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Teen Driving Statistics

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Here’s a few statistics on youthful drivers… from Erie Insurance.  A little evidence of why your young driver rates might be climbing.

When teens drive with their friends in the car it increases the likelihood of a crash.  According to John Hopkins University, two teens in a car increases the likelihood of a crash by 86 percent and three teens by 182 percent.

Distracted driving is responsible for over 25 of all crashes and is especially dangerous for teen drivers. Cell phones, CD players, passengers, and other in-vehicle distractions can divert teens’ attention from driving and increase their risk of a crash.

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Utah found that even when watching the road, a 20-year-old talking on a cell phone has the reaction time of a 70-year-old.  The Utah study found that on average, reaction time was reduced by 18-percent.

Have a 16 year old “Einstein” at home ? Seems that “the visit” most teenagers get from the “knowledge fairy” is a bit lacking in the driving skill department… either way, we’re seeing a growing number of teenager accidents where they actually think they can “text” and drive !!! Are you kidding ? The proof is in the statistics of the past 50 years or so…teenagers are NOT that great behind the wheel…and those stats are not improving. If your teenager is driving and texting you need to stop that behavior immediately.

Home Market Value vs. Replacement Cost

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A home is one of the largest investments you will make during your lifetime.  It is important to protect this investment with up-to-date and adequate coverage.  There are several changes that could affect your home’s insurance coverage:

  • Refinishing or remodeling
  • Changes in the economy
  • Inflation

To make sure your home is adequately covered at a time of a loss, it is important to know the difference between market value and replacement cost coverages.

Market Value vs. Replacement Cost


Market Value (or selling price) is determined by:

  • Age and size of house
  • Physical condition
  • Location
  • Cost of the land
  • Market value may only represent one-half or one-third of the cost to rebuild

Replacement Cost is determined by:

  • Local construction costs for materials and labor
  • Square footage of the home
  • Year built
  • Exterior Features (i.e. walls, roof, exterior trim)
  • Style of house (i.e. ranch, two-story)
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Special features (i.e. fireplace, arched windows, any custom building)
  • Recent home improvements
  • Central air conditioning
  • Attached garage
  • Additional costs (i.e. debris removal, contractor and architect fees)


Replacement cost for a single home does not recognize the discounts on mass purchases that a multiple-home construction project does.

Contact your ERIE Agent for more information or questions regarding market value replacement cost.

Window Blinds and Safety

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Little tidbit on safety from Erie Insurance and the Williams Agency

     Window covering cords with loops are a serious strangling risk, especially for young children. The cords used to adjust window blinds are often looped together, or can form loops if tied improperly. A child can get tangled in these loops, with serious consequences, including death. While most new blinds today are made without loops, it’s important to adapt older blinds.  Repair kits and tie-downs are available free from the Window Covering Safety Council at www.windowcoverings.org. Cord wind-ups can be purchased at most window covering stores and home centers for about $2.

For more information about household safety, contact your local Erie Insurance Agent or log onto www.erieinsurance.com.


Home Inventory Made Simple

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Little reminder compliments of our friends at Erie Insurance. Brought to you by the leader in home insurance

A house fire is traumatic enough.  Not having a good record of your belongings can only add to the misery.  Keeping a home inventory of the items you have and their values will help you when the rebuilding starts.  There are free downloads available from the Insurance Information Institute to serve as a guide to homeowners in order to have record after a loss. 

A few simple steps can help when taking inventory:

  • Don’t put it off.  Start with new items and their value, and then try to remember older items.  An incomplete inventory is better than nothing at all.
  • Use your camera.  Take pictures or video of your home and write down descriptions to go with it. 
  • Keep it safe.  Be sure to keep the inventory in a secure place, such as a fire box or safe deposit box. 


Contact us anytime to get you home inventory worksheets.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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Losing an engagement ring or other expensive piece of jewelry can be a devastating experience for both the giver and receiver. While no one can put a price on sentimental value, insuring your jewelry will keep it financially protected and provides peace of mind. “Most homeowners and renters insurance policies include coverage for expensive personal belongings like jewelry,” said Terry McConnell of Erie Insurance. “But many policies limit the dollar amount for theft so you may have to purchase an additional rider on the policy. It is always good practice to review your policy whenever you purchase new expensive items.”

Ensure Your Valentine is Covered

The following tips from Erie Insurance will help protect your new treasure:

  • Let your agent know about new jewelry immediately.  Find out how much coverage you have and if any additional coverage is needed.
  • If the jewelry is an antique or was purchased several years ago it will need to be appraised for a dollar value. Ask your agent for the name of a reputable appraiser.
  • Keep a copy of the store receipt for yourself and include it with your home inventory. Forward a copy to your insurer so they know the current retail value of the item.
  • Take a picture of the item. Keeping a visual record of all of your personal possessions will help you document your loss and speed up the claims process. 
  • If you don’t use the item on a regular basis you may want to consider keeping it in a safe deposit box.