Is the NFL Insane ?

July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before I rant…. I’ll admit that I’ve been a diehard Steelers fan since the 70’s…through good and bad I’ve been a loyal follower. There, that should have alienated 50% of you!  Bills fans, you still have my pity for those super bowl outings.


Well….here’s my dilemna…


And I’m wondering if you could help me decide on a strategy?


All I’ll need you to do is go into work and demand that the boss give you half of all the profit that his/her business made this past year.  If you wouldn’t mind trying that out and getting back to me with the results I’d be most grateful. This NFL deal has got me thinking that even if we’ve already agreed to accept our pay at a certain rate…and do our job….if we see the company making some extra money…well…we should get to have it !   Who cares that the boss put his/her life savings on the line to buy or build the business….that’s our money…..kinda.


So here’s my plan…


Most years I see the insurance companies making profits, and of that profit they put a portion of it into a fund they call “policyholder surplus.”  We’ll call it an emergency fund to be used in the rare case of financial catastrophe. A pretty good idea actually, and customers can feel safe in knowing their insurance company is well prepared for extreme emergencies.  But here’s the way I’m thinking this could go…   if I can negotiate a deal similar to our football heros, I should be entitled to half of that cash…irregardless of who’s money it might be.  Now doesn’t that sound absolutely ridiculous?