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Best Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So…who’s offering the best Pennsylvania auto insurance?  26 years ago when I was getting started in this business it used to be pretty simple…find an Erie insurance agent..if they would take you…you had the best rate and best insurance !  Even though Erie is still very competitive with car insurance rates, they are not always the best value for every driver. The “best”  might be the wrong word to describe car insurance ever since the evolution of using credit score in car insurance rating.


So many new companies getting into the car insurance business in pennsylvania has made it very hard to say who’s good and who’s great at writing a good pennsylvania car insurance policy. If low price is your only consideration you could probably get a low price from many companies if your credit rating is excellent. Then it just becomes a journey to find the absolute best coverage you can get for the least amount of money. That’s something we do here every day, searching for the best value for every customer.  Your best bet if you’d rather choose another agent besides us to do your shopping is to steer clear of the agents who write for only one insurance company. Those agents are locked in to working with only one company and can only offer you one option…no benefit to you. Search out an agency who can check with many top insurers and see who is willing to offer you the absolute best rate in pennsylvania car insurance.  Most of these type’s of agency’s are motivated to get you the best deal and to keep checking for you periodically to be sure you’re always getting a fair price.

Minimum Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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Buying the minimum insurance coverage in pennsylvania auto insurance can be tempting. In fact our phones ring every day with people asking for “just the minimums” on their pennsylvania auto insurance. Do I mind ? Heck no…we’re glad to give folks exactly what they want….as long as they really do know exactly what they want !


Here’s the thing…we all want to have cheap pennsylvania car insurance..OK I get that part.  Paying for cheap insurance and never using it would be great. As an agent I have an obligation to at least let you know the possible downside of carrying the minimum coverage. Yeah, I know…the naysayer again !  You see, the thing is…I’ve been around long enough to see the “other side” a few too many times.  Here’s one instance that happened this past summer. 

Client #1 is coming home from fishing on the Kinzua reservoir and he’s slowing to turn into his driveway with his boat in tow.  Been a good day and he’s thinking about a cold adult beverage and sitting on the deck for some R & R….when….  CRASH !!!   Enter Client #2- This nice young lady is a college student who works part time at Dominos pizza here in town. Unfortunately she never saw his turning signal and plowed into him at approximately 35 MPH. Might not sound like much but 35MPH into a stopped object is a huge collision. Fortunately she is uninjured but shaken up pretty badly. A trip up to the hospital is next on her schedule…ordered by the paramedics.     Client #1 is uninjured….whew…dodged a bullet there. His truck and boat… on the other hand… are toast.


Few days later the insurance companies have both received the claim reports and started their investigations. Client #2’s insurance company admitted 100% responsibility and issued a check to Client #1 for $5,000 in damages. OK …that will cover the boat motor…almost…now who’s going to pay for the rest of the boat and the new pickup truck?  Glad you asked. Looks like Client #1’s insurance will need to pay for the extra damages since he had very good coverage on both his boat and pickup. Now what happens ?  Well….our young co-ed will get a letter from the fishermans insurance company in an attempt to collect the $35,000 they’ve paid to their policyholder. When the poor young girl admits that she couldn’t possibly pay that amount…she’ll have the option to arrange a repayment schedule or risk losing her driving priveledges until the judgement is satisfied.  There’s the condensed version of not having enough insurance…and the drawbacks.


Only you can decide if carrying the minimum pennsylvania auto insurance is right for your circumstances. If you decide you’re ok with it, you’ll find the best rates right here.

Car Insurance Prices in Pennsylvania

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Too many companies advertising car insurance prices in pennsylvania that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than anyone else. Imagine if you could switch companies a few times you’d literally be paying almost nothing for car insurance! Wow, sounds like a plan. Before you get started you might want to take some precautions though.


  1. Find out how long the insurance company has been operating in Pennsylvania. In these “soft market” economic times it seems that quite a few companies are expanding their operations into Pa in hopes of grabing some of this easy money. Problem with that theory is that is has never worked in the past. Not that some company could be an exception to the rule, the past history is usually a good indicator of future performance. 
  2. Check the AM Best rating of the insurance company offering the great rate. Traditionally, many cash strapped insurers have used aggressive pricing to generate positive cash flow to subsidize other parts of their operation. I’m not suggesting that this is happening by anyone in particular but it’s worth noting. The highest AM best rating is A++ and only a small handful of companies have earned this rating. Anything less than an A is over three rungs down the ladder and worth some closer inspection, in my opinion.
  3. Pennsylvania car insurance quotes can be misleading if you are not properly informed about coverage. Many things that seem simple to myself are certainly not things you’d be inclined to ask about. Apples to Apples comparisons are critical. For instance, Full or Limited tort options can vary your premium by 15%   Dropping the underinsured motorist coverage on your quote can easily lower the premium by $100 per vehicle.  Both of these are very important coverage and you need to understand what you’re compromising by eliminating or reducing the coverage. In the case of many online quoting services it is quite normal to quote the pennsylvania minimum coverage.
  4. Be sure your percs aren’t going to dissappear when you change companies. As Erie insurance agents we see many long term percs that clients could not ever earn through other companies. Many times some of the percs are worth paying a few dollars extra to get or keep. Unless you’ve been informed about the pros and cons of switching, you need to be sure you got a fair comparison.



Getting a feel for what the market has to offer is what a smart buyer needs to do. If your Erie insurance agent only represents one company or if you have State Farm, Nationwide or one of those companies who only allow their agents to represent one company you need to go one more step. We offer quotes from 10 of the top companies in the state and sometimes the rates will vary dramatically between companies. Do yourself a favor and get our comparison and educate yourself about what’s really a good bargain.

Erie Insurance Agent Weighs in On GPS Units and Insurance

February 11, 2011 in erie insurance agent

Ok, if you haven’t heard already there are several insurance companies offering to install their own “little black boxes” in your family automobile. If you’re thinking “what’s my Erie insurance agent have to do with this?” I’ll fill you in a bit.


I can’t be sure of the originator of the idea but currently we have several companies who are offering discounts to clients who want to take advantage of having their driving habits monitored. Good golly, you do realize that this is just one step to there being an insurance rate for each individual driver ?  I’m wondering if they’d let me put one in our Tahoe and Pickup but leave it out of my Challenger…ha ! These insurance companies are way to slick for that funny business. When I first heard of the idea I thought it would be great for households with young teenage drivers. A perfect way to monitor your young Dale Earnhardt while they’re away from your watchful eye. I bet my teenage daughters would just love for Mom & Dad to be able to monitor every location they stop at, their speed and driving habits. I’m thinking this may be perfect way to encourage them to wait a while before getting those drivers licenses!!


So, here’s the skinny.  Get the device and big brother knows what you do, when you do it and how fast you do it. Wow, oh yeah…braking habits, jackrabbit starts the whole enchilada.  So, you’d better be the kind of driver you told your Erie insurance agent you were or someone will be finding out real quick like.

You Must Carry Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Minimums

February 10, 2011 in erie insurance agent, liability coverage, pennsylvania auto insurance minimums, pennsylvania car insurance minimums, property damage

The law in Pennsylvania requires motorists to have car insurance if they are going to drive on the streets and highways across the Commonwealth. The rules are very specific on Pennsylvania car insurance minimums which everyone must meet however drivers are free to enhance their coverage as desired. Many progressive agent in Pennsylvania will write minimum limits of insurance for drivers who are higher risk or have no assets to protect in the event of a catastrophic loss. As an Erie Insurance agent, most of my clients are not willing to jeopardize their personal assets by reducing their coverage to these minimums. Companies like Mercury, Progressive, Grange all have special programs that cater to the minimum limit drivers and we are set up to offer these as well.


The Pennsylvania car insurance minimums set the amount of liability protection drivers must carry in the event of an accident. For bodily harm, the minimum is $15,000 for an individual and up to $30,000 total to pay the medical expenses of the victims of an at fault accident. For property damage, the minimum for liability coverage is $5,000 per accident. Pennsylvania also requires drivers to have coverage for medical costs to treat the policy holder for injuries from an accident; the minimum amount for this type of coverage is $5,000. As an Erie Insurance agent and an agent with regards for the financial well being of my clients I will recommend for almost every driver to carry much higher limits than what is required by the state of Pa.


Pennsylvania car insurance minimums do not require the driver to carry any coverage to pay for damage to their own car. Liability and Comprehensive Coverage for a personal vehicle is the choice of the driver, however most banks and leasing companies will require that type of coverage if they hold the loan on the vehicle. If the car is paid for and is an older model, most people will not carry collision protection since the vehicle is not worth that much to begin with.


There are serious consequences if you do not carry auto insurance in Pennsylvania. If you are caught driving without at least a minimum amount of coverage, you could be subject to a fine of $300 or more and lose your drivers license and vehicle registration for at least three months. There are additional fees that you will have to pay as well to have your driver’s license reinstated and your vehicle registration restored.


The cost of insuring your vehicle in Pennsylvania will depend on the type of coverage that you choose, your age and driving record. It is more expensive for teens to be insured than adults because statistically they pose a higher risk for being involved in a crash. If you forget to renew your policy, the Commonwealth allows a thirty one day period for the policy to lapse before any penalties kick in.