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Our recent Press Release regarding the Grange Insurance products available in our office

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Erie Insurance Agents…Can They Help You?

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25 years as an Erie Insurance agent has given me thousands of opportunities to answer that question a hundred different ways.


As an agent for sereral “national” insurance companies,  I can honestly say that even a “bad day” with Erie Insurance is better than a good day with some of the larger national companies. I won’t go in to specific details on why I think the larger companies can’t keep up…but they’ve just gotten too big to provide “personal” service anymore. Erie insurance has kept pace with their growth and have still been able to provide a level of service that is second to none. In fact, I get raving testimonials from clients practically every week telling me of a positive experience they’ve had with Erie.


But, back to the question..can an Erie Insurance agent help you ?  I will say that if Erie Insurance can’t handle your insurance problem, you won’t find one single company that can.  I’ve been providing Erie’s policies to my clients for 25 years in their business, their homes, their pa car insurance along with their boats, jewelry, camps, rental homes, vacation homes, and a dozen other types of policies. So…yes Erie can help with almost anything you’d even think about insuring…including your life insurance.


Click here and I’ll get you a rate comparison on your Pa car insurance quote from 10 of the top companies in the state including one with Erie’s great rates.

Searching for A Donegal Agent?

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for someone who can get you insurance from Donegal Group.  We’ve represented the Donegal group for the past six years with great success. As  Donegal agents we have access to all of Donegal’s best pricing programs for personal and business insurance.  If you’d like us to put your insurance “out to bid” with the top ten companies or just get you a price with Donegal hop over to this form and it will take about 6 minutes to fill out. After that we’ll handle everything, you can sit back and relax while we go to work for you.


As Donegal agents, we’re the first to know when there’s a new program or discount that may help you save even more on your pennsylvania auto or home insurance. Here’s a few examples of what our new and old clients have to say about our service and committment to saving them money year after year.


Feel free to ask us anthing you need to know about Donegal or just plain insurance by using this form.

Donegal Agents….Can They Write Me a Policy ?

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Oh…so you’ve heard about Donegal’s good rates ? 

Yes, we have them and will be glad to share. As a long time Donegal agent we’ve had the pleasure of seeing this company grow faster than many of their much larger competitors. Not that a 1 billion dollar company is little but it’s not that often that we see an insurance company this successful and who is able to maintain such great coverage at such low prices. If you’re a fit for what Donegal is looking for, you’ll be shocked at the amount of coverage you can get with such a low premium. Visit my quote page and it will take about 6 minutes of your time to request comparisons from ten of the top insurance companies in Pa.


Make no mistake, Donegal is a major player in the pa car insurance arena. All the big boys are beginning to look at Donegal as they are being passed by for good accounts. Our standing as  donegal agents allows us to place your business in Donegal’s absolute best class and get you coverage and rates that will save you hundreds.  Donegal is the only company I know of who currently “gives” you accident forgiveness from “day one” if you’ve already earned it with your current company or if you’ve been accident free for three years or more.  Full glass coverage is also an option that Donegal is leading the way with in their pa car insurance policy.


Come on in and submit your request and then sit back and relax. From there, we will send your insurance out to bid with ten of the top companies in Pa. Whoever comes back with the best value for the money, we will send on for your review. If you eventually decide that Donegal is right for you…lean back in your recliner and we’ll take care of all your paperwork..including cancelling your old policy. You’ll love the experience of being treated like royalty.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance – Its Significant Differences with Auto Insurance

November 23, 2010 in limited tort, pa auto insurance, pennsylvania motorcycle insurance, personal injury protection

There are several differences between the Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance and the insurance coverage of cars. Thus, it is important for you to know the basic differences so that you can make some changes and contingencies on your insurance plan.


Bear in mind that state law on insurance coverage are quite diverse between different states in the US; depending on the local mandates and legal requirements stipulated by the local law. That is why if you belong to the state of Pennsylvania then you must also look for Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance that fully conforms to the local law on insurance coverage for motorcycles.


This is exactly the reason why insurance agents will usually ask for your zip code or place of location every time you request for an insurance quote on any type of vehicle. They need to know first your area of residence before they can present their insurance plan and proposals to you.


Moving on, one of the significant differences between PA auto insurance and Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance is the coverage of Personal Injury Protection. This is a no-fault coverage for auto insurance wherein every policy should include the personal injury protection plan of $5000 minimal coverage.


This will cover the medical expenses for the treatment of injuries sustained during the accident.  Being a no-fault coverage, the insurance company will always shoulder your medical expenses regardless of the party at fault on the accident.  Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage is an optional coverage that you must absolutely buy when you get motorcycle insurance. After 20+ years in this business I can say the majority of motorcycle claims I’ve seen have been the result of the “other” drivers innattention.


This is a mandatory coverage for every car insurance policy; however, for Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance it is not compulsory but rather an optional coverage. In fact, there are even insurance companies that do not even offer this plan when buying motorcycle insurance from them. Therefore, in order to give you more protection in the event of an accident; it is highly recommended to get another insurance where medical expenses are covered.


Full tort benefit is another major difference between both PA motorcycle and auto insurance. For car insurance the tort is option between full or limited tort. In the case of insurance for motorcycles, the PA law mandates full tort benefits. Hence, you have unrestricted rights for recovery of financial compensation on damages and medical expenses incurred; as well as full compensation for the pain and suffering as a result of the accident done by another driver.


Always remember the significant disparity between these two types of insurance. It is best to know more about the coverage and your benefits before buying Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance.