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PA Auto Insurance

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PA Auto Insurance

PA Auto Insurance that’s right for you is not as hard to find as you might think. It really depends on where you look and who does the looking. Thanks for looking here, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to do the looking for you!


If you are a Pennsylvania resident and you are looking for the best car insurance options, we can help. All you need to do to get started is click the link near the bottom of this page to get things started.

Watch a video on PA Auto Insurance
pa auto insurance video
PA Auto Insurance Video


PA Auto Insurance – We Do the Shopping For You
Once we get some information about you and your needs, we start the process of getting various Insurance companies fighting for your business. We make them come up with the best offer they can get and we know the right questions to ask them to make them do their best for you.


PA Auto Insurance – Testimonials That Tell the Real Story
The Williams Agency has been at this for a while now. We do the busy work of getting you the best possible deal. You can check into how our client’s feel we have done for them by looking at some of the hundreds of testimonials of people just like you. These are stories from folks who rave about the great service, prices and the incredible benefits of dealing with us.


They have found out first hand what is is like to work with an honest, trusted agent and because of that they are great advertisements for the agency.


PA Auto Insurance – We Save You Money
Once we are done shopping to get you the best value, we present to you the best we could find on your behalf. Most of our new customers save $400 a year or more. Then once we get you the best we can right away… we keep up with your needs and when it is time for renewals, we work it again and let you know if there is a way to save even more!


PA Auto Insurance – The Best Deal for the Lowest Cost
We know where to deal and where to not compromise. That’s our business. Let us do teh shopping for you and get you the best value for your PA Auto Insurance dollar. We don’t advise skimping on all aspects of your Auto Insurance, that would be foolish. We know where you can save money without comprimising the purpose of your Insurance policy to begin with.


Leave it to us and you’ll be getting the right mix of protection and value. If You have any questions at all, feel free to contact us and ask about your concerns. The easy way to start is to follow the links below. The Williams Agency is on your side and will work for you to get you the best PA Auto Insurance your money can buy for just the right price.


Click here to Get a Quote and we’ll get the process started.


A money saving quote for PA Automobile Insurance is just a click away, let’s get started!

PA Auto Insurance Video

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PA Auto Insurance Video

Watch PA Auto Insurance Video on YouTube


PA Auto Insurance Video – Tired of Over Paying?

(Read the other PA Auto Insurance Article)


Are you tired of paying for overpriced car insurance? If you are a Pennsylvania resident and you are looking for options, I can help.


PA Auto Insurance Video – The Paperwork is Taken Care of by Us

Fill out a request for a PA Auto Insurance Quote. Then Sit Back and Relax, I’ll shop your auto insurance with the top companies in the state. And I’ll bring you back an offer that could save you hundreds of dollars.


Get started by clicking here – Get a quote. You’ll be surprised at the great rates we’ll find you.


PA Auto Insurance Video – Stop Overpaying

In fact, my average new client saves over $400 a year by switching to my Agency. Those are dollars you can use to by groceries, take your family out… Anything besides throwing it away on an Overpriced Insurance Policy.


PA Auto Insurance Video – Williams Agency

Summed up simply…Williams Agency is a leader in PA Auto Insurance for a lot of reasons. It is simple… We provide services that always make insurance simple for the customer! Like a money back guarantee, our “same day call back” guarantee, quotes from a lot of different companies (this gets you the best value), claim service second to none, and more. Make your life as easy as possible when it comes to your PA Auto Insurance – Put us to work For YOU!

Click here to Get a Quote, it only takes 6 (six) minutes of your time!

EVOLUTION OF THE BROKER – They can no longer be just a “Friend” to their Clients

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The roll of the pennsylvania insurance broker is evolving. More and more often
insurance brokers are being asked to provide more than just insurance
placement services. As we move forward over the next few years and as
the financial and economic climate continues to evolve, financial
service professionals, such as insurance brokers, will be expected to
provide broader services and more aggressive negotiated results for
their clients.


In the past, and up until now, many insurance customers have chosen to
place their coverage with brokers they consider to be friends (be it a
golf buddy, classmate, neighbor, relative, etc.). For decades these
types of friendly relationships were the preeminent means by which
insurance brokers were able to retain clients in the face of
competition. Be it guilt, a sense of loyalty, or another altruistic
motivation, clients feel that they owe their insurance broker(s)
something and exhibit palpable amounts of regret when it comes to
leaving one broker for another.


As recent as this morning, I was in a client’s office where they were
wrestling with the idea of choosing us (Williams Agency) to replace their
broker of over 12 years. Even with our re-engineering their account,
being able to add considerable amounts of coverage, and still being able
to reduce their overall premium expense by nearly 31%, they still felt
guilty for wanting to switch. When I as a customer hire a mechanic to
work on my car, a plumber to work on my faucet, or an arborist to prune
my trees; I typically go with the highest level of service that I am
comfortable paying for. But when it comes to insurance, many clients
feel that they are betraying a “friend” when they move brokers.


Think for a quick second about the example above and what if the client
had been paying an extra 31%, give or take, for each of the last 12
years with the other broker. That means that the client would have
unnecessarily paid for an extra 4.2 years of insurance coverage. The
example proves that the primary issue insurance customers face with the
“friendly” type of insurance relationship is not that it leads to a lack
of coverage, but rather that it leads to a lack of service and savings
due to the lack of aggression in their brokers level of negotiation of
coverage terms and premium rates.


When insurance brokers believe that a client will remain loyal to them
and not allow other brokers to work for the business, it creates an
atmosphere where the broker is no longer incentivized to work in his/her
client’s best interest, but rather to maximize their compensation while
doing just enough to keep the client from contacting another broker.


A client’s insurance program, regardless of size, should have a plan for
the future. A plan changes the dynamic of the client-broker
relationship from the broker being a “friend” who gives the client their
only insurance option(s), to a liaison and partner who works with the
client to attain measurable goals that the client can then track and use
to evaluate the brokers performance.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news for all the “old-school” brokers out
there, but there is always “that guy” that must say it how it is and I
guess I will go ahead and do it…


Lazy brokers of the industry, your days of being able to merely quote
and socially sell insurance are numbered. Either shape up or ship out!