Wow, this office has never been busier !  Not just the fact that we’ve got the lowest rates on pennsylvania auto insurance, it’s a matter of clients sending their friends and family over in droves. We can’t thank you all enough. We do have one small way we try to thank you every month. Check it out and see what you think.


Back to the car insurance. I’m constantly talking with people who think they can’t shop for insurance because of a recent accident. Apparently, somewhere along the way, someone told them no insurance company would be interested in insuring them. Wrong !! Dead Wrong. If you’ve had a great record and happen to have one “at fault” accident in the last few years that does not make you a bad driver. Actually, you are probably not due for another accident for another 10-15 years. I’ve got top rated insurance companies who realize that fact and will gladly put you in ultra preferred tiers…providing there are no other complications.  Don’t sit back and agree to pay higher rates just because you’ve had a fender bender.


One other misconception is the “accident forgiveness” that you’ve earned with your current company.  If you think you’ll give that up by switching…you may be wrong. I’ve got companies who will gladly grandfather the accident forgiveness into your new policy. No questions asked, and they will let you “recharge” the forgiveness once you use it. I know of three of the top insurance companies in pennsylvania who do not allow you to recharge the feature. Again, don’t just take their word for it, call around and find out for yourself.


Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes are all over the board nowadays, be sure you use an agent who has access to many markets to find you a great policy along with a great price…I’m always glad to throw my hat in the ring.