Anyone can get cheap Pennsylvania home insurance by investing a little time. Shopping different insurance companies is a fast and easy way to find lower premiums. By eliminating unneeded insurance coverage and raising deductibles, homeowners save money. Combining policies and adding a security system result in cheaper premiums. Finally creative policyholders interview insurance agents for a list of discounts and raise credit scores to get the best possible rates.


Everyone shops. Some people shop continuously for clothing, shoes or makeup while other individuals shop only for specially needed items like automobiles, furniture and electronics. Both groups save money by researching prices. The same is true with Pennsylvania home insurance. It only takes a few minutes to make an application and receive an insurance quote by telephone, in person at an insurance office or online. There are over 200 companies licensed to sell home insurance in Pennsylvania with some offering cheaper premiums than others do. These companies compete for customers.


By checking the protection offered and increasing deductibles, homeowners buy only the insurance they need. Policies cover the house, contents, liability of the homeowner, medical payments and living expenses for people in the home temporarily displaced. For a family of four with a decor of early Salvation Army, content coverage of $100,000 may be excessive while $50,000 is more realistic. The insurance company will only replace the value of items lost or damaged. Likewise, a young, single person with minimum-wage job and inexpensive home may only need liability limits of $100,000 or $300,000 while a 50-year-old professional with a mini mansion, swimming pool, Jaguar and vacation home in the Alps may need $1 million, $3 million or $5 million in liability coverage. Increasing the amount of money policyholders are willing to pay when a claim is filed reduces this cost.


Combining policies and adding a security system saves money. As insurance companies offer discounts on each policy, policyholders reduce the cost to insure homes, automobiles, boats and RVs. Installing a security system protects people and property; these systems can be self-contained or monitor and quickly pay for themselves with insurance savings.

Finally, smart homeowners interview insurance agents and raise their credit scores. Insurance agents from different companies offer advice on what improvements can reduce this cost. Many times homeowners get credit for new plumbing, wiring and roofs as well as installing dead bolt locks on exterior doors and motion detection outside lighting. By considering the impact of insurance on long-term improvements, property owners make smarter decisions. Insurance providers discovered people with high credit scores have fewer claims and offer these people better rates. It is easy to improve credit scores by paying all bills on time and keeping credit card use to 35% of the credit card limit.

Saving money on home insurance is smart. It can be done by shopping, analyzing coverage, raising deductibles, combining policies, adding security systems, interrogating insurance agents and raising credit scores. Finding cheap Pennsylvania home insurance is as easy as asking questions and listening to the answers.