When you are involved in an auto accident in Pennsylvania, you need to cooperate with your insurer to get the money you deserve.  Your Pennsylvania car insurance will pay to repair your car and will also pay to repair the other vehicle if you are deemed at fault for the loss.  If you are not at-fault for the loss and you were injured as a result of the accident, you may have the right to file for reimbursement and pain suffering.  Some drivers feel like they can only file claims on tangible bills that can be proven in court.  When you have an insurer that is willing to fight for you, you can collect on more than just tangible bills.  Find out how to file a claim for pain and suffering and how much you can expect to collect so you can get your life back to normal.


How to File a Claim For Personal Injury Including Pain and Suffering


If you have been involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is go to the doctor to make sure you are healthy.  If you have any injuries, going to the doctor immediately will show that you took the proper precautions early.  After you are discharged from the hospital, you can call your insurance company to file a claim.  When you file the claim, they will ask where you sought treatment and whether or not you were injured.  Some injuries do not show immediately so you should never tell the other party you are fine or you were at-fault.  Give the insurer all of the information you have and they will contact the other party’s insurer for you.

You have to right to seek pain and suffering damages if you were injured.  Pain and suffering is covered as a part of personal injury.  This is the coverage that will pay for your medical bills as well.  If the other party’s insurance is not accepting responsibility, your insurer will fight for you.  If your insurer is not fighting for you, you can always hire a personal injury lawyer to seek damages.


How Much Can You Expect to Receive For Pain and Suffering?


Personal injury settlements in Pennsylvania vary significantly.  Your settlement will depend entirely on how serious your injuries were.  If the damage done is temporary, pain and suffering settlements will be lower.  If you suffer a permanent injury that keeps you from working or changes your ability to live a normal lifestyle, you can expect higher payouts.  The average range of payouts is between $900 and $115,000 in Pennsylvania and the final settlement will depend entirely upon the case.

Pennsylvania car insurance is designed to do more than just fix your vehicle.  It is designed to help you get back your life when you are injured and unable to work.  Make sure you understand your rights as a victim before you take a settlement from your insurer.  When you understand these rights you are more likely to exercise them.


Don’t Be Surprised  “After” an Injury


Being insured properly normally includes dealing with a trusted professional who can give you the best advice for your situation. Full tort versus Limited tort….medical limits…bodily injury limits..uninsured/underinsured limits. All these may sound like greek to you, but to an agent they will be worth explaining and encouraging you to make good, sound decisions.