Straight from my friends at the Erie Insurance Group. A few tips to help you through our wonderfully “brisk” pennsylvania winters.  And please don’t forget who offers the absolute best value on pennsylvania auto insurance rates…yep..Erie Insurance !  Go to my auto quote form and we’ll show you just how good.

The Car Care Council warns that the majority of engine wear occurs during and right after cold starting your car. When the engine is left to rest overnight, oil seeps away from vital parts, leaving them vulnerable to damage. During cold weather, oil thickens and takes longer to reach the entire engine. You can avoid damage by taking a few simple precautions.

  • Allow the engine to idle for about five minutes before driving.
  • Don’t race the engine when cold or make abrupt starts.
  • Make sure your oil is fresh and change it at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.
  • Check the antifreeze to ensure protection at low temperatures.


Contact your ERIE Agent for more information about how you can protect your vehicle.