Is Pennsylvania State Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Enough?

February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is the law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that drivers carry auto insurance. A minimum amount of protection is required to cover any property damage you cause in an at fault wreck as well as liability coverage if someone is injured in a crash.  Pennsylvania car insurance minimums may not be nearly enough to cover all the costs associated with an accident though and it is wise to go beyond what the law requires.

Pennsylvania car insurance minimums require $5,000 for property damage and $30,000 for bodily injury. These liability amounts can be woefully inadequate though if you are involved in a serious crash. Most new vehicles cost $20,000 or more and if one is totaled in an accident, you would be liable for the total cost of replacing the vehicle if the accident is your fault. Medical costs associated with an accident can quickly escalate as well if you factor in lost wages and rehab, most people carry liability coverage for medical expenses up to $100,000 per accident.

Most drivers also go beyond Pennsylvania car insurance minimums to make sure that their own car is covered in case it is stolen or damaged in a hit run accident. Comprehensive coverage is not included with state minimums which means you would be on the hook for the cost of replacing the car or repairing the damage. Collision coverage is not included either which means if your car is damaged in an accident that is your fault; you have to pay for the repairs.

State minimums do not include coverage if you are hit by someone who does not have insurance or does not carry enough coverage. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are popular options that many people will add to their policies and it will not add significantly to the price of your premium. Other popular add-ons to a car insurance policy are rental car coverage and road hazard protection. Rental car coverage provides you with the same type of coverage you have when driving your regular car. Hazard protection means you can recover the cost of repairing a flat tire or the price of a tow if your car breaks down.