Pennsylvania Erie Insurance Agent Weighs in on Rate Protection

February 19, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Pa Car Insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance

Freeze your auto insurance rates indefinitily !! “No Way” you say ? Yeah, that’s what I said too.  This new coverage option is better than anything I’ve seen yet on the market. I’ve seen the dissappearing deductible, the replacement car stuff and all the other newest, latest..reinvent the insurance gizmos…and this one wins!


We do more quotes for Pennsylvania auto insurance than most agents in most cities here in Pennsylvania so I get a pretty good feel for what people want and what they think is hogwash.  This economy has forced people to go shopping for car insurance who hadn’t shopped in ten or more years. Not so good of a sign…but a great opportunity for an agent who is hungry for business and able to search out better bargains for over 60% of the shoppers. Yeah..just gave myself a big high five!  We find more people better rates than anyone I know of.  As Erie insurance agents, we’ve also had a good relationship with one of the top insurance companies in pennsylvania for the past 26 years.   In fact, Erie Insurance is the one who introduced , applied for a patent on, and is ready to release the new rate protection endorsement here in Pa.


Rate protection is your guarantee to the most asked question we hear “yeah, this is a great rate…but will it go up next time I get a renewal policy?”  That’s a perfectly legitimate question. Too many times we’ve seen insurance companies in Pennsylvania come up with a great new(low priced) program and then jack the rates up in the next year or so to make it ridiculously priced. So…not only is Erie a “stable” insurance provider for Pa car insurance, they’ve got the financial strength to pull this off and stand behind it for the duration. So…stay tuned for further details on this exciting new product and you’ll soon be able to FREEZE your rates…possibly forever !!