Are you a driver wondering how driving under the influence will affect pa car insurance prices? Making the mistake of driving while under the influence one can cause the car insurance premiums to skyrocket – twice can put you at risk of being unable to get car insurance.


How can you get Pennsylvania auto insurance after making the mistake of getting two DWIs?


Pay Higher Premiums

There are some insurance companies that will offer insurance to the driver, even in the case that multiple DWIs have been reported. These insurance companies are willing to work with drivers that come with a higher risk because the premiums that are charged to them are higher. In some cases, the driver must pay upwards of five times the regular rate of insurance a driver with a clean record would pay, just to stay on the road.


Paying higher premiums can ensure that you are able to drive – but it’s not always affordable. For this reason, it’s important to compare the insurance companies that are offering coverage to drivers with a record of a DWI to find the lowest rate among the high risk insurance providers.


Shop Around for Car Insurance

Shopping around for car insurance rates is a good idea for customers that are looking for the best rates, but in cases where insurance providers are leery of providing insurance to a customer that has a bad track record. Not all insurance companies are going to be willing to provide insurance – and therefore research is going to be needed.


First, shop around for car insurance quotes by making phone calls to local and national auto insurance companies. Using the online free quotes that are available to drivers usually is not effective, as the DWI conviction is likely to affect the online algorithm, making it difficult to receive an instant quote.

Calling around and scheduling appointments with local insurance companies can be an effective way to find insurance coverage, even with the driving record.


Have the Conviction Overturned

Making the effort to hire a lawyer can be an effective way to get the conviction overturned or stricken from the record. Taking the time to prove the case and bargain with the courts can be an effective way to finally get auto insurance from local providers.


It’s important for clients to realise that having the conviction of driving under the influence removed from the record can be quite difficult. Clients must first find legal counsel that is willing to take on the case and pay upwards of several thousand dollars in legal fees to complete the proceedings. It’s not guaranteed that the record is going to be removed – and in the case that it isn’t the client is out the money that had been spent on the legal investigation and proceedings.


Go Through Driver Training Courses

Driver training courses aren’t just for new drivers. Taking the driver training courses can help to improve the skills on the road and is often a requirement for drivers that have been convicted of driving while under the influence. The driver training courses are available through local driving schools and insurance companies – which can also help to reduce the rates in the future.

It’s important to realise that the convictions of driving while under the influence are going to create a costly bill when it comes to paying the auto insurance premium. Two driving while under the influence charges can increase the insurance premiums up to three hundred percent.


Abstain from Alcohol

Once auto insurance coverage has been found, it’s important that the driver abstain from alcohol. In some areas, the driver can reduce the risk of the auto insurance (therefore reducing the cost of the premiums) by using a breathalyser in the car to determine the alcohol content and controlling the mechanisms of the car to shut-off; in the case that the breathalyser test has determined that alcohol is in the system.


Using these types of tools, you can find lower premiums and reduced rates (though they are going to be higher than regular rates) but doing so can ensure that you are still able to be on the road.


Pennsylvania auto insurance premiums are based on the safety of the driver and the percentage of the risk, statistically, that the driver is going to need to file a claim with the insurance – and the type of claim that is going to be filed. Drivers that have been found guilty of driving under the influence have a highly increased risk, and therefore will experience higher Pennsylvania car insurance rates.