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PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE plan is required by law. Uninsured motorists will be given corresponding charges and penalties like three-month registration and driver’s license suspension. If you have been purchasing auto insurance just to meet this requirement and get away with all the consequences, no doubt you are stressed out paying your insurance bills. Well then there’s good news for you! Did you know that you can get discounts on your auto insurance plans? Yes, there are some PENNSYLAVANIA AUTO INSURANCE companies that give discounts to qualified members.


Have you undergone a driver education course? If you answered yes then you are qualified to discounts provided that the course was given by a licensed or certified instructor, you have undergone no less than 30 minutes classroom lectures and you had a minimum of 6 hours actual driving under the supervision of the said instructor. Qualifications may differ depending on the requirements of your insurance company.


Learned your driving skills from dad? If your dad happens to be a good driver tendency is he will teach you on how to be one too. If being a good driver runs in your family then there is a big chance that you can get discounts in your auto insurance as well. Some auto insurance companies give discounts if each driver in the household has had no violations and at-fault accidents for the past three years.


If you are known as a reckless driver, highway racer and beater of the red light, it doesn’t mean that you are not anymore entitled to any discounts. Some insurance companies will give you discount provided that you undergo basic driver improvement course. Discounts like this are solely at the discretion of your insurance company.


Did you also know that having multiple automobiles can save you some money too? Some auto insurance companies will give you discounts if you have two or more private passenger automobiles provided that the owners of the vehicles are residing within the same household and are related by blood, marriage, or even adoption. Qualifications may be different in other companies, depending on the type of your vehicles and other factors.


If you are a student under age 25, you better do well in school because good students get good discounts in auto insurance as well.  Good student meaning you rank within the top 20% of your class, you get an average grade of B or higher and you are included in the Dean’s list or Honor Roll. You might wonder what your grades have to do with getting auto insurance discounts. According to actuarial studies, there is a relationship between poor school performance and teenage accident rates, and as a result some auto insurance companies provide lower rates to top students.


Again, qualifications may vary depending on the discretion of your insurance company. Before spending your hard-earned money on PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE plans make sure you first look at all possible ways to get discounts. Being a smart buyer may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


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Honesty is the best policy”. Is this still applicable in this day and age? Parents try to integrate this to their children. As citizens of the country this is what we want from the government. As an individual this is what we expect from other people. What happened then?


A 2003 survey conducted by Accenture Ltd., a consulting firm, showed that one out of four Americans thinks that it is ok to defraud insurers. In 2001, Progressive Insurance said that one out of 10 Americans would commit insurance fraud if they knew they could get away with it and three out of 10 Americans would not report insurance scams committed by someone they know.


Nowadays, PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE fraud is becoming rampant. This type of fraud means that an individual is deceiving an insurance company about a claim involving their vehicle. It can be by giving out misleading information or providing false documentation to support the said claim.


According to PA Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority, more than 1,000 suspected fraud complaints were received in 2008 alone. It also listed majority of PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE fraud arrests. These include staged auto accidents and false claims of injury, false reports of stolen vehicles, false claims that an accident happened after a policy or coverage was purchased, false claims for a previously existing damage and claimants who concealed that a person excluded from coverage by their policy was driving at the time of the accident.


Did you know that PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE fraud is considered a criminal act? Before you think of making any dishonest claims to take advantage of your insurance premiums, you might want to know first what are the possible consequences you are about to face. If you are a violator, you must be ready to spend about seven years in prison and about $15‚000 in fines. In addition to this of course are the other associated expenses such as court costs and legal fees. Data from the Rand Institute for Civil Justice shows that the fraud involving motor vehicles nationally costs an estimated $58 billion a year. Another study also estimated that this crime adds as much as $200 to the average annual cost of auto insurance. And if you are caught and found guilty of this fraud you will have the stigmas and restrictions of being a convicted felon to carry for life.


Two simple ways to avoid facing situations where there are chances for you to commit auto insurance fraud are first‚ make sure your insurance policies are updated for each motor vehicle you own‚ and that these policies include at least the basic types of coverage required by PA law. Second‚ make sure you understand each policy and its coverage. You may want to ask help from your insurance representative regarding this.


Don’t give in to short term benefits dishonesty can give you. If you got away with it in the past, it doesn’t mean you can still get away with it today. There is always a first time in everything.


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Are the roads on your area safe? If you answered yes you might want to think again. According to an online report last April 5, 2010, 8 people were killed and 247 others injured in 561 crashes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The report said that 4 of those killed were not wearing seat belts and 58 of the 561 crashes were alcohol-related. It also added that from April 2 to April 4 of the same year, the state police have issued 4,099 speeding citations, charged 340 people of drunk driving, cited 448 people not wearing seat belts, and ticketed 36 motorists for not securing children in safety seats. According to Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski, the statistics only covered those crashes investigated by the state police and not the incidents to which other law-enforcement agencies responded.


Car accidents are inevitable. One good thing is that in Pennsylvania, all owners of motor vehicles are required by law to purchase and maintain automobile insurance. In addition to this, there are also numerous PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE companies to choose from. According to Carinsurance.com there are 176 different auto insurance companies available in Pennsylvania.


Attorney Edgar Snyder of Edgar Snyder & Associates, a law firm representing injured people, said that PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE laws are of the most confusing and complex in the country. In his series of blog posts, he gave some tips on how to improve the protection included in your auto insurance plan. The problem now is choosing the best PENNSYLVANIA AUTO INSURANCE companies and plans for you and your family.


A law firm in Pennsylvania has listed the most common coverage offered by insurance companies. These are: (1) Liability coverage; this is mandatory. If you met an accident and you are at fault, this type of coverage is available to compensate for the damage you have caused the injured party. The minimum amount required by law for you to purchase is $15,000.00 per individual and $30,000.00 per incident. (2) First Party Coverage; previously referred to as Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This means that whoever is at fault of the accident, if you need treatment, your medical bills will be paid through your PIP coverage. The law requires a coverage minimum of $5,000.00. (3) Collision Coverage; this one is optional and is purchased with deductible. You pay up to your deductible limit and the rest is covered by your insurance. If you are not at fault of the accident, your insurance company should demand your deductible back from the responsible party and then return it to you. (4) Comprehensive Coverage; this too is optional and is called “UM” coverage. This gives you protection if your car is stolen or damaged in any other way other than in an accident with another vehicle. This coverage also comes with a deductible contribution from you. Last but not the least, (5) Under-Insured Motorist Coverage; this is also known as “UIM” coverage. This coverage applies when you met an accident, is injured, not at fault, and the responsible party cannot adequately compensate for your injuries.


Auto insurance coverage will depend on your needs and preferences; it might be one or more of the above. Whatever insurance company, plan and coverage you choose; the most important thing is you make a choice for you and your family’s protection.

Factors That Can Reduce Your Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

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You may want to apply for a Pennsylvania auto insurance but you are not sure whether you can actually pay for the premium every month. You must know that an auto insurance company has several factors to consider in calculating your Pennsylvania auto insurance premium. Below is the list of factors that can reduce your monthly premiums. If you affect these factors wisely, you just might get the most of your auto insurance package.


            First factor is your age. You must take note that the younger you are, the higher the premium you are likely to pay. This is because the auto insurance company assumes that younger people are more prone to accidents because they are always on the road. Adding to that, the auto insurance company knows that you can pay more since you can work more than older people.


            The second factor is your driving skills record. You must also know that most insurance companies are going to investigate your driving skills record. They investigate two to three years of your record prior to the date of your application. Once they have discovered that you committed neglect in your driving, they can impose you a higher premium to pay every month. The reason for this is that insurance companies think that they are in a higher financial risk if they approve of your application for a Pennsylvania auto insurance.


            The third factor is your credit rating. If the insurance company you have applied for has already done their investigation and they have found out that you have a bad credit, there is a high probability that the insurance company is going to make you pay a higher premium. The reason is the same as with the second factor. Insurance companies are going to think that you cannot pay for their monthly premiums since you have a bad credit rating. And with that bad credit rating, you are putting the insurance company you have applied for in a higher financial risk.


            You must also consider your vehicle. This is the fourth factor your insurance company also considers. Put in mind that a vehicle which is inexpensive can also save your money. A vehicle’s model and brand, plus the year in which it was manufactured, can also affect the rate that your insurance company can give you. If you have a brand new car, you may even need a comprehensive coverage which causes you to pay more.


            The last factor that you might probably forget is the place where you park your vehicle. The auto insurance company you have applied for is going to ask you whether you park your vehicle on the street or in the garage. Of course, if you park your vehicle in the garage, the auto insurance company can reduce your premium because your vehicle is prone to fewer accidents. On the other hand, if your vehicle is parked on the street, it is prone to more risk that gives the auto insurance company a higher risk of paying for damages caused by accidents.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance for Drivers with Bad Records

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Not being a good driver must not be the reason for not receiving the right amount of money from your insurance. This is what the local government of Pennsylvania has strived to achieved for the past years by passing the No-Fault system regarding auto insurances. A Pennsylvania auto insurance is one of the auto insurances you know which can really answer for you during a car accident.


            A Pennsylvania auto insurance can cover for your body injuries in an accident for a minimum of $15,000. The maximum amount for this kind of coverage is $30,000 as required by the law. Adding to that, you may also receive $5,000 for any damaged property during the accident. You can receive these amounts whether you are the one who has committed the mistake while driving. You can be sure to receive a claim from your insurance company during a car accident even if you are not a good driver.


            However, do not be afraid that you are going to pay a large premium if you are one of those who have bad driving habits. It is true that there are insurance companies which ask for a higher premium from those bad drivers but there are also insurance companies which can offer you the best insurance package even if you are one of those bad drivers. Usually, these insurance companies only check your driving skills record for two or three years prior to your application, so you do not need to worry about your bad records for over three years. You can also take some measures to reduce the premium you are going to pay every month for the auto insurance. First of all, choose an inexpensive car to drive. This is the best way to reduce your premium since you are not going to need a comprehensive and collision coverage from the insurance company. Adding to that,  good credit rating can reduce your monthly premiums.


            If you think you have already taken those measures mentioned above, then you are not going to face any problems in looking for the right Pennsylvania auto insurance for you. You can always look for free quotes in the internet and compare them so you can choose the insurance company which offers the best auto insurance package. With this strategy, you can surely avail of the premium that is not going to be a burden in paying for every month.


            And since there are a lot of free quotes available for you in the internet, you may save your money from paying for an agent to look for the right quotes for you. With you as your own agent, you can choose the best possible insurance package. You definitely can choose with your own personal preferences. Your other advantage is that more insurance companies, even those popular ones, already work through the internet. So if you have a company you know and you may want to apply for, all you need to do is look up their website and ask for their free quotes.