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Pennsylvania Erie Insurance Agent Weighs in on Rate Protection

February 19, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Pa Car Insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance

Freeze your auto insurance rates indefinitily !! “No Way” you say ? Yeah, that’s what I said too.  This new coverage option is better than anything I’ve seen yet on the market. I’ve seen the dissappearing deductible, the replacement car stuff and all the other newest, latest..reinvent the insurance gizmos…and this one wins!


We do more quotes for Pennsylvania auto insurance than most agents in most cities here in Pennsylvania so I get a pretty good feel for what people want and what they think is hogwash.  This economy has forced people to go shopping for car insurance who hadn’t shopped in ten or more years. Not so good of a sign…but a great opportunity for an agent who is hungry for business and able to search out better bargains for over 60% of the shoppers. Yeah..just gave myself a big high five!  We find more people better rates than anyone I know of.  As Erie insurance agents, we’ve also had a good relationship with one of the top insurance companies in pennsylvania for the past 26 years.   In fact, Erie Insurance is the one who introduced , applied for a patent on, and is ready to release the new rate protection endorsement here in Pa.


Rate protection is your guarantee to the most asked question we hear “yeah, this is a great rate…but will it go up next time I get a renewal policy?”  That’s a perfectly legitimate question. Too many times we’ve seen insurance companies in Pennsylvania come up with a great new(low priced) program and then jack the rates up in the next year or so to make it ridiculously priced. So…not only is Erie a “stable” insurance provider for Pa car insurance, they’ve got the financial strength to pull this off and stand behind it for the duration. So…stay tuned for further details on this exciting new product and you’ll soon be able to FREEZE your rates…possibly forever !!

Erie Insurance Agents and Car Insurance in Bradford, Pa

February 18, 2011 in car insurance in bradford, Erie Insurance agents

An Erie Insurance agent for 26 years and still not operating under the “old school” philosophy of typical agencies. I see many agents who claim that they give good service, etc, etc.  I guess “good service” needs to be defined before I can be judgemental about other insurance companies?  To me…being caller number 6 with an estimated “hold time” of 8 minutes is NOT good service.  Being told that my agent is in an important meeeting and that nobody else can help me ….NOT good service.  I can probably think of a dozen other scenarios that are not good service..but what’s the point ?  That’s right, let’s move on.


Got this email from a client recently and I thought…hmmmm…should I brag a bit?  Nah…my only brag is on my employee who handled this call….here’s how it went:

Dear Dan,
I have been with the agency for less than a year and was in my first accident ever. I remembered what your welcome packet said and call the office right away. I was greeted by a women on the other line and told her what had happened. The first words she spoke  was “Are you alright?” and “Is the other person alright?” We both were, but very shaken. She was so kind and walked me through what was needed to be done. The other women was on her phone with her insurance office while I was with mine. After it was all said and done the other women said that her agent was in a staff meeting and was to busy to talk with her and noone could help her right now. I thought this poor women was just in an accident and her agent was too busy to assist her. She asked me who I have insurance through and I said Williams Agency. She told me that she just might be switching because of the comfort and service I received.  So I would like to say kudos to your staff for being concerned with my well being and giving me the service that I hope more people receive. This is truly a word of mouth I will be spreading. Thanks again, Mrs. Thara Tyler




Can’t say enough about empowering the people who work with you to be themselves!  Debbie was simply being herself and giving service that was not only appreciated…it was MORE than the competition offered.  That seems to be the key in our phenomenal success…always overdeliver !! 


OK…nearing the end here. You need car insurance in Bradford, Pa or Pittsburgh Pa, or basically anywhere in Pa and you need a great price along with a great agency?  You need to give us a chance to show you what real good service is all about.  While you’re pondering that thought…jump over here and see what a hundred or so others had to say about our service.

Insurance Rates For Teenage Drivers in Pennsylvania

February 17, 2011 in Insurance rates for teenage drivers in pennsylvania

If you’ve added a young driver or inquired about adding a young driver to your insurance lately, you’ve probably experienced “sticker shock”


Undoubtedly, the insurance rates for young drivers have gone up quite a bit in recent years. We even have a company who surcharges the two highest rated cars on the policy when we add a “principal” youthful driver to the policy. It doesn’t even matter to them that the youngster may not even operate either of those two vehicles. Ouch !  It can be painful to add your youngster to the policy. Here’s a few suggestion I’ll make to help ease the pain.

  • Don’t wait till junior has his license “in hand” to call for a rate – Calling early allows us to shop around for the best bargain and coverage in case your current carrier is not the best value
  • Don’t call “after” you just bought junior his very first car – the difference in rates between car models is greatly affected when we apply the teenage driver rates. Be sure to give us time to get you rates for several different car models so you can make an informed decision on which is best for your situation.
  • Be sure to get your teenager enrolled in the driver safety class at school – this can be 10% or higher discount on the young driver portion of the rate
  • Good Grades – I know from experience that begging doesn’t help- If God gave your child the ability to excel in schoolwork you may receive up to another 10% discount based on their grade point average in school
  • Distant driver discount- When your teenager goes away to school you need to notify us. We apply a distant driver or college driver rate and you will see a substantial discount
  • Longevity discounts- Some of our companies offer a longevity discount for the length of time you’ve been insured with them. This can be up to a 15% discount off the teenage driver rates as a reward for your long term loyalty
  • Restrictions- This may be redundant, but placing restrictions on your teenager regarding times and days of operating priviledges as well as how many passengers are allowed in the car at one time can have a great influence on the likelihood of your child being distracted and having an accident. 


If you haven’t checked rates for your upcoming teenage driver, you should think about it now. We have access to many of the top rated insurers in the state of Pennsylvania and can do the work for you. Find out How much insurance is for teenage drivers in pennsylvania and get started saving right away.

Senior Auto Insurance Discounts

February 16, 2011 in erie insurance agent, Senior auto insurance discounts

If you’ve recently started getting the mailers from AARP and others touting all their car insurance benefits for seniors, it might be time to do a little digging to sort out what’s true and what’s hype.


Many auto insurance companies that claim to have senior discounts probably don’t want it to be known that they also have a unique system for penalizing senior drivers. Many companies have internal systems for rating drivers based on age, credit rating, homeownership, length of time at your residence and other factors and lifestyle habits. Statistically, seniors(as a group) have a higher claim frequency. This is probably due to a slight decline in reflexes and other factors that might be attributed to age. In either case…insurance companies love statistics…they live by statistics and charge more money based on statistics.  So…moral of the story…if you’ve been seeing your auto insurance rates slowly climbing and you’ve had no claim activity… no violations…you’re now a victim of “the matrix”  A series of statistics that says…technically…you’re more likely to have a claim now.  I say …”it’s time to shop around” 


As an Erie insurance agent, I have access to several discounts from Erie Insurance that are taylored to over 55 drivers and especially the safe, accident free drivers. If Erie isn’t a fit for you we’ve got plenty of others that have great programs and discounts that will save you hundreds. One thing’s for sure, we appreciate your business, keep in touch and notify you any time we find additional discounts or coverage that we think you may benefit from.

Is Pennsylvania State Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Enough?

February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is the law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that drivers carry auto insurance. A minimum amount of protection is required to cover any property damage you cause in an at fault wreck as well as liability coverage if someone is injured in a crash.  Pennsylvania car insurance minimums may not be nearly enough to cover all the costs associated with an accident though and it is wise to go beyond what the law requires.

Pennsylvania car insurance minimums require $5,000 for property damage and $30,000 for bodily injury. These liability amounts can be woefully inadequate though if you are involved in a serious crash. Most new vehicles cost $20,000 or more and if one is totaled in an accident, you would be liable for the total cost of replacing the vehicle if the accident is your fault. Medical costs associated with an accident can quickly escalate as well if you factor in lost wages and rehab, most people carry liability coverage for medical expenses up to $100,000 per accident.

Most drivers also go beyond Pennsylvania car insurance minimums to make sure that their own car is covered in case it is stolen or damaged in a hit run accident. Comprehensive coverage is not included with state minimums which means you would be on the hook for the cost of replacing the car or repairing the damage. Collision coverage is not included either which means if your car is damaged in an accident that is your fault; you have to pay for the repairs.

State minimums do not include coverage if you are hit by someone who does not have insurance or does not carry enough coverage. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are popular options that many people will add to their policies and it will not add significantly to the price of your premium. Other popular add-ons to a car insurance policy are rental car coverage and road hazard protection. Rental car coverage provides you with the same type of coverage you have when driving your regular car. Hazard protection means you can recover the cost of repairing a flat tire or the price of a tow if your car breaks down.