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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes and Questions

May 24, 2010 in pa auto insurance quotes, pennsylvania auto insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance quotes, Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Looking for a better rate on pennsylvania car insurance ? Sure you are… can you find it here ? 


Wish I could answer those types of questions with a reliable answer. I can say my agency gives the best service…and I mean service that makes clients “raving fans” not the canned “good service” crap I hear every company spouting off about.  You only need to look as far as our customer testimonials that come through the door every day.  Good service leads to boatloads of new clients…and I don’t mean cuban defectors. There’s a reason your neighbors are raving about the service we give…it’s the real deal.  But back to the great, shiney new lower rates on pennsylvania auto insurance…


Here’s the deal on pennsylvania car insurance…if you have crappy credit…you probably won’t be getting a great low price. When credit scoring was first started, the insurance department required that no company could raise your rates because of your credit…only lower the rates. So the low credit scores were “grandfathered” in right alongside of those with good credit. That’s the deal, straight to the truth.  Sorry…I didn’t create the system, I’m actually only one spoke in the wheel. Rightly or wrongly, the credit factor is becoming pretty big in this business and to get a great rate you’ll need great credit. 


Here’s the problem…the great credit scores are stuck in with the low credit scores in most older systems. You didn’t think an insurance company was going to call you and tell you they could give you a lower rate did you? Meanwhile the same companies are out aggressively trying to write new business and giving better rates for great credit scores to brand new clients. Only in America can a system like that run free! 


Moral of the story…if you haven’t shopped for pa auto insurance quotes…and you have good or great credit, I’m going to save you a boatload of cash on your car insurance. That’s right..YOU are my target market. You’ve been stuffed in  a group where you don’t belong and you’re helping subsidize the rotten drivers and keep their rates lower. Well now you know and now you can do something about it.


Stop drowning in the debt of overpriced pennsylvania car insurance and get into some serious savings. And if you don’t think my service is the best you’ve ever gotten, use my money back guarantee.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Rates

May 20, 2010 in pennsylvania auto insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance rates

In Case you missed it, a while back I put up a thread listing all of the pennsylvania auto insurance rates that were “on the rise”  Maybe your insurance company was on the list ? 


Even if your insurance company wasn’t on the list for rate increases there might be a couple other things to consider. First, you may have earned some long term “percs” with your current insurer…that’s a good thing…that’s also a good argument for not shopping around. You might be surprised to know that some of the preferred companies I represent want your business enough to offer even more percs to pull you away. Don’t believe it ?….how about accident forgiveness from day 1 ? If you don’t think that’s a good thing, try calling one of the captives like state farm, or nationwide and asking them how long it will take a new customer to earn accident forgiveness. Something like 5 years minimum to earn accident forgiveness with many companies.  With many companies “using” your accident forgiveness is a “one time” deal….you used it and it’s now gone…forever. One of our best companies offers the option to “recharge” your accident forgiveness in three years of safe driving. Not to mention this company has the lowest rates in the area for people who fit their “preferred” driver status.


Don’t think you can’t be saving just as much money as the ones you’re seeing on my website or in our ads. Your odds of saving over $200 when you call my office are pretty good. Currently 2 out of 3 callers are saving money at my office.


Saving money isn’t everything you say?  There’s one thing we’re in total agreement on. Pennsylvania auto insurance rates sometimes are all over the board. What’s nice to know is that you’ve got an agent who’s always looking out for you. When I see rates on the rise with companies we do business with…the plan of action is to shop with other companies to look for potential savings. I’m typing this thinking…”nobody does this” only my office. I know firsthand that other agents think they don’t have the time for this type of activity. My philosophy is to take care of those who are taking care of me first…then I take care of new clients. If you don’t have an agent who’s looking out for your best interest…but you know one who does…well, you know the ending to that sentence.


Pennsylvania auto insurance rates that are affordable and service that is tops. You find all of that here and we’re pretty proud of that fact. So proud, that I have a standing offer to all my clients to pay $100 cash to anyone who can make a suggestion that helps me improve my service to clients.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quotes

May 19, 2010 in accident forgiveness, pennsylvania auto insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance quotes, pennsylvania car insurance quotes

Wow, this office has never been busier !  Not just the fact that we’ve got the lowest rates on pennsylvania auto insurance, it’s a matter of clients sending their friends and family over in droves. We can’t thank you all enough. We do have one small way we try to thank you every month. Check it out and see what you think.


Back to the car insurance. I’m constantly talking with people who think they can’t shop for insurance because of a recent accident. Apparently, somewhere along the way, someone told them no insurance company would be interested in insuring them. Wrong !! Dead Wrong. If you’ve had a great record and happen to have one “at fault” accident in the last few years that does not make you a bad driver. Actually, you are probably not due for another accident for another 10-15 years. I’ve got top rated insurance companies who realize that fact and will gladly put you in ultra preferred tiers…providing there are no other complications.  Don’t sit back and agree to pay higher rates just because you’ve had a fender bender.


One other misconception is the “accident forgiveness” that you’ve earned with your current company.  If you think you’ll give that up by switching…you may be wrong. I’ve got companies who will gladly grandfather the accident forgiveness into your new policy. No questions asked, and they will let you “recharge” the forgiveness once you use it. I know of three of the top insurance companies in pennsylvania who do not allow you to recharge the feature. Again, don’t just take their word for it, call around and find out for yourself.


Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes are all over the board nowadays, be sure you use an agent who has access to many markets to find you a great policy along with a great price…I’m always glad to throw my hat in the ring.

Did I Miss The Memo?

May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Someone help me out here…


I realize I’m stuffed in this office most of the daylight hours….but….when did common sense and hard work get replaced by lazy freeloaders texting away while getting a paycheck?


Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the same thing I’m talking about.  The clerk at the mini-mart ? looking up from texting as if you were a huge pain in her ass for stopping to buy your coffee? Can’t you see she has important things to do? Like texting her tattoo guy for an update on her appointment ? Gees man,could you be a little more considerate next time?


Now I’m hearing talk of complaints, lawsuits from employees who have had their cell phones restricted by their employer…seriously? yeah seriously!  So…just so I’ve got this straight…I can give you a paycheck to support your family…but I can’t really tell you to get off the phone while you’re on my time? Alrighty then…sign me up.


OK one more pet peeve and I’ll get off my soapbox…hey, get your own blog if you don’t like it.


They’re replacing a bridge now near my home and I can’t believe the brain trusts that have planned this project. Here’s the percieved plan of action….

Step 1- block off the highway and re-route working folks 10 miles out of their way

Step 2- take a mini vacation for one week to rest up for the project- at least don’t be seen anywhere near the job site for one week

Step3- begin tearing out old bridge

Step 4- old bridge is now out- order materials for new bridge- absolutely do not order these one day prior to completion of tearing out old bridge

Step 5- wait 3 days to one week for material

Step 6- Materials show up for bridge, get construction going

Step 7- Bridge is built, now order guide rails

Step 8- wait several days for materials

Step 9- install guide rails

Entire time to install new bridge the spans 12 feet across a 4 foot wide stream- one month-give or take a week


Skip backward 60+ years to WWII and the bailey bridges that were carried in by soldiers and installed in one day. Skip forward again and some of the bailey bridges are still in use. Moral of this story ? 


Well there’s my rant of the day. My apologies to all you hard working folks who actually respect your employer’s right to fire the slackers in an attempt to employ good, honest workers. And one more reason for me to be thankful for the hardworking ladies that make my office run smoothly day in and day out.


 What’s this have to do with Pennsylvania auto insurance rates ? absolutely nothing, but I really needed to get that off my chest

How Expensive is Pennsylvania Car Insurance?

May 10, 2010 in pa auto insurance companies, pennsylvania auto insurance, Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Although many of us are looking for different ways to save money on our monthly bills, it is typically the car insurance that is looked at first. As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania auto insurance is going to usually be one of the bigger bills that we pay on a monthly basis and if we are able to cut even 10% off of this bill, the savings can be considerable over the course of the year. It is important for you to look at the cost of Pennsylvania auto insurance before you decide exactly what you’re going to do in this regard.


One thing for you to consider is that it is not always going to be the overall cost that everybody is paying but how much we’re paying on an individual basis. If you want to take a look at the larger numbers, the average cost of Pennsylvania auto insurance is just under $2000 per year. This is a considerable amount more than what the average American is paying for car insurance, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of $1700. There are a number of other factors that really need to be put into the mix, however, whenever you truly want to see how much you are spending.


For example, people of different ages are going to pay difference prices for their car insurance as well. For a young male that is in his late teens, you’re going to pay the highest amount and if you happen to have any teenage drivers on your account, you can see your car insurance rates soar. As these teenagers get older, however, the rates eventually begin to drop and they usually reach a level point at around the age of 25.


You may also see increases in the amount that you are paying on your Pennsylvania auto insurance if you have a number of tickets or if you have a history of automobile accidents that have required the use of car insurance. Along with that, you need to consider the amount of coverage that you have as the more coverage that is available on your policy, the more you’re going to pay as a result.


Finally, different PA auto insurance companies are going to charge different amounts of money, even for the same policy. That is why it is important for you to look on the Internet through a multi-quote service that will help you to view all of these different options, side by side. Some of the insurance companies may charge a considerable amount less than what you are paying now, and each company is going to have their own rate scale that they will go by.

It helps if you understand all of the factors that go into why you are paying what you are paying for your Pennsylvania auto insurance. When you understand these things, you have a much better opportunity of saving money on a regular basis by reducing your premium to the lowest amount possible.