Alrighty then…your pennsylvania auto insurance rates are pretty low. You’ve got great coverage, accident forgiveness and things are just swell.

You’re hearing talk from friends about their car insurance going up. You referred them to your agent, but he couldn’t help either. Wonder why you’re getting such a good deal? Will your next renewal policy scare the pants off you? 

On of the newest features to come along since the dissappearing deductible is rate protection.  A few of the leading insurance companies are now offering many of their preferred clients a chance to “lock in” their current rate for periods of up to 2 years. If you think about it, it’s a pretty good idea…wish I could claim it ! However, whoever did come up with the idea has kept it a pretty good secret because hardly anyone knows about it ! 

Don’t wait for your next renewal policy scares you half to death, call your agent right away and see if you are able to “lock in” your car insurance rates. If the answer is no, maybe you’ll need to call the Williams Agency and get that taken care of right away. We’ve also got companies who will guarantee to “grandfather” in the accident forgiveness so you won’t be giving up any valuable features when you come over.