Erie Insurance Agent Weighs in On GPS Units and Insurance

February 11, 2011 in erie insurance agent

Ok, if you haven’t heard already there are several insurance companies offering to install their own “little black boxes” in your family automobile. If you’re thinking “what’s my Erie insurance agent have to do with this?” I’ll fill you in a bit.


I can’t be sure of the originator of the idea but currently we have several companies who are offering discounts to clients who want to take advantage of having their driving habits monitored. Good golly, you do realize that this is just one step to there being an insurance rate for each individual driver ?  I’m wondering if they’d let me put one in our Tahoe and Pickup but leave it out of my Challenger…ha ! These insurance companies are way to slick for that funny business. When I first heard of the idea I thought it would be great for households with young teenage drivers. A perfect way to monitor your young Dale Earnhardt while they’re away from your watchful eye. I bet my teenage daughters would just love for Mom & Dad to be able to monitor every location they stop at, their speed and driving habits. I’m thinking this may be perfect way to encourage them to wait a while before getting those drivers licenses!!


So, here’s the skinny.  Get the device and big brother knows what you do, when you do it and how fast you do it. Wow, oh yeah…braking habits, jackrabbit starts the whole enchilada.  So, you’d better be the kind of driver you told your Erie insurance agent you were or someone will be finding out real quick like.