Senior Auto Insurance Discounts

February 16, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Senior auto insurance discounts

If you’ve recently started getting the mailers from AARP and others touting all their car insurance benefits for seniors, it might be time to do a little digging to sort out what’s true and what’s hype.


Many auto insurance companies that claim to have senior discounts probably don’t want it to be known that they also have a unique system for penalizing senior drivers. Many companies have internal systems for rating drivers based on age, credit rating, homeownership, length of time at your residence and other factors and lifestyle habits. Statistically, seniors(as a group) have a higher claim frequency. This is probably due to a slight decline in reflexes and other factors that might be attributed to age. In either case…insurance companies love statistics…they live by statistics and charge more money based on statistics.  So…moral of the story…if you’ve been seeing your auto insurance rates slowly climbing and you’ve had no claim activity… no violations…you’re now a victim of “the matrix”  A series of statistics that says…technically…you’re more likely to have a claim now.  I say …”it’s time to shop around” 


As an Erie insurance agent, I have access to several discounts from Erie Insurance that are taylored to over 55 drivers and especially the safe, accident free drivers. If Erie isn’t a fit for you we’ve got plenty of others that have great programs and discounts that will save you hundreds. One thing’s for sure, we appreciate your business, keep in touch and notify you any time we find additional discounts or coverage that we think you may benefit from.