My kids enjoy having a little fun at my expense when it comes to age. Well, I’m not quite old enough to have experienced the fifties but I’m quite sure I would have fit in very well. My families first trip to Fratelli’s in 2007 was enough to make the kids big fans of this fifties style diner that Josiah and Tina Herne began in July of 2007. Not only do the kids get an ice cream with their meal, the children’s menu is always a big hit. And the 50’s music is my personal favorite.

According to Josiah and Tina the menu will be changing due to popular demand and will put the emphasis on the area’s best burgers, barbeque and fish fries beginning April 1. Their highly rated reputation for great food and service will stay the same.

I’m told they have new 50’s items arriving daily at the restaurant so your next visit is sure

to be different from the last.

When this weather warms up a bit and you finally get out for a ride with the windows down you’ll be glad to know that Josiah and Tina

also have 8 different flavors of ice cream and homemade waffle cones for a fun family outing. You can enjoy your ice cream in authentic 50’s fashion while you reminisce about the good ole days in the ice cream parlor.

 Whether you’re a fifties person or not, if you’re looking to experience something different and do it at a very affordable price, you can’t beat the value and friendly atmosphere at Fratelli’s Burgers and Barbeque. Josiah and Tina will do their personal best to make you feel welcome.

Fratelli’s is on E Main right before the Walmart Plaza