually long-distance, representing a single company. You can often save money with direct marketers because companies can avoid commissions, and they can pass along these savings to you. However, you may prefer to have a local agent available to you, which is usually impossible with direct marketers.


Independent agents represent several insurance companies, so you are able to get quotes for more than one company. This is an advantage to consumers but a disadvantage to companies, so it’s not common.


Finally, exclusive agents can offer you coverage from only their own company. Exclusive agents may decide to work for a lower commission than independents because no additional incentive is required to encourage one company over another. This can affect cost significantly.


Unbiased information is available from a number of sources, including public libraries, consumer publications, and consumer groups. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department can answer many questions regarding home insurance coverage. Please call its toll-free hotline at 1- 877-881-6388.


To minimize the need to actually make use of home insurance in the first place, there are some simple and cheap things you can do:

  • Install smoke detectors, which will give you early notice of a fire (and save your life in the process).
  • Practice drills for escape. This will let your entire family, particularly your children, learn to lessen damage.
  • Keep a safe deposit box at a friend’s or relative’s home. Having this documentation at home will be very beneficial in limiting claims.
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance, which is usually not covered on a homeowner’s policy.


Many companies offer premium reductions if you fulfill some of these suggestions. Also, discounts might be available when other policies are purchased through the same company.


These details and regulations are all designed to ensure you the best insurance coverage. Cheap Pennsylvania home insurance is always possible.