Best Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So…who’s offering the best Pennsylvania auto insurance?  26 years ago when I was getting started in this business it used to be pretty simple…find an Erie insurance agent..if they would take you…you had the best rate and best insurance !  Even though Erie is still very competitive with car insurance rates, they are not always the best value for every driver. The “best”  might be the wrong word to describe car insurance ever since the evolution of using credit score in car insurance rating.


So many new companies getting into the car insurance business in pennsylvania has made it very hard to say who’s good and who’s great at writing a good pennsylvania car insurance policy. If low price is your only consideration you could probably get a low price from many companies if your credit rating is excellent. Then it just becomes a journey to find the absolute best coverage you can get for the least amount of money. That’s something we do here every day, searching for the best value for every customer.  Your best bet if you’d rather choose another agent besides us to do your shopping is to steer clear of the agents who write for only one insurance company. Those agents are locked in to working with only one company and can only offer you one option…no benefit to you. Search out an agency who can check with many top insurers and see who is willing to offer you the absolute best rate in pennsylvania car insurance.  Most of these type’s of agency’s are motivated to get you the best deal and to keep checking for you periodically to be sure you’re always getting a fair price.