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February 18, 2011 in car insurance in bradford, Erie Insurance agents

An Erie Insurance agent for 26 years and still not operating under the “old school” philosophy of typical agencies. I see many agents who claim that they give good service, etc, etc.  I guess “good service” needs to be defined before I can be judgemental about other insurance companies?  To me…being caller number 6 with an estimated “hold time” of 8 minutes is NOT good service.  Being told that my agent is in an important meeeting and that nobody else can help me ….NOT good service.  I can probably think of a dozen other scenarios that are not good service..but what’s the point ?  That’s right, let’s move on.


Got this email from a client recently and I thought…hmmmm…should I brag a bit?  Nah…my only brag is on my employee who handled this call….here’s how it went:

Dear Dan,
I have been with the agency for less than a year and was in my first accident ever. I remembered what your welcome packet said and call the office right away. I was greeted by a women on the other line and told her what had happened. The first words she spoke  was “Are you alright?” and “Is the other person alright?” We both were, but very shaken. She was so kind and walked me through what was needed to be done. The other women was on her phone with her insurance office while I was with mine. After it was all said and done the other women said that her agent was in a staff meeting and was to busy to talk with her and noone could help her right now. I thought this poor women was just in an accident and her agent was too busy to assist her. She asked me who I have insurance through and I said Williams Agency. She told me that she just might be switching because of the comfort and service I received.  So I would like to say kudos to your staff for being concerned with my well being and giving me the service that I hope more people receive. This is truly a word of mouth I will be spreading. Thanks again, Mrs. Thara Tyler




Can’t say enough about empowering the people who work with you to be themselves!  Debbie was simply being herself and giving service that was not only appreciated…it was MORE than the competition offered.  That seems to be the key in our phenomenal success…always overdeliver !! 


OK…nearing the end here. You need car insurance in Bradford, Pa or Pittsburgh Pa, or basically anywhere in Pa and you need a great price along with a great agency?  You need to give us a chance to show you what real good service is all about.  While you’re pondering that thought…jump over here and see what a hundred or so others had to say about our service.