Car Insurance Prices in Pennsylvania

February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Too many companies advertising car insurance prices in pennsylvania that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than anyone else. Imagine if you could switch companies a few times you’d literally be paying almost nothing for car insurance! Wow, sounds like a plan. Before you get started you might want to take some precautions though.


  1. Find out how long the insurance company has been operating in Pennsylvania. In these “soft market” economic times it seems that quite a few companies are expanding their operations into Pa in hopes of grabing some of this easy money. Problem with that theory is that is has never worked in the past. Not that some company could be an exception to the rule, the past history is usually a good indicator of future performance. 
  2. Check the AM Best rating of the insurance company offering the great rate. Traditionally, many cash strapped insurers have used aggressive pricing to generate positive cash flow to subsidize other parts of their operation. I’m not suggesting that this is happening by anyone in particular but it’s worth noting. The highest AM best rating is A++ and only a small handful of companies have earned this rating. Anything less than an A is over three rungs down the ladder and worth some closer inspection, in my opinion.
  3. Pennsylvania car insurance quotes can be misleading if you are not properly informed about coverage. Many things that seem simple to myself are certainly not things you’d be inclined to ask about. Apples to Apples comparisons are critical. For instance, Full or Limited tort options can vary your premium by 15%   Dropping the underinsured motorist coverage on your quote can easily lower the premium by $100 per vehicle.  Both of these are very important coverage and you need to understand what you’re compromising by eliminating or reducing the coverage. In the case of many online quoting services it is quite normal to quote the pennsylvania minimum coverage.
  4. Be sure your percs aren’t going to dissappear when you change companies. As Erie insurance agents we see many long term percs that clients could not ever earn through other companies. Many times some of the percs are worth paying a few dollars extra to get or keep. Unless you’ve been informed about the pros and cons of switching, you need to be sure you got a fair comparison.



Getting a feel for what the market has to offer is what a smart buyer needs to do. If your Erie insurance agent only represents one company or if you have State Farm, Nationwide or one of those companies who only allow their agents to represent one company you need to go one more step. We offer quotes from 10 of the top companies in the state and sometimes the rates will vary dramatically between companies. Do yourself a favor and get our comparison and educate yourself about what’s really a good bargain.