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DUI….Now What Happens to My Pennsylvania Auto Insurance ?

November 27, 2009 in bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, pa auto insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance


Seems to happens on a weekly basis, one of my clients calls wanting to know “what’s going to happen to my pennsylvania auto insurance?”

Had a drink or two over the limit and got picked up on highway. Even parked along side of the highway while intoxicated or over the limit will get you a DUI conviction.  You’ve faced the judge and received your sentence and fines…is the worst behind you now?  Sorry to say but the worst may yet be to come. You’re most likely going to be cancelled by your pennsylvania auto insurance company for the violation and license suspension.

Irregardless of the number of years you’ve carried insurance with the company, it’s highly likely that you will be cancelled. Let’s face it…you’re not the exact type of client who fits into a “preferred” driver category right now. You will need a few years of good, clean driving to regain your “preferred” status again. 

So,  what do you need to do for pa auto insurance?  Chances are, you will need to begin searching from agent to agent looking for a reasonable rate to keep your car legally insured.  Pennsylvania auto insurance rates can vary greatly from company to company. Your credit rating will also be a big factor in finding insurance that is affordable. If you’ve managed to keep your pay history good and have a decent credit score, there are some carriers who offer drivers with poor records a very competitive price.  A good agent will be able to help you in this area.

A good choice is using an agent who represents a number of companies and can do the legwork for you.  Using a local, trusted agent will go a long ways toward insuring that your agent will be checking for better pricing as your record improves over time.

Auto Insurance Quotes, Who Needs An Agent ?

November 23, 2009 in bradford, Bradford PA, bradford pennsylvania, pa auto insurance, pennsylvania auto insurance

You’ve gotten your renewal policy and the rates have gone up…Again !  

If you saw some of the ridiculous claims that are paid out under Pa auto insurance, you might understand a little better when rates go up a bit.

Right now you’ve got a choice to make…call your agent and complain…or…start shopping around. Most of us don’t really like the thought of making new acquaintances, especially with insurance agents. Well,  maybe “online shopping” is the way to go…or is it ? It’s going to depend a lot on your computer savvy and your patience. Many online insurance shopping systems are very time consuming. You want a quote immediately and many online systems are not specific enough to find out all the discounts you may be entitled to. Maybe the best way to see is by doing a little checking.  

Many insurance companies will generate a quote for you on their website and then refer you to a live agent. The information is passed along to the agent and he will either call you immediately or  at least be ready for your incoming call. This option offers you the option of still having an agent to search out additional discounts that you might qualify for. An agent will also give you sound, helpful advice on pennsylvania auto insurance quotes and what to avoid. 

For the internet experts you may be able to research proper coverages and prices all on your own. For your sake, there are many providers who will allow you to purchase online and get all your service, claims and payments taken care of online as well.  Just be sure the provider you choose has an extensive history writing pennsylvania auto insurance and a good claim paying history.

Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania, Who is The Pioneer ?

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You just got a great price quote on your  auto insurance in pennsylvania.   Now what should you do?  You’re not dealing with a known, household name but the price is so good. 

I’ll give you a few suggestions gathered from my 23 years in this business. Suggestions on what to look for and what to avoid.

You’ve been with your current company for how long ? I know that as an agent, I tend to look at the chronic price shoppers a bit differently. The clients who come to me as a referral and they’ve been with another company for 10 years normally get “all of our attention” They tend to be the better clients who are concerned about proper advice, guidance and coverage as much as pricing. This type of client allows me to earn their trust and help them make informed decisions.  But…that may not describe you. Your shopping habits are much different and the internet is your best friend. Fear not, I am prepared to deal with any pa auto insurance shopper regardless of their preference. Today’s fast paced shoppers want it now instead of later and want all the info. to make their decision quickly. We are prepared to do that as well.  We represent a number of great pennsylvania auto insurance providers just for that reason.

Get that quote in front of you and plop yourself down in front of that computer. Type in this address    Now do a search for the company that just gave you this super deal.

Here’s a few factors that will help you decide if making the switch is worth it:

  •   How long has this company been operating in the Pennsylvania auto insurance market ? It will be a good indicator to see if they are trying to grab some “market share” by underpricing their product or if they are seasoned veterans with a good reputation.


  •   Check their financial rating. Are they  A rated or better by the AM Bestcompany ? check the AM Best website to see if this pennsylvania auto insurance company is highly rated or sitting on unstable ground. With all the turmoil in the financial industry lately you really need to be sure you choose the right company.


  •   Will you be giving up percs if you switch ? Many people switch and then find out they gave up their accident forgiveness when changing companies. Some reputable companies offer accident forgiveness to new clients who have earned that benefit at their current company. Be sure to ask the question


  •   Get it in writing before you sign anything. Many online companies have a reputation for quoting coverage at the pennsylvania state minimum limits. You want good, sound advice before you choose to take the basic limits and what could result from that decision.


  •  Call two area bodyshops and mention the name of the new company and ask how they enjoy dealing with this company. These guys make their livelyhood from dealing with insurance companies paying on claims. Their thoughts should give you a better idea on what to expect if you were to have a claim.



 You’ve done your homework and you’ve reached a decision you’re happy with. Good luck in your endeavor and let’s hope you have a pleasant experience

Pa Auto Insurance….Your Last Policy Was Cancelled

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You need car insurance ? That’s not too tough…or is it?


If you’ve been without pennsylvania car insurance and now you’re looking to get signed up, things might be a bit more complicated.  Naturally, the Pa Insurance Department has written provisions into the laws to help you get car insurance. The biggest obstacle is finding an agent who wants to write a policy for you.  Unless, of course, you don’t mind going straight into the assigned risk plan. 


How’s your driving record ? Thats the first thing most agents want to know. This factor will determine which company will be able to offer you the best rate. If your record is not so good…you’re choices just got cut in half.  You need to find an agent who has multiple options and you’ll save yourself a bunch of time. Dealing with an agent who has a good reputation in the community will also guarantee that you’re likely to get good ,honest advice. No agent can erase a bad driving record, but a good agent can find a company that specializes in drivers who have poor records.


Why did you cancel your last insurance policy?  Let’s face it…if you didn’t pay your auto insurance bill and got cancelled, you’re really not getting an award for being a great client. Don’t kid yourself… unless you can show a good reason and that it is unlikely to happen again, you’re not getting the “preferred” pricing.  If you got dropped from your last insurance with a bad driving record you’ve got some options. There are a growing number of companies who are will to take on the rehabilitating drivers. Your rates with these substandard companies will reduce as you continue to remain accident and violation free. Again, using an agent with access to a number of companies will increase your chances of finding a company that is a good match for you. Using an agent who represents only one or two companies is handicapping you right from the start.


Your credit rating will help or hurt you. Providing that you’ve managed to keep up with your bills and pay on time, your credit should be a positive factor when price shopping.  Some people are mistakenly under the impression that getting rates from several insurance companies can hurt their credit rating.  The insurance credit profiling will not show up on your credit report and will not affect your credit rating in any way. Many people with great credit can get a preferred price quote on pennsylvania auto insurance even if their driving record is below average.  Pa auto insurance companies are on the lookout for clients with good credit ratings.


7 ways to save on Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

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Saving on your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance policy is not a difficult thing in case you are ready to do some hard work and a little bit of research. Here are a 7 great ways that you can use to save on your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance.

  1. Look around for options: It is important that you to find the best Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance rates and for this you will have to look around and get quotes from various companies. Also ask your friends and family about the Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance they are using and their satisfaction levels.
  2. Increase the deductible amount: This is the actual amount that you are bound to pay before the insurance can take over and if you can increase this amount you can get better Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance rates.
  3. Multiple policies from same vendor: If you also own a vehicle, make sure that your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance policy are from the same company as this will help you to get a reasonable amount of discount as you have chosen the company for more than one insurance policy.
  4. Safety and Security can help you: Make sure that you have the best equipment to ensure safety and security as this would allow the Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance company to give you a reasonable amount of discount based on the lower chances of theft or destruction due to the enhanced features that you have installed at your home.
  5. Electronic payments are useful: Nowadays. Many Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance companies would charge a fee or around $5 for payments made via mail hence you can opt for electronic payments as they can help you save a small amount of money each time you make a payment. Also if payments are deducted from your credit card you will not have to worry about placing the amount in your bank account.
  6. Home insurance, not land insurance: In case of any damages or thefts it is your home that will be affected and not the land hence keep in mind that you get the insurance for your home and not the land on which it stands. This will allow you to save a decent amount on your Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance policy.
  7. Get your credit straight: Many Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance companies are known to check your credit ratings before they determine the amount of premium that you would have to pay. It will be beneficial if you can ensure a good credit before you get Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance rates from various companies.

Use the above 7 tips to enhance your chances of getting a better Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance policy.