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Pennsylvania Car Insurance – Your Rights as a Consumer When You Are Buying Pennsylvania Car Insurance

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When you are purchasing Pennsylvania car insurance, you have rights as a consumer.  If you drive a vehicle on a public roadway in the state of Pennsylvania, you must meet the state minimum requirements regarding liability insurance.  If you have a loan against your vehicle, the bank has the right to require you to buy a full coverage policy for your vehicle.  You may not know what the state minimum liability requirements are.  You may be carrying too much insurance coverage because you don’t understand your insurance policy. You have choices as a consumer and you should not be afraid to speak up for yourself when you are buying insurance.   


When you are getting a Pennsylvania car insurance quote, you have the right as a consumer to have an explanation as to why the company is asking for certain information.  You should know how the insurance company will evaluate your information.  If you are unclear as to what the insurance company will do with your information, you should ask for literature that explains how your information will be reviewed.  For example, if the insurance company is asking for your social security number, you need to know how the insurance company will use your social security number.  It may be used to check your identity to make sure that you are who you say you are. 


Make you sure you ask your agent to show you proof that he is licensed by the states of Pennsylvania to sell insurance.  Be aware when you are requesting a Pennsylvania car insurance quote, there are a lot of companies who present themselves as licensed agencies when they are really marketing companies.  It is a common practice for an agency to employ only one licensed agent who signs all official documents. When this happens, the rest of the employees meet with clients on behalf of the licensed agent.  This is not acceptable because when you are getting an insurance quote, you want the expertise of a licensed Pennsylvania insurance agent. 


If you have a complaint about an agency, agent, or insurance carrier, you can always go to the Pennsylvania state department of insurance and file a complaint online.  If an agency sells you an insurance policy that you cannot cancel, you should make a complaint.  If you find that you need to file a claim on your Pennsylvania car insurance policy and the claim never gets resolved, you should definitely file a complaint on both the insurance company and the agency that sold you the policy.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance – How to Avoid Fraud When You Have a Pennsylvania Car Insurance Policy

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Have you ever been driving along when someone suddenly stopped in front of you for no reason? You may have been a potential victim of Pennsylvania car insurance fraud.  If you were able to stop your vehicle in time, you just escaped being part of a fraudulent claim.  The reason why these situations happen is because criminals seek out victims who appear to have insurance and then try to get the victims to cause damage to their vehicles.  The criminal then profits because he does not use the insurance settlement to repair his vehicle.


If you have been in an accident, you should keenly observant of what is going on around you.  If you notice that there are more than two people in a vehicle, you should try to get their names and addresses.  If you cannot get their names and addresses, you should try to write down what they look like.  Criminals sometimes hire people to ride in their car so that they can claim that everyone was injured inside of their vehicle.  They then try to settle with the Pennsylvania car insurance company and may even hire an attorney to help them.  Pay attention to the damage on the vehicles because this is often indicative of how severe any injuries should be. 


If a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you, and you hit the vehicle from behind, you should know that you don’t have to communicate with the driver.  You should take down the license plate number of the vehicle and call the police.  If the driver approaches you and tries to tell you that everything is okay and you can leave, ignore them.  If you leave the scene of an accident and they have written down your license plate number, the police can track you down.  What may happen if you leave is that the other driver will say that you left without cooperating and you will get a ticket.  Then you will have a chargeable accident on your file and your Pennsylvania car insurance policy rates will increase. 


Faking a bodily injury is one of the most common fraudulent Pennsylvania car insurance claims.  If you are driving through a parking lot and someone puts their car into reverse, you should honk your horn repeatedly.  If the other driver continues to back up even though you are honking, you know that there is a potential for fraud to occur.  If the other driver claims immediately that their neck hurts, you should be aware that this is probably going to be a bodily injury claim that is fraudulent.  Don’t move your vehicle and look to see if there are any witnesses.  Don’t say anything and call the police.  The driver of the other vehicle may try to say that you hit their vehicle and they may move their vehicle.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quote – How to Get a Good Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quote

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You may be wondering what a good Pennsylvania car insurance quote is.  A good quote will provide pricing for all of the coverage you need.  You want to make sure that you have adequate coverage if you are found responsible for damage to someone else’s property.  If you hit the side of a commercial building, you may be required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to repair it.  If your liability limits are low, you may have to pay for repairs or medical bills out of your own pocket. 


When you are getting a Pennsylvania car insurance quote, make sure that you ask for everything you need.  If you don’t live near public transportation, you will want to ask for rental reimbursement.  Many people think that rental reimbursement is something they don’t need.  But imagine yourself getting into a car accident and causing so much damage to your car that it is not drivable.  You may have to commute into an office every day and therefore you need some form of transportation.  Rental reimbursement is typically pretty cheap, and it is risky to go without it if you use your car on a daily basis.


You may want to think about asking for pricing on optional coverage when you are getting your Pennsylvania car insurance quote.  An example of optional coverage is glass repair and replacement coverage.  This type of coverage will allow you to have your windshield repaired or replaced without requiring you to pay a deductible.  You may think that glass coverage is not necessary, but the average price to replace a windshield can be several hundred dollars.  Your windshield may have to be replaced if a rock hits it.  Your windshield may not be completely shattered, but there may be a large crack that cannot be repaired.  You would not have to pay any deductible in this case if you had glass coverage.


The other type of coverage that you should consider asking for when you are getting your Pennsylvania car insurance quote is bodily injury coverage.  If you can increase your limits on this type of coverage, you will be minimizing your exposure to risk.  If you have assets, you could be at risk to lose some of those assets if you are found responsible for a death or serious injury.  If your insurance policy quote lists the minimum bodily injury limits, you should immediately ask for a quote with higher limits.  Ask about any extra protection for yourself such as a small life insurance policy that will pay out if you die while in your car.  This type of coverage will show as a death benefit policy on your declarations page.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quotes – Definitions of Coverage

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Most people only know that they have car insurance.  They don’t really know how much coverage they have or what type of coverage is on their policy.  When you are getting Pennsylvania car insurance quotes, you should have an understanding of the types of coverage available to you.  Don’t just pay your insurance premium and think that you are covered without reviewing your policy.  You may have too little or too much coverage on your policy.  Once you have an understanding of the basic types of coverage you can buy, you will be able to select a good insurance policy. 


Liability coverage is required by law for every vehicle that is driven on a public roadway in the state of Pennsylvania.  Liability coverage provides coverage in case you damage someone else’s property or vehicle.  If you hit a light pole, your liability insurance should pay to replace or repair the light pole.  If you hit another vehicle and it is considered to be a total loss, the liability portion of your policy will cover the loss to the vehicle owner.  If someone is injured as a result of an accident that you caused, the bodily injury liability part of your policy should help cover any resulting medical bills. When you are requesting Pennsylvania car insurance quotes, you should request high bodily injury liability limits. 


Collision coverage provides coverage to your vehicle if it is damaged during a collision impact regardless of who is found responsible for the damage.  Collision coverage can also apply if your vehicle overturns.  This means that if you are driving your vehicle and you hit the side of your garage, the collision coverage on your policy will pay for repairs to your vehicle.  You will have to pay a deductible to the repair shop.  You can choose a high or low deductible when you are getting Pennsylvania car insurance quotes.  If you have a high deductible, your monthly premiums will be lower.  An example of a high deductible is a deductible in the amount of $1000 dollars.

Comprehensive coverage will provide coverage to your vehicle if it is damaged but not as a result of a collision.  If your vehicle strikes a deer and your vehicle is damaged, the comprehensive part of your policy should pay for repairs to your vehicle.  If there is hail damage to your vehicle, you could file a comprehensive claim under your Pennsylvania car insurance policy.  When you are seeking Pennsylvania car insurance quotes, you should ask for quotes that include comprehensive coverage if you own a newer model vehicle.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quote… Gone to the Dogs

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