Rising Car Insurance Prices in Pennsylvania

April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Companies taking more rate increases….can you believe it?  If car insurance prices in pennsylvania are ever going to stabilize it seems like something huge is going to have to happen.  Well…that something huge might just be on the way. I’ll get to that in a minute. Right now you should be aware of those companies who have asked the state for a rate increase and will be jacking up their customers rates on their next renewal. If you have insurance with one of these companies…be prepared.


Liberty Mutual   +7.3%   effective August 1


USAA +7.0%   effective  July 31st


Nationwide Affinity  +5.0%  effective July 4th  (how patriotic!)


Another Nationwide  +4/6%  effective July 4th


Pennsylvania National   +6.0%  effective June 1st


More to follow on who’s raising rates soon….


Of course you don’t know what I’m talking about…very few would know. Good thing for you is that I am one Erie Insurance agent with “loose lips” …especially when it comes to good news for you!


Turns out that Erie Insurance has released a new program in several states that will allow clients to “lock in” their auto insurance rates indefinitely. Can you believe it ? Well I couldn’t either…but it’s true. Yes there are some fine print items that will need to be addressed but overall I think it’s going to be a great opportunity.  Some of the fine print says that when you get a new car…the rate must change. Come on now…you have to agree that one makes some sense.   You change your address and your rate can change…then you just lock it in again. Areas like philly and bigger cities have higher rates because claims are higher in those areas…that makes sense. And….adding a new driver can affect the rates as well.  So…there you have the fine print…the worst case scenario..and it’s really not too bad. Honestly, I actually expected much more fine print than that.  More details on rate protection for pennsylvania drivers will be announced in the next several months so stay tuned and we’ll fill you in on all the details and the actual rollout date.


When can you get rate protection in pennsylvania ?  Even the card reader couldn’t tell me the answer to that one !  But I do know it’s sitting there just waiting to be rolled out.


Tell you what I’ll do…you leave me a note at dan@williams-agency.net and I’ll put you on my priority callback list and will let you know the “minute” I get word that rate protection is available here in pennsylvania. Then we’ll see what it takes to get you better insurance at much lower prices and get you up and running.