Insurance Rates For Teenage Drivers in Pennsylvania

February 17, 2011 in Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

If you’ve added a young driver or inquired about adding a young driver to your insurance lately, you’ve probably experienced “sticker shock”


Undoubtedly, the insurance rates for young drivers have gone up quite a bit in recent years. We even have a company who surcharges the two highest rated cars on the policy when we add a “principal” youthful driver to the policy. It doesn’t even matter to them that the youngster may not even operate either of those two vehicles. Ouch !  It can be painful to add your youngster to the policy. Here’s a few suggestion I’ll make to help ease the pain.

  • Don’t wait till junior has his license “in hand” to call for a rate – Calling early allows us to shop around for the best bargain and coverage in case your current carrier is not the best value
  • Don’t call “after” you just bought junior his very first car – the difference in rates between car models is greatly affected when we apply the teenage driver rates. Be sure to give us time to get you rates for several different car models so you can make an informed decision on which is best for your situation.
  • Be sure to get your teenager enrolled in the driver safety class at school – this can be 10% or higher discount on the young driver portion of the rate
  • Good Grades – I know from experience that begging doesn’t help- If God gave your child the ability to excel in schoolwork you may receive up to another 10% discount based on their grade point average in school
  • Distant driver discount- When your teenager goes away to school you need to notify us. We apply a distant driver or college driver rate and you will see a substantial discount
  • Longevity discounts- Some of our companies offer a longevity discount for the length of time you’ve been insured with them. This can be up to a 15% discount off the teenage driver rates as a reward for your long term loyalty
  • Restrictions- This may be redundant, but placing restrictions on your teenager regarding times and days of operating priviledges as well as how many passengers are allowed in the car at one time can have a great influence on the likelihood of your child being distracted and having an accident. 


If you haven’t checked rates for your upcoming teenage driver, you should think about it now. We have access to many of the top rated insurers in the state of Pennsylvania and can do the work for you. Find out How much insurance is for teenage drivers in pennsylvania and get started saving right away.