Help on Searching For Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance

July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are so many companies for you to choose from for cheap Pennsylvania car insurance


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is a great agency that wants to see you properly insured and living comfortably and easily. In fact they have made it illegal to be without proper insurance coverage when driving in their state.


Get a free quote. It’s quick, easy (requiring, to begin with, just a simple input of basic driver and vehicle information), and very valuable.


Auto insurance is mandatory in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so drivers absolutely must purchase and maintain it before they can legally drive in the state. A lapse in that insurance coverage may necessitate a suspension of your vehicle registration privileges for three months.


Also, your car’s license plate, registration sticker and driver’s license must be surrendered to PennDOT in order to serve the suspension. Restoration fees and proof of insurance must be submitted prior to having either registration or driving privileges restored to you.


The following penalties are possible: A minimum of $300 fine for driving uninsured, a three-month suspension of the vehicle’s registration, a three-month suspension of your driver’s license, a payment of restoration fees to cover both the vehicle and the license, and/or a period of vehicle impoundment. In addition, the vehicle can’t be driven at all, by anyone, while the registration is suspended.


It’s a headache, but that’s what will happen.


In its most basic definition, auto insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company that protects you against financial loss if an accident happens. These policies have many kinds of coverage that you can select from based on your wants and needs. You agree to pay the premium, and (in return) the company agrees to pay for certain expenses as defined in your policy.


When you are ready to purchase insurance, the insurance company or producer (agent) will ask you a series of questions and, based on your answers, will decide whether or not they will accept you as a policyholder. This practice is known as underwriting. By law, insurance companies may not unfairly discriminate by using underwriting standards based on things such as race, religion, nationality or ethnic group, age, sex, family size, occupation, place of residence or marital status. Based on your answers and your circumstance, the appropriate rate to charge you for your premium will be determined.


The first step is just to answer some questions: the insurance company (or an agent thereof) will ask you some questions and decide whether to accept you as a policyholder. This is known as underwriting. Insurance companies legally can’t discriminate against you by paying attention to qualities like race, religion, nationality, age, sex, ethnic origin, occupation, place of residence or marital status.


Insurers will take certain issues into consideration when deciding your premium… where is the vehicle usually stored overnight? What type of vehicle is it, and how old is it? Does it have safety features? How many miles, on average, would it be driven in a year? What are each of the drivers’ histories?


Certain benefits that are covered by almost all Pennsylvania auto insurers include medical benefits, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and some companies even offer a single combination of bodily injury liability and property damage liability.


Pennsylvania ’s Assigned Risk Plan is a program that offers automobile insurance to those who are unable to obtain coverage. All insurance companies writing automobile insurance in the commonwealth are required to participate in the plan. Applicants are assigned to insurance companies in proportion to the amount of business each company writes in the commonwealth. You may contact the plan’s customer service office at (401) 946-2800 or, toll-free, at (800) 477-6146.


The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has a long history of helping citizens through the sometimes arcane process of getting insurance coverage. You absolutely need auto insurance, though, so give it a chance and ask for a free quote. You won’t be disappointed. We hope you’ll allow us to be the agent that does your comparison shopping for you, so you can sit back, relax and know that everything is being handled properly.


All of them certified and legitimized by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, established in 1873 and reorganized a half-century later. The department can offer you absolute security in deciding on a policy for cheap Pennsylvania car insurance.